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  1. Tea Party! Showgirl: "I target you, Beckoner!" Beckoner: "I'm Irresistible!" Showgirl: "Dang." Beckoner: "I target you, Showgirl!" Showgirl: "I'm also Irresistible!" Beckoner: "*sigh* This is going to be a long engagement, isn't it?" Showgirl: "Looks that way."

  2. Marcus in my opinion is the 2nd best Arcanist Master not using any avatars. The hardest thing for most people to learn with him is you have to run him like a pack of wolves where you attack and retreat and attack never stay put until the kill has already happened. Silurids are best with him in my opinion they are fast enough to keep up and if you ever get to stare down a master and have them jump in its just over. When I run them they are 15 points because I take 3. Night terrors are resilient objective grabbers with blind. If you run them run 2. I also like putting in Myranda if you can
  3. I stuggle for this for a bit of time till I figured out how to deal with her. She is still very powerful and probably in my top 3 master(personal opinion). There are ways for most crews to get around it. Guild. Perdita is well the best example of how to paste her. Lady J has blind Justice which makes it so your crew can just handle her. Sonnia has Pyre in avatar and can stop spells which is what really does hurt her and has blasts. The Hoff has a rough time vs her but is able to detonate scrap. Arcanists. Raspy is best at this because of the amount of blasts and the 4 damage she ca
  4. Dolomyte I understand where you come from but I disagree with you I like it when a model will fill some different roles here and there so when you see someone playing a faction you can have a bit of a surprise. For the Gremlin one that could be funny but they stay towards the swamp so I am trying to figure out how they got to the city. I think that it would look cool with the green horde though.
  5. Well so I was thinking and I thought up 2 idea's for 2 more showgirls. They are what you can say a little off the wall. 1. Unique 5-7ss Nephilim Showgirl. Give her Float or Flight with black blood and a sword or fan. Give her abilities like Side Show, and Blood Confetti just ideas for names. 2. Rare 1-2 4-6ss Undead Showgirl, Belle. Hard to wound 1 has the options to be undead or not like Nico. Abilities Sawed in Half, or Iron Maidened. Both would be listed as there original faction so Neverborn and Ressors with a rule that allows Colette to hire for no additional cost, maybe make
  6. I have found for 35 if you have both players know there crews cold and don't really have to look at cards it takes 60-90 min for the full 6 turns. If you have players who no the game but don't know there list cold its 90-120min. With one new person playing the game its 2-3 hours with someone who knows the game teaching or 2 people who don't know there lists. If you have 2 new players you are looking at 4-5 hours for 35ss. These are tournament times because if it is a friendly game you are going to talk and grab drinks and relax. I think my game with JuJubee last night total in g
  7. Yes the raptor being on 40mm is the reason I take it instead of another desperate merc. I am sure that the ressors wish they had a way to get a hold of 3 point 40mm model. I don't really need Teddy to be obeyed it would just be nice if he could be. I don't think it is worth the 4 points to put one in that list because I don't target willpower with anything but Z and if I went up against a WP target list he can be just as much a liability as an asset. Also if you hit teddy it is only for that turn so I would have to just keep beating my Teddy. I am surprised though not more people hav
  8. Ok so I got to play with this list today. So I played against a Levi list with alice the hooded and 4 SPA and a puppy to make another waif with. So turn one I got lucky and had the Black Joker, 13 masks, 8crow, 5mask, and two aces. So turn one I was able to get the teddy the mature and a young. The game went as the hooded game up and teddy and Nekima killed it, Mature with Young, took out the Desolation engine turn 4 I want to say. Ended up with an obayed charge at Levi, walk spill bb, walk melee strike to kill the 2 waifs turn 4 or 5 I think. It was Shared claim jump. I took Kidn
  9. OK this list is inspired by the Nekima and Weaver Widow Hate out there. So 35ss Mamma Z +Avatar 2ss Nekima - 13ss Terror Totx2 - 6ss Weaver Widow - 9ss Malifaux Raptor - 3ss Desperate Merc - 2ss So reason for this is well you are going to kill the Rapotor and the Merc turn one so that is 3 corpse counters and if done right 4 blood counters. Weaver widow can make another counter so that will be 4 for her so with the right card that is a Teddy, Nekima helps the 2 tots grow into a mature and a young turn one. Hopefully you will buyou two card the teddy summon to have crystal ball fo
  10. I really think colette gets hit by this disease more then most because of how she plays as a master. This is because you have 23 points of awesome that are showgirls and most people also bring a showgirl Mannequin combo. I do not have ramos so can not comment on him. With Marcus he works so good with beasts from other factions which is why I tend to play all beast because I like Silirid, waldgiest, Night Terrors, Shikome and soon rouge necromancy. I want to start bringing either Mechanical Rider or Gunsmith just to add range or fast armor. With Me raspy's crew almost always needs
  11. I read through this tread and I don't know if I can agree with the original opinion, She is great with a good damage output and the hidden amazing 0 that lets her give out wounds within 3 inches. Yes with the change now you will never play her with less then 2-3 Terror tots and a desperate merc so it does change how she plays because I always liked giving flay to Lelu and I was really excited about Tuco with her but now those have changed. I still think for her 13ss is not that over as a ss cost for one of the best melee lines in the game, its the same a lilith sans use soulstone and mor
  12. I wouldn't call them house rules just thoughts on the Dreamer as a master and how if we(the gamers) had any say in models what would we do. Most people if you read through say don't change him much if at all because he is fine, everyone else is just minor tweeks. Its a fun discussion of what of the more polarizing masters. So Sketch what do you think?
  13. Well I am going to jump back into this thread I have read every post and I am enjoying the discussion thanks for keeping it civil. From what I have seen there a couple of main themes from peoples replys. 1. Don't Change him, he is good yes but overpowered maybe not. 2. Change the Dreamer, Thoughts have been around frightening dream, mine where it is one plus one per mask nightmares, the other is you have to drop a card per nightmare. 3. Change Chompy, Take away some triggers or take away use soulstones. 4. Change Daydreams, Limit movement by only allowing daydreams to not cast the sam
  14. Yes I don't know if he needed a change I was just putting up a thought for intelligent conversation. I doubt we would see anything soon or at all on the Dreamer. Eddie what don't you like about this I understand you not wanting a change I am just asking what you thought of it. What do you hate so much.
  15. Well after the Nekima and Alp change now it seems on the chopping block of everyone's minds is the twins and still the stitched to some degree, and behind it all is the Dreamer though most people don't want to come out and say cuddle the Dreamer. I was thinking today and I think I might have a slight cuddle to the Dreamer that makes sense and doesn't change that much. My change is this remove the all my friends trigger, and instead change Frightening Dream to say Place one friendly buried Nightmare completely within 6" of this model and one additional Nightmare per mask in the casting t
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