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Found 4 results

  1. Gremlins are the faction that got me to play malifaux. Although I started with ten thunders I found them kinda boring and not very thematically fun so I only played occasionally. Gracie hooked me and i've been a gremlin player since (who doesn't want to play a pig in armor from the kitchen). I don't post on the forums much but i've been having serious problems running gremlins. As this is the only faction I have I thought I'd look for some advice here before I sell them and try to start over. I've played for 2 years almost, over 100 games, and I own every gremlin model in the game. During this time I've gotten so badly beaten by even the newest of players that I'm having a hard time reconciling the balance of the game when it comes to playing gremlins who seem to crumble by the middle of turn three. I'm disheartened to the point of just selling off my models and finding a new game to get into. So to get deeper into it.... I tend to play Zoraida and Ulix most followed by Somer. I've not gotten much play time in with Wong or Brewmaster and I dislike how ophelia plays. I tend to try to focus on strategies and schemes that require scheme markers as I expect to be able to out activate opponents for a turn or two and can get 3-4 points this way easier. I typically avoid points requiring long term terrain holding as this has always failed when gremlins get into combat.... they always just die in droves so I lose models and often gain zero points. Most of my games are basically over by the end of turn 2 or middle of turn 3. I understand that the out-activation that gremlins bring because they are cheap to purchase and have reckless abilities is how they should be powerful. However, in my experience the extra AP and activation control is only relevant until the end of turn 3 as by that time I've lost so many models, been forced to retreat or hide out in terrain, or just can't stand up to even a moderate sized opponents hand that the extra power in AP and activation is gone. I've had several games where I've lost a huge number of points in a turn and a half (turn 2 to middle of 3) and can't claim points beyond maybe 3 or 4. Comparing equal points model to model I can't see the balance in abilities and stats. Although many gremlins can get extra AP with reckless/drunk and reckless, the payoff isn't enough to make them that much better compared to models of the same points that can do the same or better actions without a down side that can cause them to get killed in one shot. Example: Nino (the big guild sniper) compaired to Rami. Nino can kill models by focusing quite easily with a high damage flip. For Rami to do the same I've had to reckless, get the ram trigger to knock myself to half health to get the same effect. If you consider the damage level a gremlin can do with a Ram trigger they are decent hitters but they also blow themselves up in the process and cost me models when this happens. One of my worst outcomes was losing Francois to a massive hit (admittedly killing the minion he hit) followed by losing Bert because of a ricochet trigger (flipped late and couldn't cheat to change), then because my two big hitters that were protecting Somer were gone he also died that turn. All because of one turn of damaging myself. My local Henchman has been extremely patient working with me to either get better or figure out lists to play for certain schemes etc. However, we've run out of ideas. I've tried playing conservatively, which helps with gremlin survival but I often still only get 3-5 points because my opponent has had two turns of free roaming for points. I've tried being aggressive with expendable models but find that I'm just spending two turns and 3-4 models to nullify one 5-10 point model, often losing 8-15 points of my own models in the trade. I've tried being more selective with schemes and strategies by focusing on what other gremlin players play (from podcasts and tournaments) but inevitably lose so many models so early on that I'm just waiting for my opponent to get max points and end turn 5 with a 4-6 point spread between us. I'm extremely positive and excited about playing every game (one to three games a week). I listen to and read hours of malifaux posts and podcasts every week trying to learn to play better. But by turn 2 or 3 in most games, even against new players, I'm just wanting the game to be over because i've lost so many models and will only be able to get half or less than half points and feel like i'm just waiting for my opponent to max out their points while I wait an hour for the game to end. I understand that it's possible, and very likely, that I'm playing extremely badly and can't figure out what to do to get better. But I also can't see the balance of the game when looking at a gremlin card compared to other factions. I love the game and how it plays but I'm very close to just selling all my models...... ANY advice would be great, any ideas for lists, advice on schemes and strategies to choose, any help with understanding how gremlins are even close to other factions in power level would be great before I decide to dump them. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey all, I just played my first game with the Dreamer in M2E since beta ended, my first story encounter, my first game against Wong, and my first Turn 1 scoop-by-NPE. So, the story is this: My buddy and I were facing off with Fight Night as the scenario. He chose Gremlins as his 50ss faction while I chose Neverborn. He picked Wong, and I picked the Dreamer (summon style, but that's irrelevant here for reasons understood soon). His wrestler was Mancha Roja (keeping true to the likes of fluff) while my own was Teddy (also hoping to stay true to fluff while making sure I could possibly be bulky and win). Mancha Roja was also the target of Wong's "Glowy," which made him Magical (as irrelevant as Dreams of Pain, mentioned above, for the same reasons). Schemes were also entirely a non-issue. Standard Deployment, and he deployed first, both with Mancha Roja and his team. I deployed Teddy a bit closer to my deployment but still in base contact with the luchador. The Dreamer and co. were deployed and the game began. I won initiative. All chaos broke loose from there. I activated first with the Dreamer, who was roughly vertically alligned with Teddy. I walked up, and walked a little more (a misplay, I noted after the game ended, as I was then within 6" of Teddy) and used Empty Night. Flipped a mask, which meant nothing due to a built-in mask, but a value that I required. No need to cheat from there. Teddy swung at Mancha Roja and dealt him a (negatively-twisted) moderate of 4, which was not given any stone-based prevention (that was one of his misplays, as he soon realized). Because of a double walk and Empty Night (as well as no need for a (0) action), I ended with Dreamer. However, the relevant upgrade which the Dreamer had (as opposed to Dreams of Pain) was Otherworldly. This allowed Teddy to Accomplice the Dreamer directly after. Teddy used Gobble You Up, which worked. Smell Fear went off. This missed. I discarded a measly 5T for Flurry. The first attack worked, dealing 6 damage from a Red-Joker-formed straight flip into a cheated severe (my foe burned a soulstone, finally realizing Roja's Henchman characteristic, and prevented 1 of the 6). Roja was down to a single wound. I attacked again. Not wishing to lose Rojaor the wrestling match, he cheated high enough for me to whiffe attack 2. Attack 3 dealt Weak of 3, and my foe prevented 2 of it, which meant that Roja was downed. My bet and his bet were both revealed. I put all of my eggs in this basket (despite my first ever use of Teddy) and bet 4VP. My foe bet 3. This was the first thing done in this game. My foe called it there. He hadn't gone with a single model, or did anything but defend in vain. There is something wrong here. The first issue we could find was that Tactical Actions can still target the wrestlers, both friendly and enemy. Empty Night is a Tactical Action and did wonders for Teddy. There's more to it, too, though. No models may target wrestler models with Attack Actions, nor can the wreslters attack non-wrestlers. There is a) nothing to be said about the duration that this applies (thus an indestructible Teddy except by way of Tactical Actions, Abilities, Pulses, Auras, Blasts, and Conditions - some of which were prevalent in my foe's crew but not nearly enough to keep my foe from being heavily discouraged, especially because I wasn't going to summon with my master, and I would keep close to Teddy with him, effectively giving Teddy Regeneration +5) and there is nothing that says the wrestlers cannot take Interacts or other Tactical Actions, with Interacts being the key here. I assume that the game intends for a prolonged duration of engagement, but I had ALitS revealed and because Teddy was roughly on the center line I knew that if I killed Mancha Roja I could get a few markers down for it. This plus nigh-indestructibility is obviously a problem. Now, another friend who bore full witness to this claims that this one game could be a complete outlier to the main gist of the Fight Night games that are happening right now. I politely disagree. I think that if I can make an opponent (a seasoned player, both of this edition, of the last edition, and of Gremlins in general) scoop T1 before he has done anything but flip initiative and watch me get 4VP in 2 simple activations, there is a huge problem. My question is simple: is there any way that this scenario can recieve the following erratas (one I can word, the other I cannot): 1) remove "Attack Action" from the clause where models can't target the Wrestlers, and replace it with "Actions". This prohibits most (but sadly not all) suppot shenanigans from nearby models. I think that is fair. 2) Once the players' bets are revealed, thus ending the "wrestling match," have the Wrestlers be able to be targetted as normal and be able to attack as normal, as now they are part of the bigger skirmish. This prevents the "indestructible Teddy" scenario which has happened, and will most likely happen again, from happening anymore. I mean really, who wants an unkillable Teddy mucking about, even if it can't attack? Are these even possible to retroactively implement? I have no idea. If not, I will simply institute them as house rules for my LGS, and my home. But I strongly suggest that this scenario be re-examined because NPEs are horrible, even when you are winning. ~Lil Kalki
  3. “I’m seriously going to throw you off this train if you don’t start talking sense.” “It doesn’t make sense. I’d throw myself off if it did.” The two Guild Guards stared at each other, the elder of the two from what looked like an interrupted meal. The younger one was in the doorway, now and again adjusting his step with each jolt the floor gave. Lightning flickered outside, briefly illuminating the nightscape as the train steadily plotted on. The cars jittered about, causing anyone that decided to stand to take hold of a bar or wall for balance. The older Guard rubbed his temple and gave a sigh. “Alright Ferris, let’s go over it again. You found a stowaway.” “Of a sort.” “And she didn’t have any papers, identification, or give a name.” “Right.” “No one saw her enter the train, we haven’t stopped in hours, and all the compartments are locked. You found her sitting in one of the empty cars and she made no attempt to hide.” Ferris nodded, pushing back his dark hair. “She looks normal enough. If she’s some kind of witch, she probably wouldn’t want attention or would have blown us up by now. And she isn’t setting anyone on fire, if that helps. Maybe a spy…” “As if it were that simple. We are only shipping supplies that are not even worth looting. Likely she’s someone’s girl that snuck in somehow and no one wants to admit it. But that doesn’t make it less of a problem for us.” “I don’t know, Senior Yates. It just seems unlikely no one would see anything or lie about it at this point. I mean, the whole point of our passengers going to the mines is to work off jail time. Why add more to it?” Yates yawned. “What, you expect criminals to be honest? What did you do with her?” “I let her be, she’s in the third car-” “How many of these runs have you been on?” Ferris’s ears turned red. “Alright, so only a few-” “You’ve got a lot to learn about how things are done around here. Guild doesn’t take kindly to stowaways and be thankful it’s going to Malifaux as opposed to leaving. That makes it more likely we would get only a demotion and a beating instead of getting eaten by some Neverborn or other such nightmare. Anything happens and we are beyond shafted. Last thing we want is some witch hunter bothering us instead of everyone else." “She’s only a teenager at best. I think the usual procedure is a bit harsh-” “I’ll decide that, being a senior officer and all. You get back to questioning and don’t be afraid to get rough. Better them then us. And I want men with some semblance of responsibility nearby in case she causes a problem.” Ferris scowled, but gave a nod and left. Yates watched him move to the other car compartments, sighed, and got up with a heave. Carefully he made his way from car to car, looking into each compartment within as he did. It was late, so most of the prisoners were trying to sleep, each chained to their seat to insure they didn’t cause trouble on the journey. Yates shook his head, thinking that prison might have been better than working in the soul stone mines these poor bastards were heading to. After squeezing past a few more Guards, he made it to the car reserved for them when not on patrol. The girl was still there, a thin little thing in a tattered white dress. Her hair was nearly the same color as her attire, long and loosely hung. She remained silent as the guard came near. She seemed content to look out the window. Yates suppressed a shudder, the hairs prickling at the back of his neck. The air was suddenly on the edge of too warm, something that made him even more wary of this trespasser. “I am-” “The senior officer of the train night runs.” She finished softly, still gazing out the window. “That’s right. So it’s-” “Within my best interests to answer a few questions or face additional criminal charges.” “Stop that.” Yates snapped, the shudder from his neck now trickling down his spine. He felt his hand touch the handle of his sidearm, keenly aware of the smooth wood finish of the pistol as his fingers closed around the weapon. “How-” “Do I know what you are going to say?” He drew his gun. “You are truly testing my-" “Patience.” She looked at him directly. Her complexion was nearly as pale as her hair, but the eyes blazed like golden suns beneath the bangs. Yates felt his thumb slowly pull back the hammer of his gun. “You try anything, anything at all and I’ll-" “Shoot?” She murmured. She slowly stood, her bare feet making no noise on the metal of the compartments floor. Yates swallowed loudly, his mouth suddenly dry. “Sit down.” She cocked her head to the side, her expression mournful. “You are afraid of me.” “Yes.” He heard himself say, barely aware of it. The girl slowly walked forward. “I am not the only one that was forced to be here.” “What do you mean-” “So much money passes hands over the heads of those it was meant to serve.” She was now a few feet from him, her face level with his. “Your Guild needed workers fast, too fast to gather true criminals.” “How did-” “And not the first time, is it? So many souls sent to dig for their freedom, only to be confined in the treasure they seek to buy it with.” Her eyes burned into his, and he could not stop shaking. “Go away.” He whispered. “However you got here, get out.” She bowed her head. “I am sorry you did not choose a different path.” Senior officer Yates tried to say something, but ended with nothing as he pulled the trigger. The bang was loud in the confined space of the car, the bullet entering the exposed flesh where her heart beat below. Blood misted over the glass window, the girl’s body thudded against the wall before she slid to the floor, her expression… Almost like pity. Yates stepped back, unable to tear his eyes from the corpse in front of him. His mind was numb, it still trying to catch up with what happened. He heard footsteps approach, and after backing up enough he was able to turn his head. Ferris stood there, his eyes wide. “Are you insane?! What reasons have you to shoot your gun like that?” “Insane?! Boy, you must be blind to think that thing is-” he stuttered to a halt when he looked back at the girl. Nothing was there, not a trace of blood or girl. Yates blinked and put his gun down slowly. “That’s not...I didn't...” He shook his head, trying to clear it, his heart beating so fast it started to hurt. “Check everywhere for this girl. I want her found before we reach the breech-" “Sir, we passed it a moment ago.” Yates opened his mouth, and then closed it with a snap. “Alright then. Get back to your post.” “What about the girl?” “Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle the report.” “…So there are no issues to report in regards to the trip?” asked the wheezy Guild clerk. “Everything was fine. There were some mild hallucinations as we crossed, but no worse than that. Workers for the mines are ready to go, no loss or injuries to report.” The clerk pushed back his glasses as he scribbled a few notes. After stamping the papers, he pushed the stack towards Yates. “Sign here.” Yates did so, giving a short groan as he leaned forward on the battered desk. The heat was terrible, warm and thick enough to notice how sticky he felt. He scribbled his signature as quick as he could without even reading what he put his pen to. The clerk gathered the documents up, looking at the guard. “Are you feeling alright?” “Yeah, I was up all night so I’m a little winded.” He stood up. “I’m heading back Earthside as soon as there is an opening. If you could arrange for my passage, I’d appreciate it.” The air was not letting up as Yates left the clerk’s office. The sun was a shade too bright, the movement of the train station too noisy. The pain in his chest intensified. The dull throbbing from last night became sharp and steady with each passing moment. “I just need some rest.” He muttered. He walked towards the train, trying to see through the crowds even though his sight seemed to flicker and darken with each step he took. He held his chest, giving himself a moment to try and catch a breath. He tried another step and stumbled, the pain too much for him to stand as he fell to his knees. Blood speckled on the ground, a few drops here and there, his breathe ragged. People were now looking at him, backing up, pointing, watching. A few went for help. Yates tried to say something, but the pain was too much. A set of bare feet came into view as he felt a pair of smooth hands gently lift his head. The girl was back, her face serene. Blackened wings unfurled from her back, and stretched over their heads to mark this space hers. There was no wound on her chest. Yates tried to say something, but the girl hushed him. “It will be over soon.” “What are you?” He managed to whisper. Her face was both terrible and sweet as she looked at him. “I am vengeance. I am absolution. I am woe tempered with a mortal pain. I am balance.” She looked around. “So many are fearful of what you are going through, though they neither see nor know the cause.” Her burning eyes gave way to a sad smile. “Perhaps it is a mercy they cannot.” She murmured, letting his head rest. Yates wanted to plead his innocence, but the blood was too thick. He could do nothing as the girl slowly walked away, vanishing from his sight. He could do nothing as the blood pooled around his body. He could do nothing as members of the guild came forward, soul stones ready for him. All he could do was allow the scales to balance. Word Count: 1,745 Ingredients: Theme (in passing), Line, Location, Character (in passing)
  4. Hey all, I just discovered Malifaux and am excited to give it a try. My gaming friends will need an easy introduction - which I think i can handle if i essentially 'referee' the first few games. They will also need to feel like the game is 'fun'. For it to be 'fun' they all have to feel like they were able to put up a good fight with their limited grasp of rules and with the crew they were assigned. (Not ideal, but hey, I pander to their needs in order to pique their interest. As the sales people say, there has to be a level of 'buy in' to the game - otherwise the game will get shelved.) While I am more inclined to spend time trying to 'get' a game, these dudes, by and large, are quick to write games off if somebody feels like the rules screwed them over. (Which does happen sometimes with miniature games. Designing for team balance while keeping army/unit diversity is just really hard. Er, so I would imagine.) So, here are the questions for the community: 1) Any tips on running a decently fun exhibition-style game? We have all played various tabletop wargames (40k, warmachine, mordheim, and some heroclix) so we are familiar with the format. If anyone has any experience with this or other games and can offer some general advice I would be grateful. 2) Suggestions on at least 2 out-of-the-box crews that I can pick up that will be relatively evenly matched? (i.e. both crews win the occasional match against each other) If not, I might just proxy two identical crews with the models i have so that nobody feels cheated out of a good crew. Thanks in advance, all I hope this all works out and that we can add Malifaux to our list of regularly played games. I can't wait to paint some of these figs!
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