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  1. Mortarion

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    Thank you. I actually think that Wyrd overall make quite good female models. Or at least 2nd ed and forward. Most have sensible clothes and the ones in "sexy" outfits at least have some reason for it (belles, showgirls, and so on). But there are a few models where the choise of clothing is just strange.
  2. Mortarion

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    New models! First up another witchling handler. After the price decrease I started thinking about actually fielding two of them in the same list, so I painted up the second one I have had lying around for a long time. And the Alt Guard sergeant. I added a bit more fabric to her top, as it is really low cut on the original model. Showing that amount of cleavage might work on a Belle or Showgirl, but it looks really out of place on a Guild guard model in my opinion.
  3. Mortarion

    Why are the riot breaker's models so darn expensive?

    It is quite strange. At first I thought there would be two models in the box, in which case the price would make perfect sense. But the box certainly looks like it only contains one. And then I thought that the model might be really large, but looking at the pose and the 40mm base size it should be about the same size as the Warden. Perhaps a little bit shorter but more bulky.
  4. Mortarion

    Timing of blast damage

    Any other views on this or does everyone agree that you can resolve damage from a blast before damage to the original target if you want to?
  5. Mortarion

    Timing of blast damage

    Having read through some related rules that do not diectly deal with the timing, I may have found some clues. First, the rules for Auras, Blasts & Pulse LoS (on the same page) says the following: "In addition, a model cannot be affected by a Blast Marker if the original target of the blast effect is not within LoS of the model." This may suggest that the original target is considered to be damaged by a "blast effect" event though it is not damaged by the blasts themselves. Second, the last paragraph under the Blasts rules says: "It is important to note that the original target does not take damage twice from the Attack. The Blast is placed and then all models suffer damage as noted above." Since "all the models" in the second sentence should include "the original target" in the first sentence, this can indicate that the original target follows the same rules for resolving damage as the blasts. But as I said, none of those two rules actually deal with timing, so I may be reading too much into them.
  6. Mortarion

    Timing of blast damage

    The rules for Blasts (rulebook page 50) states that "In situations where the order that models suffer damage matters, the Attacker may determine the order in which the affected models resolve the blast effects". Does this apply to the original target as well, or just the models damaged because of the blasts? Or more specifically, would you be able to resolve the damage against one of the models hit by the blast before resolving the damage against the original target?
  7. Mortarion

    Monday Preview - False Witnesses

    Wow! Awesome models. Now let me just gather up some Guild models to bring righteous retribution to the Arcanists for the horrible crimes that they have obviously committed against these poor people.
  8. Mortarion

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    Some new models done. First out, Iggy. I thought a bit about the colour of the flames on this one. Green flames would propably fit better with my neverborn, but since Iggy's thing is that he starts fires it made more sense to paint them like regular flames and not some kind of magical energy. And some Sorrows. I went through quite a lot of colour schemes in my head for them before deciding on this one. I wanted to incorporate both green and purple to fit with the rest of my Neverborn and add some contrast. And this seemed like the best way of doing it. So, Iggy and Sorrows... I wonder which master this may lead up to...
  9. Mortarion

    Where do hunters fit in your lists?

    I really like Hunters and use them quite a lot. There may be better models, but they almost never disappoint. I tend to run them on the flanks. They are great for dealing with scheme runners since they can slow them and then drag them back when they try to escape. They also put pressure on your opponent early in the turn because of the against unactivated models. This means they have a quite good chance of making one or two models slow. And the drag trigger can sometimes really mess upp your opponent's plan if you drag away supporting auras. The thing to remember is that their role is harassing. They are not that good in close combat against anything but weak scheme runners and they will probably not kill much. But they will be annoying. And as said earlier, their ability to push at the end of the turn can be really good. However, it can be noted that I usually play casual games so in a hardcore competative environment, they are probably worse.
  10. Mortarion


    While Death marshals are not top tier models, they are definately playable and quite fun to use. Recruiters are good if you have other models with the "Guild Marshal" keyword. I have had a lot of fun with a thematic all Guild marshal list led by Lady Justice.
  11. Mortarion

    Soulstone use on Attack

    Yes. It is done in the example on page 28 in the rulebook.
  12. Mortarion

    Our Worst Models

    The only two models I think are useless in Guild are Governor's proxy and Exorcists. The proxy is not fast or resiliant enough be at the frontline to heal stuff and can be a real liability if your opponent has Obey-type actions. And the Exorcists are bad even against undead, which they are supposed to be the counter to. They wound need better damage for their close combat attack and some built in triggers to even start being useful at their current cost. I haven't played with either Wastrels or Orderlies. I don't think that riflemen are bad if they have the right support. With Dashel and preferably Lucius they are OK in my opinion. At least in schemes where you can keep some of your models back for a few turns. But there certainly are better minions in Guild. And without Dashel they are really bad. Another model which I really don't like the rules for is the Scales of Justice. I can see how drawing two cards and wasting an activation can be worth 3 SS, but it is such a wierd mechanic. You don't really use the actual model for anything. It is more of an upgrade. I really wish they would redesign it to play a more active role.
  13. Mortarion

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    I have finally painted another model! The Widow Weaver. This model was really hard to get a hold of since it was out of stock everywhere for about six months. But now I finally got it. I used the same green and purple colours as the rest of my Neverborn. I originally intended to paint her skin black, but it looked a bit boring, so I used the same light purple as my Nephilim skin, which also looks like it does on the illustration for Widow Weaver. And it turned out well I think. I also made some Web markers. Not much to say about them. Quite simple, but better than empty bases...
  14. It seems to be working again!
  15. Certain schemes requires you to note one or more models, for example Take prisoner, Take one for the team, Vendetta and Public demonstration from GG18. How do these work with those rare models which have abilities that summon themselves? For example, Ferdinand Vogel can sacrifice himself to summon The Beast Within, and The Beast Within can then sacrifice itself to summon Ferdinand Vogel. Or Serena Bowman, who is summoned in your deploment zone at the end of every turn in which she is killed or sacrificed. The way I interpret this is that the summoned model is technically a new, different model with the same name and would therefore not be the model that was noted down. So, for example, if Serena Bownman is the "sucker" in Take one for the team and is killed on turn 2 by a cheaper enemy model, the Neverborn player would score 1 VP. The fact that a new Serena is summoned does not prevent this. If she is later killed again on turn 4 by the enemy Master, no additional points are scored, since this is a different Serena Bowman. Do you agree with this interpretation?