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Found 8 results

  1. I was going to make my first scenery item, which a hangmans scaffolding. What is the suggested height for the deck in inches, I was going to make stairs walking up to it. I know it can be what ever I want but this will be the piece that others will be scaled to. Also if you can see under it what kind of cover will it be considered? It will look different but this is the like the i have for mine.
  2. hi guys, i am looking for laser cut plans for malifaux terrain can someone share / direct me to right direction. thanks
  3. From the album: Luisjoey`s Guild Supremacy

    i did also entered the ironpainter 2015
  4. Hi guys just finished my Wild West board: Needles
  5. Me and my wife have ordered our first crews, so while we wait for them to arrive I've been looking into the issue of scenery. Although I'm sure I'll be playing games at my local store, where scenery isn't a problem, any games with my wife will played at home after the little one has gone to bed so I need to expand on my current collection of one wood, some craters and a hill. I know I could use a lego house, a bit of a felt as a river etc but I prefer to have a nice looking game board if I can! I originally wanted the Terraclips buildings, but apparently these aren't available anywhere so that's out. The Sewers seem to be all I can get, so would two sets of these make a good board for playing at home? I figure I could leave it part assembled for speed of putting together, but not sure if this will give a balanced/interesting board? The other option I was considering was the Pegasus Gothic building sets. They seem to be used mainly for Warhammer 40k based on my google searches, but I thought they might be cool as city buildings. Has anyone used these, and are they any good for Malifaux? I thought some of these, with maybe an extra wood and some fences/crates would give me enough to make a reasonable collection. Does anyone have any other suggestions please? I'd like to have some buildings, with multiple levels ideally, but any suggestions welcome! Thanks for any advice you kind people can provide
  6. Hello Malifauxians! I'm planning on making a sort of winter bayou/tundra-esque board for which to play upon. Upon determining local wood merchant suppliers, I can get a 2x6 sheet of board. Now simply slicing this in half gives me a 4x3 board. (two 2x3 sections side by side = 4x3) Alternatively I can get half a foot trimmed off one long edge (giving me a 1.5x6 sheet) and then have this cut in half to get 3x3 which is closer to the recommended size but wastes Storage isn't an issue, my only concern is game balance at this point. Particularly pertaining to M² - if crews are going to be a bit bigger is a bigger game board better? My gut instinct as a wargamer says stick with the bigger board since it gives more options - after all you don't have to use all of it. Thoughts?
  7. Hey folks I've been doing lots of research on the right way to get a nice Malifaux table. I want some pre-made terrain that will do a fine job now for not too much money. Then later on, once I'm used to the system & painted a fair bit (whilst continuing my other miniature games), ill expand my table for greater variety. With this in mind, I'm eyeing up 4ground and Sarissa. I already know there is a lot of info about Sarissa on this forum, but not as much on 4ground. So what I'm asking is does anyone have any experience with 4ground terrain (in particular their renaissance range). How big are they, would 2 or 3 buildings do for a small to medium size table? and most importantly, how does the scale fit with Malifaux? It's 28mm, whereas the Sarissa is heroic. How much of a problem is this? Obvious answer would be to go for Sarissa, but I really like the 4ground because its more versatile. Initially I'll get a few trees & make a small village in the woods kind of table, but later on when I expand it would also look great in a city kind of table... If anyone can help, particularly with the scale issue, or to suggest an alternative, I'd be very grateful
  8. Hi all I've just posted a review of the Marshal's Office building by 4Ground up on my blog. We've used this in a few Malifaux games now and it's ideal. You can find the full review at sixdsix.co.uk/?p=2170
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