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Found 6 results

  1. OK 2 simple questions i couldn't find the answer for: - Frame for murder. If i Alpha one of my opponents figures to kill the opponents frame target. Does he get points or no? - If i Alpha my own wild boar, does the wild boar get the +flip for "on edge" thanks
  2. Hi dudes! I came with my new Alpha's list, that I think is really good on Close Deployment, but can works in other deploys 1. Ramos [UP, FG, CM] + 7ss 2. Brass Arachnid 3. Howard [IE] 4. Rail Golem [IE] 5. Angelica [PP] 6. Union Miner Perfect teoric hand: 11, 10, 10, 10, 4+, 4+ 1. Brass Arachnid reactivates (10) 2. Brass Arachnid reactivates Rail Golem + Howard (10, 10) 3. Ramos shots Brass Arachnid twice to kill him, then summon 3 Arachnid (11) 4. Arachnid A move 5. Arachnid B move 6. Arachnid C move 7. Union Miner shots Rail Golem twice for +4 or
  3. Hi dudes! Have a big question... when a model fails horror duel in his activation this model doesn't paralizes rather than this model ends his activation... ok... So why i read in other threads you can do 'Obey' in a model to do intentionally a horror duel and loss it, for example vs Ama no Zako and paralize him for devour? I can do the same whit marcus and Alpha vs a Rattler? Thx for all!!! Best regards.
  4. How does the Mood Swing Condition interact with Chain Activations, specifically via the Companion or Accomplice abilities. Can a Pandora/Candy player force a player to Chain Activate a model with Mood Swing, if it is eligible to do so thanks to Companion or Accomplice? Essentially I am asking if it counts as the model's controller having "an opportunity to Activate a model" for the purposes of using Mood Swing. If this is legal, and you can indeed force a model to Chain Activate if it is eligible to do so, I have another question: Marcus casts Alpha on a model. However, he is wit
  5. I don’t think it is out of the question to say that Alpha is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. It's really difficult, but with the advent of the Night Terrors, which can lower the Wp of a model with a no-resist spell trigger and the Freikorp Librarian, which can give your Marcus a plus flip to casting, things are getting easier. The raptors give us a a second way to enbeasten opposing models, and with the arcane effigy that will come out, Marcus now has the potential to (1) Howl or walk before casting, making life easier. I’ve never found it too unmanageable to alpha, just dif
  6. Hey guys, I've been lurking for a bit and have decided to jump in. Can Marcus use Howl + Feral + Alpha to control enemy Masters, assuming all appropriate duels and spells go my way? I can't see anything in the errata, rules or posts I found via search that says I can't. There are posts saying that it is ok to do this to enemy models but it seems a bit too much to do this enemy casters... That being said I REALLY want to do it them especially since most will have a WP or 4 or less... Whose your Alpha daddy!:slap: Once I have Alphaed an enemy model is ok to use them to harm themselves wi
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