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  1. No Love for TTB Core?

    I can't wait to get the book when it is available in electronic format, if only for the new lore. Unfortunately, space restrictions at home and home invasion by a small chaos gamin make having too many physical books currently impossible.
  2. Broken Promises teaser

    I can't wait to read the new fluff ! The upgrades for the former masters is very good news ! Personally, I am very eager to see the upgrades for Titania, Kaeris & Rasputina. This sends a very good signal regarding Wyrd's way of seeing the development of the game. Some other companies just forget about old releases and do not bother too much about keeping them up to date with the game evolution, considering that the sales have already been made. Not Wyrd. I am really glad the whole games is taken care of, not only the new shinies. And then there are the new models. I have no doubt they will be nice. Regarding that, there are comments regarding the overlapping issues inside the Chronicles: "The easiest way to bypass this bias is to make sure that every models has a distinct role in the game. Unfortunately, as a miniatures game expands, there are only so many roles to fill. A Faction can only have so many 5 point scheme runners before any more start to feel redundant. Complicated and unique mechanics can often create new niches for models, but then the game gets pushed further into complexity creep rather than power creep." @AaronHow do you plan to keep on avoiding the overlapping? Isn't there a point where this is not possible? Honestly I thought Malifaux would have reached that point a lot earlier but there keeps on being interesting releases. I am really envious of the design team's imagination. However isn't there a point where you just have to release overlapping minis and balance them so that players choose based on aesthetic, theme and fluff perspective? Or is there a time when you plan to open design space by introducing a 5th dimension to the game's winning condition besides putting markers, positionning, immobilzing and killing?
  3. Monday Preview - July 3rd

    Not what expected. In fact it is much better than what I expected ! Awesome design, it is a good thing you went a bit away from the traditional greek style cyclops. I look forward to get these minis !
  4. Malifaux Rules Translations

    This has already been done by others unless I am wrong. As I said I don't want to sound ungrateful, free rules are really nice from Wyrd. Any work given for free is extremely generous, even if unperfect.
  5. Malifaux Rules Translations

    These are great news indeed. And the rules are free ! Just as an aside, and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but there seems to be some French terms inconsistencies between models having the same English abilities/actions and plain rules mistakes for some models. For those that want to develop communities, it may be good to have the English rules available also, especially when playing with older players. But anyhow, there's a saying in French: "A cheval donné, on ne regarde pas les dents." (If someone gives you a horse for free, you do not check its teeth).
  6. June 26th - Lampad

    Very nice !
  7. June 19th - Kandara art preview

    Awesome art. I'll buy this mini right away.
  8. June 12th - Bultungin

    Nice art but nothing to write home about.
  9. Some masters are easier to play than others and/or are more flexible in their choice of strategies & schemes. However, player level and playstyle preferences is also to be taken into consideration. I perform with Lilith and Zoraida (pre-Wisps) while I really struggle with Pandora. A lot of people consider Pandora more competitive than Zoraida though. It depends also on the meta and the terrain you play on. A heavy shooting meta will make me tend to think that games with Lilith are easier. So all in all, it is difficult to judge. A few masters though feel as if they don't have a real purpose/theme/crew synergy or achieve results similar to others masters but in a very complicated way. In NB, Titania would come to my mind (but it seems some people like her) while in Arcanists Kaeris seems to be far more difficult to play than Sandeep or Collette.
  10. Will o' the Wisp Release

    Thx for the feedback I'll contact my retailer then.
  11. I have ordered Will o' the Wisp to my usual retailer at the end of January but I have not received anything yet. I see they are noted in the March releases on Wyrd's website and that they are available on Wyrd's webstore. Does anybody else have trouble getting their Wisps?
  12. Awesome artwork !
  13. Titania's box - Feelings after a few tests

    Yes but hers is quite limited imho. Some are more versatile than others. In faction, I can think of Lilith as being able to do well in many circumstances. Collodi can be adaptable although he will probably favour strategies where the crew members stay close to each others. Zoraida has a wide range of strategies and schemes available. Lynch also. This is for the masters I know and play. For me, Titania is the most limited in her scheme pool. This is only comparing in faction. If I compare with other Wave 4 masters, I find she is the most niche in her optimization. This is strong but imho, if you change your master, this will be even stronger. The strongest situation I reached was with Tooth, Barbaros FgF+CHallenge on, Aeslyn with fgf. This drains a lot of cards from your opponent's hand, especially if there is a melee in the centre. Aeslyn is a bit below the curve though, she may be replaced with another henchman with fgf & terrifying with a similar effect. If you take Pandora with the same crew, isn't she performing at least as well as Titania? It is not that things are not working. I won my last game 6-2 with Titania. However, I can't shake the feeling that I would be a lot better with the same crew and another master. Additionally, I have done quite a few tests on the references of her box with other masters and, except for the Tooth, I always can find better to do with my SS. Imho, Aeslyn would have a place in many crews if she lost the projectile icon on her attack and if her counterspell aura was more efficient. But maybe this is just me liking to play with a crew in which I optimize every single SS I spend. I wholeheartedly agree. This is also what I like in Malifaux that there are different options for everbody.
  14. Titania's box - Feelings after a few tests

    It is not that it is bad, it is just that I find the overall AP efficiency to be lower than other crews. Unless there is an extremely specific scheme pool, I do not think I will use Titania in a tournament over the other choices of the faction. I'd say fast/armour or an illusionnary forest can go a long way. Yes but this damage track is only available after having spent AP for the markers or having had to use low damage attacks to put markers down. And then these markers are lost for the schemes. This is imho not very AP efficient. Yep fairly squeel is cool I agree. Pandora would also do a lot more for the crew by messing up with the opponent's activation control and/or paralyzing the opposing models.
  15. Titania's box - Feelings after a few tests

    Thx for the feedback, I have seen the topic below but I did not want to polute advices with judgement about model stats so I opened a separate topic. We agree on Aeslyn & Claw. I suppose we agree on the Totem. Having tested the refs with other masters, Aeslyn & Claw are even poorer. About Titania, don't you have the feeling you could exchange her with other masters, keep the same crew and do as well or better? Because that is the feeling I have with her, I tend to think "why not Lilith" or "why not Collodi". Granted they have less durability but AP generation, denial and tricks tend to help more than healing, impossible to wound and Df5. I find her crew does most of the work anyway, hence my assertion that she is lackluster. I don't have the Rougarou available so I can't say. I will test them as soon as I can get them.