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  1. Sign me up for Henchman!
  2. My order had been sent to the printer 10 days prior to me contacting them and I noticed nothing was happening with the order. I politely E-mailed to ask what the status was, they apologized and made mention of the delay. Needless to say they were quick to respond, professional, and with out even asking offered me a small credit to make things right. Aaron and the team at Wyrd have chosen a quality company that values there customers. Reach out to them, I am sure you receive the same quality experience. REMEMBER: you catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar.
  3. ARCHIE!!!!!!
  4. Question inspired by my Chuck Norris desk calendar 1/23/2017- When he is thirsty, Chuck Norris drinks hot sauce. 1/24/2017- Chuck Norris lights campfires with fire ants. If Wyrd were to make a Chuck Norris Model for Malifaux what do you think his: Clever Name His Faction would be Keywords Stats Abilities Attacks and Tactical Actions Not that all these need to answered right way But I was thinking: He would be called "Marshall Law" Guild for sure(cowboy western) and I think you could make a case for ten thunders (the guild is infiltrating ten thunders through the underground fighting scene) Thought it would be fun to discuss as there is so much Chuck Norris humor and quotes, abilities and actions I feel are plentiful! Look forward to seeing what everyone thinks.
  5. I have found Reva to be great for Master hunting, I have yet to not kill a Master with her. Because she can target Wp or Df she can target the weakest stat. I know there are some Masters she has a disadvantage targeting; Perdita and Pandora come to mind. Being able to get around Df and Wp triggers is huge too. At min damage 3 and no prevention with decaying aura any master will be in a world of hurt in most cases, if not dead. I have had few games with Reva probably 10 at this point, and find Blood Mark is used at least once during her activation. Being able to use a (0) on a spirit or revenant model has been great. With Trigger to be able to attack through them is situation and can be quite good. I like taking Dasuba with spirit whispers, so he can summon 2 seishin a turn (or 3 with My Little Helper) or have her can start to hand out walks to other spirits. I have yet to take Litany however, I do take Decay. I like to take Vincent and while his (0) requires a suit, I usually have the card or a stone to make it happen. I will try switching decay with litany at some point. Lastly I like Guises as the corpse candle placement after determining initiative is great, almost guarantees they will be safe till you get a chance to activate them. Having a corpse near there deployment is great and can really dictate how they will move up the board as they do not want to be near that corpse when Reva activates.
  6. I have recently completed enough pieces to fully play my western board. i wanted to share my board with my fellow wyrdo's. Let me know what you think.
  7. From the album Western outpost

    Have created a western outpost town for malifaux. Thought I would share with our community. Let me know your thoughts. All comments are welcome.
  8. From the album Western outpost

  9. From the album Western outpost

    Have created a western outpost town for malifaux. Thought I would share with our community. Let me know your thoughts. All comments are welcome.
  10. From the album Western outpost

  11. From the album Western outpost

  12. Last night my opponent and I had a situation come up where Sybelle had cast Attend To Personally on Lilith. In the same turn Sybelle Died. The Condition says that it lasts til the end of the turn and the opponent must target Sybelle. Nothing about if she dies or is no longer on the board. So the Question: Is the Condition still in effect and the target must still make a WP 13 duel even if Sybelle is not on the board to target a different model or does the condition not apply because Sybelle is not on the board?
  13. If Sonnia or any other model for that matter flips a damage flip that involves a blast marker, and the initial target prevents all the damage (w/ Soulstone) are the blast markers still placed?
  14. There can be some cool movement tricks with rat kings and Aionus. Aionus can use Midnight to move scheme markers and if he hits the tomes trigger can move any scheme marker near him within two inches. With fast could really make rat kings mean.