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  1. I recently played in a tournament this weekend, and I played Horror Molly all three rounds same list even, and never summoned any thing except for Punk Zombies. Even with 2 hour round time I was never able to get into turn 4 or beyond. During the game I felt like we were making good time, until the TO called out time left then I really felt I was behind. I wanted to know of any helpful tips other Ressers or even other players have for speeding up their game. Things that I can do personally rather than trying to rush my opponent. That being said however, if you have tricks to move an opponent along they may very well be helpful.
  2. Starter Box Complete! 54 SS
  3. @Four_N_Six We played it the way he said and looked it up later and sure enough if either Joker comes up player can use a soulstone. Which brings up another point with flipping the red joker normally making it so you can not cheat, but with a soulstone you can try. I would agree that initiative would be one of the best times for it to show up, but I think the best is if you do it during randomization. As most of the time you are willing to hit your own person. @bertmac I agree niche at best and Tara most certainly compounds it. I guess it is the idea just having a standard for the red and black joker (i.e. flipping a joker means you can not cheat no mater the flip) I feel that if any joker is flipped no player can cheat as this action is "fated" to succeed or fail. It makes them easy to explain, symbolic, with out changing the game in any significant way. @Math Mathonwy and then there is Gremlins!
  4. So my buddy and I were last night were playing Molly vs. Tara (outcast) and it was a very good game he ended up winning 6 to 4. While I know I certainly could have played a tighter game, it feels the black joker was theme of our game. In turn one he Slowed Molly and she Black Jokered the Summon, which threw a wrench in turn one for me. Frustrating but you roll with it. The start of turn 2 we are flipping for initiative and he flips a black joker, I though sweet I get to go first. My opponent empathetically pointed out he can still stone to re-flip the initiative. Which is in the rule book. Now while I understand he needs to spend a soulstone, this was very frustrating as just a few moments ago I black Joked and could do absolutely nothing, and would have gladly spent a stone to re-flip if able. Now I would not be posting if this was the end of it, after all bad things happen but, he ended up flipping the black joker for intiative on turn three and four. All three time using a stone and ended up winning initiative. Is it just me or should flipping the black joker mean you are out of luck or that the flip was not fated? what are your thoughts?
  5. I was doing some paint research and found this on Wikipedia: Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium(IV) oxide or titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO2. When used as a pigment, it is called titanium white, Pigment White 6 (PW6), or CI 77891.
  6. Welcome to Malifaux. As a Resser player myself you have made a great choice. I started with Nico, and he was a lot of fun with the limited models I started with. I did have a bit of Anxiety when I wanted to summon a model that I didn’t own, luckily my play group was kind enough to let me proxy models so I could get experience with other models and figure out what where high priority purchases. It sounds like you have a good play group to get started, that will let you get away with a proxy or two for a time, so don't let the summoning part of Ressers scare you away. As for the masters you said you like I think McMouning is probably one of the easiest Ressers to get started with, his box set gives you Nurses and Sebastian which are great models with a lot of other masters like to use, as is the flesh construct just to a lesser degree. McMouning is a fairly straight forward master, and offers mostly killing but can offer a few little tricks. I think this makes a good starting master. Karai is a lot of fun and regarded as the best Resser master. As a summoner though she does have a lot models that she can summon in any given turn. While she can do a lot of other things, you will more than likely still be summoning at least one model during her activation. You’ll find that most summoning masters will build a crew with models that they cannot summon, which in a lot cases tends to be other masters henchman, or enforcers. She has a lot tricks that make her a difficult starting master. As Reva is not out yet, I wasn’t going to touch on her much, but she is awesome. The crew I have recently been taking with her has been mostly elite, meaning high soul stone cost usually equating to henchman and masters. Most henchman are found Master boxes some are not, so may be a good second or third Resser master. She is however a fairly straight forward master as well, she kills! Start with the crew that looks the coolest, once you have choosen a faction I would recommend staying in faction as much as possible as you will get the maximum out of your models. Don’t be surprised when in a year you own all the Resser models, once the Grave Spirit touches you it is hard to stop accumulating Undead.
  7. It is like Christmas every time a new chronicles come out, so it seems right to make a wish list: · Game Reports: like off the top of my head Nathan vs. Aaron (which would by default include more pictures of Aaron) · Pictures and Winners of the Iron Painters, Rotten Harvest, and any contest Wyrd held prior to the release of the issue · Fan Art: great for inspiration and cool to see how people visualize Malifaux · More Painting and Terrain · A fan driven FAQ: Questions asked by us; answered or deflected by you! While it is not related to content, and I know they are require a lot of time but one chronicle every month would amazing. I really do love to read it as is. This is just a Wish List because you asked!