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Really clean paint job!

The osl lighting does seem a bit off though. It looks like you did a perfect paint job of obi-wan, and then hit the saber side with an airbrush of blue ink. The lightsaber lit side of the model is darker than the side that is "naturally lit". You really nailed the ambient shading and highlighting of the model apart from the lighting from the lightsaber (I mean, look at the smooth transition work you did on the armour of the left shoulder and leg! It's amazing) so I know you can do better.

Aside from that, putting a very slight glow of red on the ground next to the molten cuts on the droid would be a nice suble touch too, but not a priority.

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Really well done, great textures, OSL, basing, face work... the whole package. My one suggestion would be that if you were to submit this again you might not want to submit the bottom left photo angle. The sabre ends up looking a bit dark for being the lightsource from that particular angle.

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The paintjob overall is superb, from the texture on the clothing to the details of the face and the molten marks on the downed droid. The OSL just doesn't seem right though, especially if it is intended to be what is lighting up the piece generally, as it is it seems like the saber is casting way more light than the otherwise bright lighting coming from 'off screen' would allow for. 

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