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  1. Tried my first Spirit crew with Yan Lo. Strategy was Squatters' Rights, and my schemes were Deliver Message and Breakthrough. Here's the list: Yan Lo w/ Awakening, Brutal Khakkhara, Wronged Spirits Datsue Ba w/ Spirit Whispers Chiaki w/ Pull of the Grave Soul Porter 2x Goryo 3x Onryo I was going against a Lilith led Neverborn crew built for speed (3 Terror Tots, 2 Bloodwretches, Lilith w/ On Wings of Darkness). Tight game all the way, at the top of turn 5 Neverborn were up 3 VP-1 VP. Then I took my brain out and lost 6-4. Lilith attacked Datsue Ba but failed to kill her, and then I chose to attack back rather than Deliver Message her. A Goryo attacked a Bloodwretch rather than discarding the scheme counter the Neverborn had just laid. Those two decisions lost me the game. I would have gotten the 2 VP from Distract, and denied her 1 VP.. The math says I would have won 6-5. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! The crew did really well and I plan to use it again, So what's the moral of the story, kiddies? REMEMBER YOUR SCHEMES!
  2. Talthar

    Yan Lo: TT or Ressur?

    I started actually playing in the past few weeks, and so far I am a whopping 0-5. My best friend and I play each other (no other players in our area), so each game has been Lilith vs a Yan Lo TT crew. We proxy models we don't have to get a feel for what works and what doesn't. Anyway, I know that some of my losses were due to either stoopid mistakes, ie. leaving Yan Lo open to Lilith and forgetting to stone for damage reduction, or totally screwing the pooch on my schemes. But I'm curious about using Yan Lo as a Ressur. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
  3. Really, one question with several aspects. As long as a Casting action doesn't have the symbol, can you target an engaged model without randomization? And would you be able to use the action while engaged? Last one is could you use the CA action in melee if it doesn't have the symbol? Thanks.
  4. I wondered about this. I've been playing with the standard table-top idea that once you enter my engagement range, we are engaged sucker! But, as I understand it from y'all, unless a model begins it's activation engaged, it can move past enemies as long as its' base fits.
  5. Talthar

    Yan Lo: TT or Ressur?

    Yeah, I've been taking Awakening and Follow Their Footsteps, That 4 or 5 Lightning Dance can be fun.
  6. Talthar

    Who Are You People?

    Scrolling through the lista of Masters I saw some names I didn't recognize: Catelin Abernathy, Dr. Dufrense, Rollins, Mr. Copper, and Amelia Bathory. Where can I find the rules for these models?
  7. Talthar

    Who Are You People?

    Yes, yes the joyfullness is over!
  8. Talthar

    Who Are You People?

    Thanks for clarifying that.
  9. Talthar

    Cannot be hired and Summoning

    That's what I though, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  10. There are several models whose rules state they cannot be hired but must be summoned, the Ressur Mindless Zombie for example. They still have an SS cost, so do you pay the points when you're constructing your crew so you can summon them once the game begins? What about other summonings? Do you always have to pay the SS cost of models you plan to summon, or are models summoned in a random way essentially free?
  11. Maybe I'm missing it (I do have only one eye), but where the heck can I find the avatar upgrade cards in the rule book(s)?
  12. Talthar

    Non Shifting Loyalties Avatar Upgrades

    Ah, thanks. I didn't know if there were more I had missed. So the Delayed, Bloody, etc are just colorful names for the different Avatars?
  13. New to Malifaux but not to table top gaming, and I must say I am having a heckuva time deciding what faction to play. Neverborn are off the table because that's what my room mate and best friend wants to play, and I don't do "goofy" factions so no Gremlins (nope, never played greenskins in 40K or WHFB ). All the other factions are appealing in their own way, so I am in a bit of a quandry as to what to play. The least appealing are the Arcanists, but all the rest are definitely in the running. Would any experienced players be willing to share why they chose their faction and any tips they can give a new player. Thanks!
  14. I think my top 5 Masters (at the moment) would be Lady Justice, Seamus, Jack Daw, Perdita, and McMourning. And all really just from story aspects more than anything else.
  15. Most of the rules are pretty straightforward, but there's one thing I'm having trouble wrapping my head around. Here's my example: Lilith's "Wicked Vines" attack action is Ca 6 with a Mask, and the TN is 12, also with a Mask. Does that mean she needs to flip or add a Mask wth a soulstone for the attack to work?
  16. Talthar

    Newbie question on triggers

    Okay, the queries continue, and I apologize if I seem slow on the uptake, but what about something like Rasputin's "Sub Zero" ability, where it's Df with a Tome...how does this work? And if there's a page in the rules where all this is explained, let me know and I can leave everyone alone about it.
  17. Talthar

    Newbie question on triggers

    Thanks. Now it makes a lot more sense.
  18. Talthar

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all. Just got done reading the core rules, so now I'm faced with the hard decision of which faction to play. I'm leaning hard toward the Neverborn; they are included in the starter set, and I also really like the theme and models. Second in line would be the Resurrectionists. The game looks fun, fairly simple to learn but with a lot of depth. Maybe we'll meet across the tabletop and see who fate smiles upon!