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Found 4 results

  1. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and take him in about half my lists, but does anyone else realize that there's a massive error on his card? He's a mercenary. A mercenary that can be hired by the guild, neverborn and....the ten thunders? The crime syndicate which supposedly burned down his village in the fluff? The secret society that he swore vengence on and fuels his desire to be an action hero? It doesn't sit with me. Lazarus has "hate the maker" which makes it so he can't be hired by guild, why can't Burt have "Fear the thunder" or something similar.
  2. So in a game I just played, a librarian furious cast onto Burt jebson, who chose to use his ability "Slippery" to switch the target onto a nearby bayou gremlin. When the bayou gremlin died, we decided to play it that it went back to Burt for the final two attacks. Furious casting says that it uses 3 attacks against 1 target but Slippery says that he may choose a friendly gremlin who is also a legal target to become the target instead. Did we play this correctly? Wording leads me to think that the other two attacks fail because the new target is no longer there, my opponent's argument was that slippery would need to trigger for each individual attack.
  3. I'm new to Malifaux and have started up So'mer. I'm trying to figure out all the little tricks I can do with the Burt + Trixi + Lenny trio. Looking over their cards I was curious if say Burt is targeted by a ranged attack if he can declare "Slippery" and pass it off to Trixiebelle if she is 2 inches away. Could Trixiebell "Don't fight over me, boys" to another Gremlin since she is now being targeted by an attack? Maybe in this example Lenny since he would be close by? Basically leap frogging the attack down the row from Burt to Lenny who isn't within Burt's 2 inches aura. Of course this is all to say that every target in this leap frog chain is a legal target that is within range and LOS of the attacker. The dream of course would be something like: A Nurse activates and tries to "Take your Meds" on Burt to paralyze him. With no cards in hand Burt decides to not take the WP duel. He wants to pass it off to Lenny but Lenny is 3 inches away providing his Ram aura. Trixie is between both of them however. Burt declares "Slippery" on to Trixie. Trixie then declares "Don't fight over my, boys" on to Lenny. Lenny takes 1 WD, becomes the new target, imposes a -flip to the dmg (useful possibly in other examples), loses the duel but is immune to conditions aka Paralyze. Is that even possible? Rules allow it? Anyone else have any cool little tricks to do with those 3 in general?
  4. I have removed this topic because it was incorrect
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