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  1. Fluff Question

    This may be a large shot, as we have not seen novels, but I would love to see a Netflix, Hulu series. As no other gaming company has really done a Live Action movie, or series. I think this would be amazing. I am sure this far fetch and just a dream for myself, but Wyrd has the story already, and Game of Thrones will be ending soon. Wyrd we need a new "Game of Thrones" Show!
  2. Voodoo. Who do? You do!

    Did we ever hear who won this?
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge 2017 -- April

    After completing 50+ SS last month, I am going to turn to easy mode for a few SS. These have been sitting on my desk now for months, and I need them off. Ashigaru-5ss 4xMindless Zombies (Translucent but I will be painting everything except for the skin) 8ss necrotic machine-2ss I am sure I will paint some more models, but I want these off my desk first! Total= 15ss
  4. April PAinting Challenge

    From the album 2017 Monthly Painting Challenge

    April 2017 Painting Challenge
  5. 2017 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Build, Primed, WIP, and Finished models for 2017 Painters Challenge
  6. Speeding up game play

    I recently played in a tournament this weekend, and I played Horror Molly all three rounds same list even, and never summoned any thing except for Punk Zombies. Even with 2 hour round time I was never able to get into turn 4 or beyond. During the game I felt like we were making good time, until the TO called out time left then I really felt I was behind. I wanted to know of any helpful tips other Ressers or even other players have for speeding up their game. Things that I can do personally rather than trying to rush my opponent. That being said however, if you have tricks to move an opponent along they may very well be helpful.
  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- March

    Starter Box Complete! 54 SS
  8. Orderly.JPG

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  11. ScionofBlood.JPG

  12. Orderly(2).JPG

  13. Bloodwretch.JPG

  14. BloodWretch.JPG

  15. AngelEyes.JPG