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  1. Into The Bayou - Questions

    I'm convinced the ancient Neverborn named their ruins like that just to annoy historians. (Oddly enough, I have a party that does the same thing. M&SU Troubleshooters that go relic and grimoire hunting for the Arcanists. 30% Indiana Jones, 30% Mission Impossible, 40% Blazing Saddles.)
  2. TTB 2E Info Request

    Another title to add to the topic of "Books That Will Eventually Be Books." While we are at it, I heard there was going to be a Guild Faction Expansion.
  3. TTB 2E Info Request

    The title From Nightmares was off hand mentioned in the expansion book Under Quarantine on the topic of Nephilim Blood Sickness. I don't recall if these were official mentions or not, but it is supposedly the next expansion (excluding Core 2e because it is the main rule set) for the series and will talk about the Neverborn, the Knotwoods to the west, options on playing a Twisted Character, and other Neverborn Flavored options. Again, this is either rumors or details that I cannot find the source for. I can safely(-ish) say that it will be after Core 2e and it doesn't have a release date either.
  4. Update. He died in the first session trying to smack a scorpion with a big stick. Had his head gnawed off. Now he's a Revanant and switching over to Medium because who doesn't wanna be a swamp ghost?
  5. I've got a Gautraeux Bokor playing in my current adventure that is more interested in finding and trading relics than traditional mumbo jumbo. This works (relatively) well for the M&SU-centric party. Well trained in Enchanting, Stitching and Appraise, he spent his first Talent to get his hands on an Appraised Grimoire (Forgotten Lore Talent, Into the Bayou pg. 142). Taking a look at Enchanting, he found Animate Construct. Here in lies the question: Can he replace Artefacting with Stitching to make puppets and doll minions a la Zoraida and Collodi?
  6. Musical Madness: Studied or Natural?

    If you want something else to capitalize off the delightful little Gamin Duet you have going on, consider your next Mage Manifested Power as the Self Harm Magia from Under Quarentine with the Terror Immunto. The Gamins inflict -1 penalties and Negative Flips to WP and Self Harm is WP resisted.
  7. Buckaroo Banzai!

    Aye, that's what I used. I have a recurring antagonist working for the Guild who is effectively going through the Buckaroo Pursuit every time he's ridden out of town on a rail. Lieutenant Xavier Lafayette, Riotbreaker "Extraordinaire". He is accompanied by his custom Watcher, "Zephyr" (A Mechanical Ahool, Into the Bayou pg. 117.) and loves brandishing his AG Strike Breaker.