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  1. Hi all, I have really taken to Molly in e3, I like the idea of using the a model to tow a forgotten around for Crooligan to port to. I have Kentauroi models but I do not own the Dead Rider. In your opinion is there an advantage to having the Dead Rider for 11pts over a Kentauroi for 8+1?
  2. Thank you all for the help! I am concluding that: 1) terrifying is every attach action 2) only one point of shielded can be applied per instance and the controller chooses the order of Armor/Shielded.
  3. @LeperColony OHH thank you the fills in the last piece!
  4. Thank you for your answer! Does that clarification change the possibility to reduce the damage to zero?
  5. Hello all, I feel a little dense like I am missing something, I am trying to look up the rules for abilities and I can not seem to locate them in the pdf. 1) Does an attacking model need to pass a terrifying test each time they target a terrifying model in the same activation? 2) When a model has both shielded and armored and then suffers damage, which order do those abilities resolve? ex. a model with both has 4 damage as a result of a duel, if it reduces the damage by Armor(2) it can then use it's Shielded(2) to reduce the damage to 0. However, if these resolve in the opposite order the damage reduction would be Shielded(2) and Armor(1) leaving one point of damage on the model because Shielded can reduce damage to 0 but Armored can not. I haven't had time to read the rules cover to cover yet so that may be my problem, but can someone tell me are things like this addressed in the rules?
  6. Hi all! I would love to know all the fluff from start to end, the reason I'm posting here, and please forgive me if this is dumb, I am wondering if there is a good order/ way to absorb it all? I know there's the books, the podcast, the newsletters. Do all of these contain the same stories or is it spread out between all of these media?
  7. I will be buying new bases, so its 3 40mm then. Thank you all for the replies!
  8. Hi all! I was told I am getting hoarcat pride for my bifday, i want to order bases but I can't seem to find the size. I know they can either be based as one or separate, can someone please help me clear this up?
  9. Hi there, I will be visiting my mom for the holidays in the Riverside area. I am a bit of a newb but I would like to pick up a game while I am there!
  10. Hi all! I play Marcus, but i need to buy into another master to have some more maneuverability. I would like to get another faction, which one has some good beats that can run with Marcus?
  11. Have fun with the game! Slow reply is slow! The game went great and I am working on getting them all painted up!
  12. Awesome, thank you! I'm playing my first game with the crew today, so trying to get all the tricks sorted
  13. The title says it all. I am new to the game and Marcus is my first crew. Thx for the help!
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