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  1. 4Ground do sell a boardwalk base for that kit which would raise it the desired amount. Most of the other Wild West kits they do actually come with the boardwalk base, just so happens that one doesn't. As to Malifaux miniatures being Heroic, the one I used in the picture is 37mm high, not counting the base, so it's closer to Heroic on steroids. At that scale finding any scenery that's not specifically designed for Malifaux that comes close to scale will be tough.
  2. 4Ground do a whole range of pre-coloured MDF buildings, I would recommend checking them out. Here is an image with a Malifaux figure for scale. Just remember that the building is 28mm and Malifaux is 38mm scale, also this figure is on a 5mm thick base. Without the base the figure is just shorter than the door which is not unrealistic for 1890 period buildings. In play it doesn't look to small.
  3. Hi all I've just posted a review of the Marshal's Office building by 4Ground up on my blog. We've used this in a few Malifaux games now and it's ideal. You can find the full review at sixdsix.co.uk/?p=2170
  4. Not at all, that would be cool. Ratty will have to send you the file as I only have a words only version pre coolification. Ratty has the version with the cool layout and colour added. I'm sure he will be happy to send it over.
  5. Old crow make a river steamer http://www.oldcrowmodels.co.uk/aitrader.htm
  6. Maybe if you double the font size again we could get all the model stats on there as well
  7. Nathan. Any chance of those PDF's including blank cards with no text or images, just the backgrounds. That way we can at least make our own semi pretty ones.
  8. Not if your sculpting skills are as poor as mine. Unless the proxy is for something called Formless Lump.
  9. I would suggest going with crews that are obvious to play. When I'm introducing new players I tend to use something like Lady Justice or Perdita vs Seamus. They are fairly evenly matched and simple to understand (they have hidden depths but you can play without needing to understand them). Most people can relate to playing shooty cowboys vs undead so it tends to make the game more mentally tactile.
  10. I tend to not use proxy figures but I made an exception for Colettes Mechanical Doves as without them she is rather crippled. In the end I scanned a Coryphe card and photoshoped it into a Mechanical Dove. If anyone would like the card let me know and I'll throw it up online.
  11. It's funny I was originally going to put Range Effect wording on the sheet but didn't. And the one thing that came up on Wednesday night when I was playtesting the sheet was a Blast damage question. Next time I'll go with my instinct on what to include.
  12. Remember though that it's just for that models activation so if you can get a bunch of area attacks hitting her she will have to burn a lot of Seishin to stop them. Also remember she has Pitiful which makes her hard to target but targeting area attacks on linked Seishin gets around this. Bottom line is shut her down quick. Make here burn cards to stop her cheating her spells like the summons, Chill of Death and In the Spirit World. If she can get going Kirai can almost double the number of Spirits on the board in a couple of turns. A good tactic is to keep your last AP to allow weak or injured models to fall back. This reduces the chance of Kirai gaining a new Seishin when your figures get killed.
  13. Ref Card Question? Would people like to see the wording for Companion from the Errata or the wording from the Main Rule Book/Rising Powers?
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