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  1. Sup guys I'm quite new to gen thunders and yesterday I had my first match up with asami (against Reva). I didn't t won, but I quite liked the master and I want to get a better understanding of the crew, so here I am asking for sudjestions The list I used was Asami (heavenly design, nefarious pact) 7ss Amanjaku Amanozako (recalled, smokebombs) Ohgaru Bettari (the eat your fill up I can remebare the name xD ) 2x katanakas 1 tt bro This list was conceived mainly to try out every model in the box (I focused on summoning yokai, and I got a jorogumo + obsidian on later turns), adding the katanaka in order to give some long range support. The fact I was against a Reva made it hard to rush the middle with models, cause I would had put Asami in a bad spot, but otherwise it seems to me to be a good idea to be a midfield summoner like molly, rather than something like Ramos. Also, it looked to me like it would be a good idea to switch between summoning and using her others actions, rather than just spamming models, cause otherwise you'll spend your entire game with no cards in your hand. About the other models, Amanozako performed really well, and I think I won't let her behind easily, while ohaguro bettari did kinda "meh", mainly because the summonings drained my hand (guess next time I'll try with recalled even on her), but her mobility is quite something, so she might end up being my scheme runner hunter. About the amanjaku, it really felt useless :| sure, his attack get really good as the game goes on, but I don't quite like the fact that he uses 9's for his action and is insignificant (meaning he can mostly act like a sort of bodyguard for Asami/cheap activation). I'll probably sobstitute it with the effigy, or the wonder weasel when I can get my hands on some terra-cotta warriors. Models I want to try in the future are : illuminated, yamaziko (mainly against Neverborn/resurrectionist), the emissary (who seems quite useful tho I'm not quite sold on him) and some low river monks Summonings wise, here's my impressions about the models: Akaname and tengu: haven't used them, tho I don't think I'll ever summon one unless in very situation cases. Yokai: these guys are awesome, and just by the fact you get instant flicker 2, makes them the best summon you can get with asami Obsidian: situationally good, they work well for tarpitters but wouldn't summon too many of these. Still need to test them better (might try to bring a couple deployed) Jorogumo: not worth summoning them without any corpse around, but otherwise even with flicker 2, they're really nice thanks to their damage track and their 3" engagement. Can see one being really annoying in interference if well placed. These are my very earlie thoughts, I m open to any sudjestions, list ideas and critique I'm looking for some feedback to get a better understanding of the master thanks to anyone stopping by!
  2. You actually can, I heard it on scheme and stones but I forgot about it! That could be interesting if you manage to get a good bunch of models around!
  3. Thx yeah Yasunori eems huge with Asami, but I really don't like proxies tho I'll give it a try just to get the feeling of the model before July! I was seeing that a lot of people bring tannen, and while he seems quite nice, I don t see him catching up with the rest of the models speed. I think a tt bro is generally a better choice!
  4. My point being that a 6 paired with a 5 is less than a 3 with a 13 to better explain, I understand the plan,but you're putting yourself in the hands of fate rather than controlling it. Might be my case only, but in my meta people know what staying close to brewie means, so no one will rush to him knowing it will be stuck with brewie for 5 turns so sure, you might end up getting an executioner or even 2 stuck with you, but it will require a good amount of cards to achieve so. In the mean time, your opponent is minding his own buisness and here's where the rest of the models kicks in. And here goes the same speech, a six is a good value but it's not an automatic succes. You might be really good with your card management, or lucky with the deck, but a list like this is card hungry even to simply defend against your opponent attacks (Mancha in my experiences eats through your cards quite fast just to survive, same for the sow, and I don t want my 10ss investment to die turn 2, or deal 2 damages a turn). But it's my p.o.v. and I like the idea behind this list. Just saying that those are all models that I would want to work, not simply try their luck and see how it goes, and Sammy is the only one I could see failing her actions (but she's also the only one who mitigates her card usage with Bayou two cards). Maybe removing some hitter for some minions? This would allow you also to have some cheap activations for schemes etc.
  5. With this set up you re gonna through your cardsquite fast tho every models kinda want his/her things to hit! Also mud toss I pretty situational imo, I would switch to d.c. To stay in flavor, Francois and Raphael looks mean enough to fit well in the Pub enviroment
  6. I just finished watching Drunken Master (an earlie jacky chan movie, a true gem) and I now want more than anything to play brewie xD this, and @daniello_s recent post, got me thinking that brewie, while being extremely awesome (as concept) has little to no use compared to other masters. I'm not saying "wyrd buff him so he's competitive and super strong", tho he sure needs some love. By taking a look at wave 5 models ideas, it looks like he's reciving some, but is it enough? So my idea was, what do you think brewie need ATM? What would you "create"/change in order to make him viable among the other masters?
  7. Interesting to hear mind explaining how you run akaname? What's their purpode in the crew? I guess is something along the line of handling poison to river monks but its better to be sure cause it sounds interesting Also if you have the time, mind sharing some lists you run or some general ideas? It's good to have some feedback from some successful gremlin players
  8. just keep in mind that it's not just in 1'' form any object! As clement said, the object needs to interrupt at least 1 los between you and the model. It sounds a bitt odd, cinsidering it's written that you ingore los, buto to make ti as easier as possible consider this: when you attack with it trait cover as you would normally do with a shooting, just keeping in mind that you don't need to see the models you're attacking. This is just to clarify that a model is not considered in cover form an attacker, unless one of the line starting from the base of the attacker model is interrupted by one element that generates cover.
  9. Just to add up to the context of the post, I ran some tests with Cryer and Big brain and here's my conclusion: Cryer: probably the only model I'd consider worth buying at the moment among the listed (maybe with bokor if I were to play gremraida). He's not amazing, and it would be a really situational pick, but I can see his uses. You can play out with some models to capitalize on the 3 inch aura he generates (with Sammy and old cranky you get to have a 8 cards hand just by using cranky 0). His lure is meh, I think it would be better to have it give slow instead of dealing damages (or at least on a trigger), for the simple reason that highest authority won't save the guy from a focused attack! 6wounds with 5 defense will make you an easy one-shot as long as the model is focusing (trappers, accolites, takanaka snipers are gonna eat this guy alive), so I really see no point in luring a model close to me (and having 2 actions plus the fact that it is a push , it's an hard set up even if you want to lure something in the start/schemes denying aura), when the damage I'm gonna deal to him are embarrassing in comparison to how he can retaliates. Not an awful model, but there are phew occasion I would use this. Big brain brin : are you facing melee-Dora ? Here's the guy for you! Are you not? Pick something else.i was really excited about this guy when I first read his stat card, but it quickly faded the moment I started to try to find some applications to him. His front card is as situational as you can get (and his def/wp trigger is awful considering he has 4df and on wp won't do much considering most of the attacks are from a distance), and I just used the trigger shut down to draw some cards with the crier. His back card is really "meh", aside maybe the condition removal, but is it worth to have condition removal for 7ss ? his "offensive casting" is on a ridiculous 6" radius, which makes the "until this model is killed" part of the condition useless, because of how easy it is to kill him, and how little he has to retaliate/respond to an aggression. His 0 are meh too: why should I bring this model for a scry3 at the cost of a 7, while Merris does the same for 1 ap, and the reactivate is just pointless imo. Giving the fact this is a game where trading ap in the right way is key to success, if I want to make a rooster reactivate, I'm gonna need another model (or the rooster itself) use an ap to place a marker for him not to be sacrificed, making it so that in order to make the rooster get an extra activation (2ap) I'm gonna waste an ap, making it so that I actually earn 1ap from it. And is it worth? Yeah, if roosters do their thing of smashing 2 models in a row (but it's all about luck with the deck, hand), and efficient as long as the rooster activates last, otherwise a good opponent will smash the chicken before he has the occasion (they're really fragile, it's a known fact). On a bayou could find some better work, since if you sacrifice it, it's not a big deal as long as he achieve something, allowing you for example to place 3 scheme marker with one model, but wound t I get the same result by using 2 of them? Also, considering bayous are mostly used with Somer, his trigger shut down thing is pointless, since skeeter do that for 1 ap, no discard required. So I definetly don't know why would I use this model, if not against an heavy wp targeting Neverborn list (and it's gonna be there just for the 6" aura), and I still think Sammy would do a better job anyway (and I don't like Sammy). On more of a general line, I'm not quite happy with what we have at the moment. About other models, I'm on board of what you guys said about wrastlers (and I hope they're get something cause it would be quite cool), bokor seem fine for Raida, flying piglets seems good just for summoning purposes, and the smuggler for me is good as long as you are against Reva/Nico, otherwise you pay top price for some scheme removal mechanics (and they ar so slow and with little sinergy). So, you can find some use for the stuff, but it's on the Book3 models Level (or akaname in book 4), where it's a lot of situational stuff going around filling the shelfs of stores. I would had loved to receive some models to give a tweak at the other masters like Brewie (still Ned to try the tanuki) or Mah, or at least something interesting like cyclops for Neverborn the stalker for outcasts. Something fresh and that could unlock some features for less used masters, instead of models that find some space in still well consolidated crews. P.s. i know I'm sounding quite arsh, but I'm really not satisfied at these models still, I just tried two and solo-tested the others, so I'm open to revaluations and mind changing discoveries
  10. @Math Mathonwy maybe one upgrade could something along the line of "INEBRIATED", which allowsfriendly models in a certain bubble (to fortify his theme), to gain some benefits of being drunk (so having poison). Also, moonshinobis and the golem really need some love. I get your points and I concurr that brewie can get frustrating when your deck is on fire, but I feel like he's forced into lists which are nothing to how brewie "should be played", thematically talking. So maybe some models THAT ACTUALLY ARE USABLE (akanmes, im looking at you) that would allow him to have some better impact on a match! Something along the line of the Hinamatsu (I'm not sure if it's written this way) for collodi, where a big puppet models was really what he needed (so a tweak to the golem could achieve something similar just to make an example).
  11. Damn right man, did you thought that was a typo? *walks away fast and awkwardly*
  12. Swine cursed might have some though times with wp 5 tho, since they wanna get to your enemy face quite fast and Hamelin+ nix like to target wp quite a lot. Iron bugs tho, they sure can do a lot for their cost in this scenario (ram trigger can be brutal against rats).
  13. Bring some blast pulses to clear out rats and nix, so as sudgjested before, bugs are amazing. I would fight fire with Fire tho, by taking Somer in order to some what mitigate his earlie activation control. Wong can be quite devastating too, thanks to his ability to clear off large numbers of models (for example if he's grouping rats to create a rat king) and to place schemes at the end of the turn, making it hard to counter. In my experiences, ashes and dust needs to be contained, but you are not forced to deal with him, while nix can't get too close to a lot of models, or wounds will start stacking. Zipp is always a great choice but you'll end up with an elite crew 90% of the time (even tho he's my favorite pick against outcast, but here you know against what you're playing) , so I would bring models like a taxidermist that takes advantage of low wounds/stats models like rats, creating models for you in the mean time. Scheme wise, Hamelin is not that easy to kill and play against thanks to his control of the table/models, between sacrifices and obeys etc. but the moment you start clearing the board, he won't do much (at least in my experiences playing him, but I played 6/7 games before selling the crew). General idea against swarms is is to go for key models ignoring the mass of minor models, or to clear off as many as you can without wasting too many ap (Lighting bug 0 with crows for example is awesome). mahbe can you share some reports on your past games? It's easier to help you out this way (or his general crew list).
  14. So, I'll start off by saying I'm not a huge fan of ulix, since in all the 4 games I had with him I got quite bored of how he played out (generally with a bunch of big pigs from which to summon, transitioning in a more support role) but, since I'm getting a lot of satisfaction playing new Tt masters I bought, I figured that it might be because I'm getting again that feeling of "discovering" a master, that I don't quite get anymore from my main crews (Somer, Wong and Zipp), where I generally just discover some niche things, but nothing mind blowing (after almost 60 games with Somer it's not that weird). so, to get on with the topic, I started to analyze the rest of the faction, starting with old man ulix and I had this "core" crew idea of: Ulix (d.c. Hunting bow, husbandry) Old major (corn husk, liquid bravery/quality mash) the sow (that's 23ss) Generally i bring 3 big pigs from which to summon 1 turn, and than generally I keep 1 or 2 close to continue with the piglet/warping summoning, tho I really don't like it. I found this play style really slow, and not that efficient ap wise. With this core, the idea is to summon exclusively from the sow following this order (ideally) turn 1) 3 piglets (6 wounds) followed by proper care (leaving the sow at 6wounds) the piglet than proceed to walk in position for setting up the warpig-schemes-triangle next turn turn2) sow walks into position so that ulix can summon the warping than ulix summons 3 other piglets+ 2 coming out of the sow dying followed by proper care, leaving you with 6 full hp piglets (counting the 3 made turn 1) and 2 with 3hp. From there you focus either on support/summoning warpigs/summoning piglets out of Major It's not a ground breaking strategy, but it sounded good to me cause that allows you to "save a summoning turn" thanks to the sow passive ability, and frees up a lot of space in the crew. there are downsides (snipers for example, that can wound the sow before you can do both summonings), but st the same time you could always do something else if you want to save the sow so that she can deal some damages,like skipping a pig summoning for a warpig, to let the sow charge in the thick of battle before dying (while hopefully healing something before so you can get the s) would be good to have 2 hog whisperer (or one+ Penelope) to control the pig horde. It's just an idea I wanted to throw out there, so any feed back is welcome and appreciated
  15. Oh i thought you saw some previews when you said the models looks nice but I misread
  16. Mind you sharing the link for images? I'm new to the play testing side of the game and dunno where to find them Forgot to answer your post, I'm on board with what you wrote, I'll try to pi them on some list and see what they can do. Its almost weird tho to have so many models with a lot of scheme markers-central ability
  17. I was looking at wrastlers for brewie, given the fact that you'll end up with some models engaged with him and they might be somewhat good. Given that the trigger is not affected by the due and so you can freely cheat it, with the right cards it puts you at 4 min damage with a ml7 which is not bad (tho really expansive) i don't quite get smugglers tho. Can't see why and where they should fit :|
  18. About the gremlin crier, does his zero allows him to do a sort of mullingan? Thanks to his ability? To me, it looks like it works but I'm not sure
  19. Anyone had a chance to see the wave five "new" models idea? Any words on the argument? I just had the opportunity to take a glance at them, but seems like we gained a lot of control models, and there might be a nice power up for brewie. Hope to hear some opinions
  20. No I didn't actually! I'm not a big fan of Sammy, so that might be it bit I'll try to figure something out thin is tho, what should I do with ulix earlie? It's not like he has a lot of choices until mid turn 2/3
  21. Had a go with this list against a melee-Dora and worked out great (10/6 for me) Somer (d.c. Do over family tree) 1 skeeter 3 bayous 2 lighting bug Gracie (saddle) Burt (d.c) Merris just summoned turn 1 and then went for that information marker! You have at the same time a lot of firing power, mobility and tanking ss with Somer Gracie and Burt. Merris and bugs are there for support and quick scheme running in case bayous can't get it done.
  22. Hello everybody! I was thinking yesterday (after having a tournament a day before) how much an efficient elite crew hurts when you don't have the cards to defend its assault. I tend to play more an "achiving vp while annoying the opponent" style, cause I find it more bounded to Gremlin's style and generally more funny/satisfying, since it rely on your ability to play well strategically rather than drawing RJ each turn. STILL, we got among the highest damage of all faction since even our cheapest minion (with the cost of a leg or two) can get to 6 severe damages, so it would be a shame not to make use of that from time to time. Now, while I was thinking about what I stated in the beginning, there's one master that I fear the most among all which is Leveticus (cause a good Levi player will make you pass an ugly 2hours 90% of the times) so, in pure gremlinesque style, I tried to come up for a couple of list that would allow me to have a crew that "can" do what a Levi crew can (probably in a much more messy way). I have all masters, but I decided to stick to Somer and Wong (I don't like Ophelia, and I played way to much Zipp lately so I need to take a break ), since they deal an absurd amount of damages, and tried to build up 2 similar ideas for both masters: 1)Somer (dirty cheater, do over, Encouragment) 6ss 2x skeeters 1x iron skeeter (airship spotlight) Burt jebsen (dirty cheater) Gracie (saddle) (could be substituted for the emissary) Gremlin taxidermist (could be substituted with Sammy) 3x stuffed (or two Bayou) Point of the list is having Somer going around with Gracie and Burt with the I.S., in order to maximize on their damage. The taxidermist is gonna stick in the back and select the right targets, in order to summon some Stuffed, keeping the number high and the Other stuffed are gonna try to lock down targets in order to allow Somer to blast off them. Skeeters are there to support and tie up models. You sure are not gonna rush off some schemes, but well set can be really unpleasantt o the opponent, if he can't retaliate. I think Somer is really good for these lists, since he can freely buff his crew and make it shine. 2)Wong (do over, ooh glowy) 5ss Old cranky Burt jebsen (dirty cheater) Gracie (saddle) Iron skeeter (spotlight/poorly handled) Gremlin taxidermist (dirty cheater) 4x stuffed piglets (or 2 Bayou and a stuffed) Same plan as before, with either Burt or Gracie being the glowy target (when Cursed swine are gonna come off, its gonna be nastier). For this list in particular, I took inspiration to what @maca1066 shared on Zipp thread and from this came out the one for Somer If I'm able, I'll test one of these two tonight: these are really "brutal" lists, and in a heavy scheme scenario it might back fire, but I blast off stuff too sometimes hope to receive some feed back and thanks to anyone stopping by
  23. Taxidermists are one of those models that if your opponent doesn't respect are gonna blow the game! They beat hard, and summon easily and if you select well your target, they're hard to take down (especially with d.c, and on them it's really not wasted). Gj on the games, glad you're enjoin your trip around here also, I gave swine cursed a shot proxing them and they're dirty, really dirty! They go down easily, but they sure hit like a truck. Shame is they're not that worth with other masters imo, aside from Wong
  24. Yeah I did that too, tho I'm not a big fan of warpigs, they're usually unreliable :| I prefer to have them up the field when summoned, so they can directly go in, instead of focusing on getting it out as soon as possible cause most of the time they're just gonna go in and slow down the opponent, but won't bring many vps. Piglets cost less, are easier to get around, and weight less on ulix hps, while being really good for getting schemes out. The idea was centered around maxing out the number of piglets with less turns possible, while avoiding hurting other models and freeing some stones for some less pig-themed models. Migh be me, but just pigs ain't gonna get you far in my experiences. Francois and Burt can do a better job than the sow (since once it goes in, it won't come back, and asa it drops to less than 5 wound, which is pretty easy, its good for nothing) or a warpig, but there are no models that repay them self once they die, and you'll be at 8 piglets turn 2 if all goes well, without having to spend 20 ss in models to keep around for summoning. But again, it's just an idea, asa I can I'll give it s go so I can bring some feedback edit: i re-read what I wrote, and I didn't want to sound too arsh >_< Im on board with you and it's in both cases a good critique but it's quite staple to what it's usually done with ulix (in a certain sense, "from the manual"), I wanted to try some secondary route, tho doesn't mean it's a good idea
  25. They look awesome on a shelf just joking, I tried them a couple of times and more than scheme runners (just take a Bayou, they're way better) I used them as cheap beaters (their damage track is quite good). Yet, I think they're quite a waste of ss, since I found them lackluster all the time I used them :| d'uno what wyrd had in mind with them. Their zero to deny charge is great tho.