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Kaeris Reborn.

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Well this is Kaeris all right.🔥 Bright, burning and well executed. Only thing missing is a more articulated focal point, though with all that fire, I'm not really sure how you'd go about doing that🤔

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Tricky model due to how all encompassing the fire is but you have tackled the balance between her being illuminated but not overly washed out with light very well.

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And now I've seen this model well painted, she seems a nightmare to do well with all of that fire. The only way I can see this model showing off lighting effects better would require a diorama or some seriously tight fitting base work to throw that firelight around on. Excellent job!

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I really like the colors.  Personally, I would have darkened the furthest ends to give it a charred look. This would have made your brights look even brighter while bringing in some darker tones as well.


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Really gorgeous!

As I also painted Kaeris for this competition, I have to say, you gave some inspiration to improve my model, may I give you one too? The flames might need some extra contrast. Your blending is awesome, but it makes it a little too blent :) some extra whites in the craveses, and a tad darker tones in the end could give it that extra kick to make it perfect!

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