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Found 16 results

  1. So I have a concern to voice. And it may be an unpopular opinion so I am prepared for a bit of push back and I very much so accept and respect that. I dont like the visual direction the models for Malifaux are taking. When I got into the game (very much so for the rules, background, and location at first) I noticed right off a stark and amazing difference between the Wyrd models and the systems I had been playing (primarily Warmachine and Warhammer). The difference was level of detail, not abundance of detail. I mean that guns seemed to scale, pistols looked like the size of pistols, buckles and belts were small, but sized reasonably on the models, things of this nature. However, there was not a focus on an excessive amount of just, stuff. For this review, I will use Hans as an example. Rifle over shoulder (made unique by fine detailing in the sights, barrel, and stock), long coat over most of the miniature, a few other helpful small details like his goggles and his left hand artfully fiddling with a single bullet. I. Love. This. Mini. But after a while I saw the style shift. I noticed it most around Broken Promises. Models began to scale up slightly (not a bad thing on its face). But along with this something else occurred. Models began to accumulate more, well, stuff. Compare the Monster Hunters of the Guild with the rest of the Latigo Posse. They just have a bunch going on. To me, an excessive amount. Which then brings me to M3E. So far, I am absolutely loving the rules, changes, rebalancing of Malifux the rules. However I am growing concerned about the miniatures. Which crystalized the most seeing the new design for Hans. Hoooooo boy... Starting off, the rifle now seems to be the size of a light artillery piece. With all the stereotypically steampunk bells and whistles. And then... there is the pauldron or pauldrons. This is a prime example of an unnecessary detail. It adds nothing to the idea of a consummate early 20th century sniper. But seems to be there because, 'pauldrons are cool man.' I guess my concern is this. I dont want to see Malifaux sacrifice its unique story, setting, and feel, on the alter of fitting in with its competitors. Already this if far longer than I wanted it to be. And again, I very much so understand many others may not agree with me. I just felt I had to give my input on this game that is very dear to me and my friends. Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone! Brian from the Critical Twits here. We've gone through the seven new masters in Ripples of Fate (minus upgrades, sadly) and discussed them all in turn. If you have time we'd love it if you could have a listen and let us know what you think, whether you agree/disagree/want a biscuit, etc. But even if you don't, I'd love to know which masters people are most looking forward to and why.
  3. A review of the co-op game based on the famous Journey Into the West: review article.
  4. And now for the next review of games I brought home from Gen Con: Drakon! Do you like dragons? Are you a fan of adventure? Than this game is for you! Check out the full review on my blog!
  5. I'm certain many of you heard the hype surrounding the Kickstarter for the game "Exploding Kittens." My copy was waiting here for me when I returned from Gen Con and we finally got a chance to play it last night. Check out the review on my blog!
  6. Hey all! Just wanted to share my latest board game review with you all. Temporum is a time travel themed board game from the designer of Dominion, Donald X. Vaccarino. I feel like time travel is a common theme in a lot of sci fi and fantasy, but this is really the first game I have played that really captures the feel of classic time travel tropes. If you are a fan of Dominion or are looking for a great time travel game, you really need to check out Temporum. Read my full review at my gaming blog (and check out my Malifaux minatures gallery while you're there!)
  7. This is a review of malifaux in spanish, i made for Boardgamegeek! could be of some use to know about the Game! Este es un review en español de Malifaux! http://boardgamegeek.com/article/16839883#16839883
  8. On 3/17/2014, I ordered the following from Zuzzy Miniatures: I'd love to be able to review them for you right now. But I can't. You see, they haven't been shipped yet. They're 4 weeks overdue, and I can't get a return email from Zuzzy. I sent emails to Zuzzy prior, asking for a status update. The first was on May 6th. I've sent one on May 16th, and June 1st. Each had increasingly stern -but polite- language. I posted on his twitter and his Facebook, both to no avail. At this point, I either want my mats, or my money back, either way, I want it to happen in three days. In the mean time, I'm informing you, the public, of the perils of ordering from Zuzzy for game mats. I could not recommend it currently.
  9. So my Gencon order came in the other day, and upon finding the old video camera I was inspired me to do a video about the new Malifaux 2E Rulebook. This is the first video I've made in years, and the first I've ever put up on youtube, so let me know what you think. (The acoustics where I normally do my hobbying was pretty bad, so I moved to a different area of the house, hence the table cloth.)
  10. Hi all I've just posted a review of the Marshal's Office building by 4Ground up on my blog. We've used this in a few Malifaux games now and it's ideal. You can find the full review at sixdsix.co.uk/?p=2170
  11. Hello, everyone. I make a web series where I review board games, and I made a review for the Evil baby Orphanage card game, so I thought I would post it here. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to subscribe!
  12. Episode 8 Our first full episode since Gen Con, and we had a lot to catch up on. This episode we have a first look at Storm of Shadows, Wyrd Plastics, and War Room; as well as some exciting upcoming events, including your first chance to win a Santana, and an in-depth review of Zombicide by Guillotine Games and Cool Mini or Not and our biggest contest yet! Extra-Life Team
  13. I'm playing Dr. Douglas McMourning more and more lately. The more I play him, the better I get. It's a great vicious circle. Anyways, critique my P.H.D. (Dr. Douglas McMourning...P.H.D...lol) 35pt General List: Master: Dr. Douglas McMourning (6 Cache) - 2 Body Part Counters, 4 Soulstones Totem: Zombie Chihuahua (1 Cost) Minions: Canine Remains (2 Cost) Canine Remains (2 Cost) The Hanged (8 Cost) Dead Rider (10 Cost) The Drowned (4 Cost) The Drowned (4 Cost) Rotten Belle (4 Cost) 35pt List vs Summoner: Master: Dr. Douglas McMourning (6 Cache) - 2 Body Part Counters, 4 Soulstones Totem: Zombie Chihuahua (1 Cost) Minions: Canine Remains (2 Cost) Canine Remains (2 Cost) Bete Noire (9 Cost) The Drowned (4 Cost) The Drowned (4 Cost) The Hanged (8 Cost) Rotten Belle (4 Cost) (1 Soulstone left over added to Body Part Counters, totaling 3) 25pt List: Master: Dr. Douglas McMourning (6 Cache) - 2 Body Part Counters, 4 Soulstones Totem: Zombie Chihuahua (1 Cost) Minions: Canine Remains (2 Cost) Canine Remains (2 Cost) Dead Rider (10 Cost) The Hanged (8 Cost) (2 Soulstones left over added to Body Part Counters, totaling 4) Available Summons for any game: Canine Remains Flesh Construct Rogue Necromancy I usually Surgical Implements Strike a Canine Reamins/Zombie Chihuahua until I get some Corpse/Body Part counters built up, then summon a Flesh Construct, or if I'm doing alright in position a Rogue Necromancy. I use The Hanged to target the big guys my opponent has and either take away half their health and healing or rope them in with a little bit of damage and pull them 4" toward that model (usually sitting in a pile of my models). I use Dead Rider to pull models around the bored as well as allowing McMourning to Strike him to gain Body Part Counters (with his Regneration 1 and Adjust Purpose, 2 Wds for a (0) Action, it's really not a worry if he takes a hit here and there). He's great for throwing my opponent off as well as dragging my models into a fray and watching my opponent freak out for a minute as they readjust their entire game-plan. I haven't ran the Drowned in a game yet, but I foresee myself using them as distrations and mini bombs. I'll use them to toss bile at my opponents while advancing towards their clusters of weaker models, and when they attempt to swarm me, Bursting Spray will take care of the rest. Although I haven't run Bete Noir in a real game yet either; against a summoner she is a no brainer...killer a weak model (or wait until they do) pop her up and deal as much as I can to anything and everything around her, if she dies, oh well, she'll be back again and again. Rotten Belle's haven't ran along side the Doctor either yet officially, but their Lure will make a great way of getting models around the bored. They can pull my models to them as escape or advance; as well as bring enemy models into ranged for Body Part harvesting. Zombie Chihuahua is giving me some problems. I use him as a back up Body Part generator by using him to Magical Extension Dr. McMourning's Wracked with Pain spell, to mainly get Counters...but he takes away so much utility with the taking away of (0) cost actions until the Closing Phase, plus he doesn't actually cast it most of the time either, if I really want it to work I have to cheat or get really lucky! Finally, Flesh Constructs, well to be honest, they haven't seen much board time lately, I bring out the Rogue Necromancy as fast as I can now and then pop up a Construct or two later on in the game. I use them as meat shields and just let them soak up as much attention as they can get. When they're dead, I use my other Canine Remains to scoop up their Counters they leave behind and that's about it. So there it is. Sorry it's kind of a ramble post, just wanted to toss it all out there. Critique away. I welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly! My feelings won't be hurt. Thanks in advance. Happy Ress-ing!
  14. Hellspawn reviewed Instant Mold and posted a step-by-step tutorial how to use it (plus some additional tips and suggestions): Follow the link to read the Instant Mold review and tutorial.
  15. Hello everyone, I realize that I'm new to the forums here, and also relatively new to the game (Been playing about a month now). But all the same, I've drawn up a review of Malifaux on my blog. I thought you all might be interested. You can view it here. Questions and comments are encouraged! Have a nice day!
  16. If your workspace is anything like mine, you have a zillion paint pots either scattered all over the place or jammed into a shoebox. Either way when you need a specific paint, it's often an ordeal to track it down. A while back I found a terrific solution to this problem: The Paintier 80 Carrousel .Essentially it's a series of round tiers with slots to hold paint bottles mounted vertically on a "lazy susan" type turntable. You can easily see the labels of every jar and there is no "back corner" for things to disappear into. My whole paint collection is accessible with a flick of the wrist. I can't believe it took me this long to write a review of something I've used almost every day for the last five years, but here we are. Check the link for the review and pics. http://thescreamingalpha.com/2009/07/21/review-paintier-80-carrousel-organizer-by-paintier-products/
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