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  1. Hello everybody! I was thinking yesterday (after having a tournament a day before) how much an efficient elite crew hurts when you don't have the cards to defend its assault. I tend to play more an "achiving vp while annoying the opponent" style, cause I find it more bounded to Gremlin's style and generally more funny/satisfying, since it rely on your ability to play well strategically rather than drawing RJ each turn. STILL, we got among the highest damage of all faction since even our cheapest minion (with the cost of a leg or two) can get to 6 severe damages, so it would be a shame not to make use of that from time to time. Now, while I was thinking about what I stated in the beginning, there's one master that I fear the most among all which is Leveticus (cause a good Levi player will make you pass an ugly 2hours 90% of the times) so, in pure gremlinesque style, I tried to come up for a couple of list that would allow me to have a crew that "can" do what a Levi crew can (probably in a much more messy way). I have all masters, but I decided to stick to Somer and Wong (I don't like Ophelia, and I played way to much Zipp lately so I need to take a break ), since they deal an absurd amount of damages, and tried to build up 2 similar ideas for both masters: 1)Somer (dirty cheater, do over, Encouragment) 6ss 2x skeeters 1x iron skeeter (airship spotlight) Burt jebsen (dirty cheater) Gracie (saddle) (could be substituted for the emissary) Gremlin taxidermist (could be substituted with Sammy) 3x stuffed (or two Bayou) Point of the list is having Somer going around with Gracie and Burt with the I.S., in order to maximize on their damage. The taxidermist is gonna stick in the back and select the right targets, in order to summon some Stuffed, keeping the number high and the Other stuffed are gonna try to lock down targets in order to allow Somer to blast off them. Skeeters are there to support and tie up models. You sure are not gonna rush off some schemes, but well set can be really unpleasantt o the opponent, if he can't retaliate. I think Somer is really good for these lists, since he can freely buff his crew and make it shine. 2)Wong (do over, ooh glowy) 5ss Old cranky Burt jebsen (dirty cheater) Gracie (saddle) Iron skeeter (spotlight/poorly handled) Gremlin taxidermist (dirty cheater) 4x stuffed piglets (or 2 Bayou and a stuffed) Same plan as before, with either Burt or Gracie being the glowy target (when Cursed swine are gonna come off, its gonna be nastier). For this list in particular, I took inspiration to what @maca1066 shared on Zipp thread and from this came out the one for Somer If I'm able, I'll test one of these two tonight: these are really "brutal" lists, and in a heavy scheme scenario it might back fire, but I blast off stuff too sometimes hope to receive some feed back and thanks to anyone stopping by
  2. Had an headhunter game yesterday against a Titania and used this list: Somer (family tree, liquid bravery, dirty cheater) 6ss 2x skeeters 1 lighting bug 1 Slop hauler 3 bayous Francois (dirty cheater and do over) Fingers (show off, do over) as schemes I took undercover entourage with Somer as a target (which worked great, considering how mobile he is with his Df trigger and how much he can heal) and Show of force (fingers did it solo, since he had no ups on models aside his emissary), ending 9/7 for me Having both a lighting bug and a Slop is not that bad if you don't need a 6/7ss extra model, since you have both a full heal for turn one summoning, and than a reliable source of healing for your crew (without forgetting both models offensive potentials). Other great stuff is liquid bravery delivered via skeeters, which makes it really frustrating for a Neverborn/Resurrectionist player. On the other hand, I took show off so that I had a way to deny an eventual kill (he had dig their graves) tho I used it only once, and it's quite expansive (2aps and an 8) so I don't know if I'll use it more often (definetly a wasted slot if equipped to Somer, since he can get better ups imo). Also, I used Bayou more offensively giving the fact that I had no schemes to run (and I was positive about fingers not dying, since I used all stones for him), and the little fellas sure hurts when they start to focus on shooting.
  3. you can, no problem in that (somer wong and zipp are better choices than mah tho, but it's up to what you like), i was just saying that brute force isn't always the solution. Keep in mind that, as much as in this game capabilities will almost everytime time surpass luck, when you focus your strategy on duels, you're playing with probabilities and a good dose of luck the hint i can give you is to read carefully through the cards of the enemy crew/faction, examine your masters and models pool (the less master you focus on, the better you'll get, even tho is funnier to switch everytime) and than try to find the best way to achive and deny points during the 5 turns you'll be playing. In short terms, be adaptable and learn how match ups go in different situations sometimes you'll have to ram into the enemy lines, sometimes you'll have to be more witty then your opponent
  4. A samurai all tough models, but really slow, and a trixibelle can keep 3 of those away and slowed with the lure (if you can, give the crow with a skeeter so that it trigger automatically). Try to beat them with speed and tactic, rather than with brute force! Also, a reckless Burt/ francois can kill the quite easily if the charge them (care tho, be sure to have the cards to do so, cause they can retaliate quite heavily, so maybe soften them a bit with bayous and Somer) with frank, remember that you're not forced to use all the times dumb luck, and that his melee is better then his gun. i wouldn't recommend to use Lenny, he's slow and cost too much. Gracie on the other hand could work but remember that you aim to score points, not to kill anything as a prime target. I had games that went 10/0 where I killed 1 model, period.
  5. To start off, close deployment doesn't mean you have to deploy as closest as possible to them, especially if you're playing a summoner. It's generally better to positionated further away. In a scenario like this I would either go for Somer, picking leave your mark and claim jump (your opponent will generally be busy in the center, leaving the flanks uncovered), or Zipp with dig their graves and one depending on the opposing crew. I think your problem here is not the crew you had, rather the way you're searching a solution! If a master put you through hard times, focus on understanding the way it works and how you can play around him, rather than jumping to a crew or another especially the brewmaster, who might get things done against a new player, but it's so hard to control and actually have an impact on the game. Somer is definetly one of the strongest master in the game, sii he's not for sure the problem Instead look at Mei rent, and what gave you problems that game: was it the positioning, that led to an easy assault from Mei charge? Was the scheme selection? With your number advantage, even using a skeeter a turn to simply shut down any trigger and abuse the 7df to slow down Mei could be a good idea! Or to stick in the back and simply use bayous in waves to accomplish schemes! There are plenty of way to find a solution
  6. So, I didn't want to start a new and since i made this one earlie this month, I'll start from here I've decided to go balls deep into Somer again, since he's without a doubt the master I have more fun with over any other in the faction, and I really wanna get good with him. So, in order to do so, I was thinking it would be a good idea to collect my expiriences here, as a sort of journal, where I can get some feedback by anyone wishing to participate Right now, I'm kinda experimenting with new/old models to sorta get the feel of where i want to go crew wise (Alex Schmid's youtube channel gave me a bunch of awesome ideas and clarifications too) but the models on which I'm foucssing more are: Merris: her 1 ap ability that let's you see what cards are on the top of your deck is so awfoully good! Main concern I have with Somer (if I plan to summon) is to flip a BJ on the Do it like this action and even tho you can mitigate this with Skeeters, it's better just to be sure you're gonna get it no matter how and save the skeeters ap for something else. Also, now that i started playing her more, I'm having hard times leaving her behind with any master, cause she's so awesome at scheeming and can burn down huge models like Teddy, Archie etc! Over all, an almost auto include. Burt & Fingers: not much to say here, they're amazing Francois: I've always loved to pay this guy, since even tho he looks like he's an easy concept behind (gameplay-wise), using him properly, selecting the right target etc. really shines over someone just throwing him at the 1 big target that shows off. I'm also starting to be more conservative with his dumb luck, using it as more of a ''finishing move''. Pigapult: I hated this model, cause when I first bought it, back when i started playing, he seemed so awesome! But than, anyone had Perdita or Levi, and simply killed it turn 2 with no efforts.... MMMMMMMMH Now, i started to play it again, not as a fixed model but in the right context, and I'm quite impressed on how usefull it is! Definetly will be sing it more often. Gracie: She's quite expansive, but in the right context rocks the house. I'm not so easy on bringing her by, but at the same time i recognize the potential behind her and a granted Ram on her Ml. Also a useful taxi for Somer if you're planning to shoot a lot. Iron Skeeters: Now, I'm not sure if I like these models. They are made of paper, and go down in a hit a lot of times, but provide with a lot of mobility/utility for the team if well placed. Poorly handled explosives is also brutal with bayous >:) 5ss models: Alex Schmid has a really cool video on this topic, where he debate on how many, and whom you're supposed to use among the 5ss models in faction and one thing stood out the most for me as a good rule of thumb: want one healer? Lighitng bug. Two? Slop Haulers. Both are amazing models, bigs for their versatility, and slops for their resourceless healing and awesome offensive capabilities, but you need two of them for a fully healed bayou group, where you just need a bug for it (tho you need the mask and to hit something). Banjonistas seem quite intresting, tho i need to try them before giving out conclusions; might be worth to kill a bayou with a bug for healing 5 of them and drawing 3 cards, thanks to Somer aura+ Banjonista one, and the condition they dish out seems quite impressive! No rekless tho.. I already reported the lists I'm working with before so for now that's all hope this will get someone intrested, and any feed back is well recived
  7. Nope! One unit with recalled training or two and she's doomed. If your opponent focus on not shooting, than just don't keep in mind that is not going to work and elabourate another strategy if you'd like to share what strategies/schemes you had in the game you explained, it would be a pleasure to maybe give a second opinion on it
  8. So, here I am with the report from yesterday tournament. The event got quite an amount of changes and passed from a 3 man-squad event, to a 10 people regolar tournament not a big issue tho, I took advantage of the situation for some testing. The event ended for me with a 5th place, scoring 2 wins and 1 loss (with so little participants, loosing the last game costed me the whole event, getting surpassed by the guy I just defeated turn 2 ). Still, I managed to pull some nice plays, and my last opponent played better than me, so I'm ok with the result The crew i wanted to test was with Zipp as master, and went something like this: Zipp (gab, hovering airship, rambling) 6ss Earl First mate (treasure map, where the cap etc.) Iron Skeeter (poorly handled explosives) Burt jebsen (D.c.) Taxidermist (D.c.) Merris 2 stuffeds It started as something maily oriented against ressers (against whom I'm just starting to gain some expriences), than turned out to be quite rounded for any scenario. Only problem is that it's not that offensive, but you have quite an amount of options to play around and you can always switch up a thing or two. I'm working toward having a fixed list for my masters, cause I tend to change way too many models from game to game, and I need to be more selective in order to focus better on the game, rather than on models I'm not used to (even tho it's always fun to try new stuff). I made some changes to it in round two, bringing Fingers instead of the First mate, Francois (d.c. and stilts) instead of the Taxidermist and gave Do over to Merris, dropping a Stuffed, which worked pretty well. So, games wise, nothing really amazing happened: first game was against an Ironside, with extraction as strat, and ended 7\6 for me with full points from Extr., 3 from set up and 0 from frame. Guess because he was afraid of making me score it, he left my taxidermist slice down his master to his death, and I did the same with his Joan, suspiciosly taking a plus flip against Zipp (not a good idea to put it on an hard to kill model). Second game was quite intresting: strategy was Head hunter (that's why I took Fingers and Frank), and I was against a friend of mine playing Levi. I must say, we played on the worst table i ever found among all my tournaments, since it was so poorly built (all elements were in the corners, with the center almost clear from any cover/object). Turn one he flipped a red joker with Levi on the iron skeeter, which, adding an hit from A&D, sent Burt (which just got brought there by the I.S.) to one wound due to the burning damage, bringing me to 6 models total! Luckly, I took that in count, spreaded my models so that i had a quarter under my control to score Claim Jump, and maaged to get a couple of heads ready for the succeding turns, managing to score a point from dig their graves too. Quite damaging for my opponent was that he took accusation! and gave the condition to the 1 wound Burt, who quickly suicided with rekless to prevent his point. Game ended 7/5 for me, adding 3 heads to the total. Models of the game where Zipp, who kept levi from doind anything with a bunch of suppressive Piano-droppings, and Fingers, thanks to which he wasn't able to place a single accusation on my models. I'm starting to get the hang of using the Piano as a way to get a free walk+attack as @Joel mentioned, and it's pretty awesome. Third game was my loss of the day. I was against a Reva (against which I have almost no expirience) in Interference: I scored full points from my schemes (undercover entourage and claim jump), but I did a really poor job strategy-wise, which led me to score a single point from it. Game ended 8/7 for him. I was really tempted to bring Somer out, but i said to myself i wanted to use only Zipp, even if it was not his game, and kinda paid for it, since I have poor expiriences with Zipp in Interrference. Over all, the crew list did well, even tho I wasn't able to get a ''sold'' win on the first round, but I think I'll leave the Infamy's Captain behind for a while now, since I'm starting to have trouble getting things down the way I want and I'm starting to get bored because of the amount of games I had with him in the last months. Also, I got again the Somer-fever, and when the boss calls, it's better to answer Surely this doesn't mean I'll stop using him, I'll just maybe switch the focus on Somer and keep him just behind him to grant cover form above Thanks to anyone reading this, and any feedback is appreciated
  9. Hi everybody I generally am a gremlin player but I recently picked up Collodi cause I really liked the flavor of the crew (also trying out some other factions is always nice). I get the general idea of collodi and how you're supposed to prepare a list with him (kinda ) but it's really different to what I'm used to, so I was wondering if someone is willing to share some puppet master knowledge especially relative to crew composition (which models work well with him etc.) and some nice tricks that maybe pass under the radar At the moment I have: -Collodi's box -widow weaver -teddy - bunraku's box -doppelgänger -arcane effigy -lucky effigy -stitched' box -lazarus thanks in advance for the answers p.s. I did read throughout all the tactcita but since the lates response were kinda old I though off making a new post
  10. Guess that if the opponent manages to focus down 1 of them, unless you have the cards, it will go down fairly quick, so maybe huge beaters are to be avoided. Healing makes them tanky as long as they activate before a possible menace. Needles to say that if they do, it's quite easy to heal them, and to hi back.
  11. I'll be at a tournament on sunday, and plan to use mainly zipp if I do so, I'll post something here, since I've been working on a crew idea I wish to test, and the tournament seems like a good testing ground
  12. For anything actually if you know how to play out games Zipp or Wong might do better in certain strategies, but Somer can nonetheless do all of them, schemes too. Being so flexible with the crew you can build around him helps you out on that quite heavily, so if for instance there's Interference as strat, bringing a pigapult will make it easy for you to tie up quadrants, or head hunter, you wait till your enemy kills your bayous and use fingers to pick the ehads ecc. It just really depends on how you build your crew depending on the enemy and the scenario. Keep in mind tho, that you can achieve the same thing with a semi-fixed list, to which you make some minor tweaks depending on the objectives pool, which will make it easier for you to play fast (cause if you're around 16 models, it gets hard to be fast and finish games) and to avoid mistakes, since you already are confident with what you're using.
  13. That's my main concern, but as I said in the zipp post, they look awesome on paper, on the field that might change quote fast. I'd say tho that 7wounds and 6df isn't that squishy, unless is a master or huge henchman/enforcer like Langston, they shouldn't go down in 1 hit. Considering they cost 7ss, as long as they beat down something meaningfull before going down, it's still worth to me (and, if the planets allign, you can get up to 5 attacks from them).
  14. Ooh, didn't thought about collect the bounty. It might just be me being over-hyped for how cool they are and suit with Wong, so I might had got a bit narrow minded
  15. Didn't want to start off a whole new topic, but since Swine curse are coming out soon (at least I hope so), I had this question going through my mind: are they good not in a Wong crew? To better explain, I think that with Wong are absolutely bonkers, even "broken" (at l east on paper, since I never tried them), but with another crews, I don't know if they're that worth. Sure, they still have solid stats but are they worth the 7ss? Guess that the 5 and 7 ss spot in gremlins is highly contended, and I'm not sure if they outclass something like a taxidermist without glowy. Maybe against Arcanists and resurrectionists are still solid even without the oohglowy buff, but in other cases, I don't know. Anyone has any expirience with them to share? Would you pick 1/2 with a master like Zipp (aside from the fact that they are awesome models)?
  16. The moment Swine cursed are gonna release, Wong power will rise over 900 I guess they're kinda broken as models, this I never tried them out.
  17. So, had a tournament yesterday, but unluckily I had a rough day the day before, so I had hard times keeping the focus up, and ended up with 2 ties and a win, achving 5th place a good occasion to do better next time (I have a team tournament next Sunday), and maybe sleep more than 3 hours Anyway, I had the occasion to play Somer 2 times in a row, and Zipp once. The Somer list I used is the one I reported a couple of posts ago, and it goes something like this: Somer (d.c., do over, family tree) 4ss 2xskeeters 3x Bayou gremlins 1 Lighting bug Pigapult 3x stuffeds Merris Burt (d.c.) First games as against a Perdita and went "meh", I forgot Ffm was in the pool and gave my opponent 3 free points luckily, using the number advantage I recovered the points with set up and killed 4 models of his crew (Santiago, 2 dogs and Nino), but his Perdita and Francois managed to prevent 18 damages with 6 soulstones! I though I witnessed a miracle ended up with a tie, but mainly, luck aside, I made a lot of mistakes. List worked great tho, since I'm exctraction is quite easy to outnumber the opponent and force him to come out of cover to stay in the 6" bubble, and claim jump+ set up is quite easy to achieve if your opponent can't outnumber you. Game 2 was with Zipp (another tie, next time I need to remember that Archie needs to go down ASAP if nicodem is right behind him ), so on to Game 3 we go. Here, the start was Interference, and I took leave your mark and claim jump as schemes, closing the game 9-4 against a Lilith. You can't go wrong with Somer in a match up like this, with Merris scoring two schemes at a time and parachuted bayous tying up quarters. The pigapult is also quite lethal against Neverborn, having most of their models at df5 and hard to wound as defense (not like you could cheat damages anyway). Over alla good test, I'm starting to get used to the pigapult, and I think I'll stick to this list for a while, so that I get the feeling of it. One thing I really have hard times is keeping the summoning engine up for more than a turn, so I should try that in a "passive game", otherwise I can't let my opponent advance while I wait in the back summoning. The pigapult and Burt are a good deterrent, but a good player will know how to get around them, making it necessary to go out and defend the territory still, I can see it's uses, and I'll have to give it a go.
  18. This was the idea, if they're in plain sight,won't be too hard for me to get them, while if in cover I can force a push o a non favorable position. Thanks for the tips
  19. That's the idea with Zipp (even walk and use the Airship works), but for roosters and wild boars, they're really not my kind of model :| I guess that with Somer, I need to wish for a well made field (so with the right amount of cover) and I should probably try to engage them with Skeeters (in a way that if they want to shoot, they need to push in a bad position or in an open space so that I can deal with them later), how does it sound for you? Cause from turn 2 and on, I'm fine with them, but it's the amount of pressure that 2 of them put which is frustrating (1 is still annoying, but bearable). I cam to the conclusion that I'm more scared by those two 6ss minions, rather than from Levi itself
  20. You deserve a medal
  21. So here's a question for you guys ( @daniello_s you in particular since you were an outcast player from what I understood): how do you handle snipers? In particular, my nightmare, Trappers? We have a really good player in my community spamming a Levi list with 2 trappers and those two are so frustrating to play against. I'm not that lucky wit cards, and against Somer, if you plan to summon, they can be quite brutal being so efficient at shooting and can ruin your summoning core. So how would you play against something like this? what would your strategy be? Solutions that came to my mind are skeeter to fly in their face in order to prevent them fro, shooting (oh but wait, they can push away for a 0 ), or a pigapult loaded with stuffers (but it will take 3 shots to hit unless you hit a moderate/severe, thanks to that annoying armor 1). They really are bothersome and I need to figure out a way out aside from playing Zipp when I'm against him :|
  22. Wish that too I guess that Zipp and Mah are the one that can get the most fro the Golem, tho it's hard for me to figure how and why I would want him instead of the models I sudgested! Glad to see brave player like you forcing the barrier of what is "meta" unluckily (or not) tournaments in here are quite competitive so fun picks generally grants you last place just to address to points in your post: 1)why do you consider whiskey Golem tankier than Fingers? Sure he can get to Df 7 and has armor, but fingers is smaller (so harder to see, aim at), has constant 6df and higher wp (another 6), can reposition from a charge and can use soulstones. Can't really see how he's bigger, since he can heal the same amount the golem can. Maybe in your metà not many masters target wp? Cause we have a ton of resser, neverborn and Arcanists in my zone, so the golem would last 2 seconds on the board 2) I avoided talking about francois cause imo he's not to be paired with Burt: Frank deals massive damages to a single target before needing to retreat and heal back, while Burt deals "less" but more consistent damages, and has a kit that allows him to take a punch or two (or to make something close take it of course ). So the comparison between Frank and the golem might be too forced imo. Ps: I don't wanna sound cocky, I'm genuinely curious about your ideas and theories on the whiskey golem, so my arguments and "oppositions" are driven by curiosity, I'm not trying to convince you to think it like me
  23. Meh, I guess we have different play styles Im usually good at splitting resources for both my master and him, but I generally play Zipp, Somer and Wong, so it might be easier to handle resources compared to mah in my point of view, as long as it grants me 3 to 4 points, every soul stone I invest in it is worth, and with fingers, this is generally the case. Btw, I'm with you with the issue: the upgrade buff quite missed the spot (as did the upgrade for Warpigs imo) , or at least is still not enough to justify the 10ss. Wyrd need to understand what they want the Whiskey golem to be and if it wants it to fit the beatstick/tank role, need to give him at least 2" radius. 1" for an ht3 model is simply ridicoulous. edit : @thecapopriest sorry I forgot to quote you
  24. Can't really see how you feel the whiskey golem to be more tanky and better at engaging then fingers actually. Automatic Df 6/wp 6 vs a 5/5 that become with an app a 7/5. Trigger wise, fingers trigger makes him so slippery to a point where half of the people I play against simply let him go do his things instead of chasing him and also his melee 7 makes him quite hard to disengage (whiskey golem has 6 so on that they are close to be even), without forgetting that he heals for free and IS AN HENCHMAN, which makes him way more durable. I also disagree on the fact that Fingers is wasted as a solo scheme runner for backfield objectives: being so tanky and so hard to tie up makes him perfect to invade the enemy half, while you can focus on taking control of the center or of flanks. I think the only thing that whiskey golem has that Fingers doesn't are damages, which he doesn't need at all since he's that amazing at running schemes/strategies. Not to shit-talk the Golem, just saying that when I compared them, was just cost wise, since the two models are two complete different things. Imo the whiskey golem suffers from being a mixture of a lot of "concepts" where you he's supposed to be a tank (but he's not the best at it), can be considered a beater (but get outclassed by models that are even cheaper) and has scheming potentials, but again get outclassed. Just my opinion tho
  25. Good job for the result