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  1. Some masters are easier to play than others and/or are more flexible in their choice of strategies & schemes. However, player level and playstyle preferences is also to be taken into consideration. I perform with Lilith and Zoraida (pre-Wisps) while I really struggle with Pandora. A lot of people consider Pandora more competitive than Zoraida though. It depends also on the meta and the terrain you play on. A heavy shooting meta will make me tend to think that games with Lilith are easier. So all in all, it is difficult to judge. A few masters though feel as if they don't have a real purpose/theme/crew synergy or achieve results similar to others masters but in a very complicated way. In NB, Titania would come to my mind (but it seems some people like her) while in Arcanists Kaeris seems to be far more difficult to play than Sandeep or Collette.
  2. Thx for the feedback I'll contact my retailer then.
  3. I have ordered Will o' the Wisp to my usual retailer at the end of January but I have not received anything yet. I see they are noted in the March releases on Wyrd's website and that they are available on Wyrd's webstore. Does anybody else have trouble getting their Wisps?
  4. Awesome artwork !
  5. Yep that's a difference in playstyle I guess. I like to have several fighting zones on the table and having Bunrakus minding their own thing actually suits me a lot. I do not have the Coryphee so I don't know about it.
  6. I didn't think about the comparison with Waldgeists. There may indeed be some competition although I think the switch in focus (offense/defense) may be enough to differentiate them. It's funny I really like the Bunraku but not in the same role as Illuminated. I play Bunrakus independantly on the flanks to hunt scheme runners and run schemes themselves. I find them really good in their interceptor/runner role. I use Illuminated to get a strong centre.
  7. I saw this more as a debate (comparing points of view) than a dispute. I thought I was respectful. If I was not I apologize. English is not my native language.
  8. This approach is fine by me as long as the model is costed accordingly. Should I search through all the references and give you all the possible scenarios where effectively doubling your output against incorporeal models at range is very good? I unfortunately do not have the time. So I took a 5SS somewhat unimpressive model to show the fact that having a huge damage track is not required to get the best of this ability. All models have to spend cards to carry out their actions and there is a lot worse than having to stay 12" away from the opponent to throw down markers. I still like terror tots even though only a quarter of my deck can trigger their sprint.
  9. I want names! Let's go worst case scenario with an unimpressive damage track. You have a 5SS guild rifleman. His attack deals: (1) Guard Rifle (Sh 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: z14): Target suffers 1/2/4 damage. When this Attack Action gains the benefits of the Focused Condition, it gains +R to the final duel total. R Critical Strike: When damaging the target, this Attack deals +1 damage for each R in the final duel total. So your attack from 14" away goes from 2/3/5 (if it focused or had a ram) to the equivalent of 4/6/10 against an incorporeal model. It is not too shabby I think. Hum soulstone usage only gets you so far sometimes and walking is an option but less so depending on what your master has to do during the course of the game. The Queller is not limited to 1 marker.
  10. Imho it does not need to be exceptional if it ignores damage reduction (a severe of 4 against an incorporeal model normally deals 2 damages whereas it deals 4 with an enchanted gun, a lot of incorporeal models have 3-4 Wd). It cannot do everything it costs AP. However, it can do anything it needs at the right moment and switch gears every turn upon need. Removing suits is at best a soft counter, especially when you take into account that it is only in a limited area that the model can choose to leave. (Also, Pandora is far from being suit dependant.) This is a very powerful assassination enabler, depending on the order of activation. Addtionallly, your master can need to contest zones. Some may say that the trapper itself could be 7SS and still be taken... I do not think the trapper is an example of proper model balance, especially along with a changeling
  11. We already have many options available in faction. Do you see any of the Wave 5 models competiting with other existing models ? How do you see the end result of the competition ? From my point of view, the Cyclops does not have much direct competition so if he provides enough utility for its cost, he should see play. The Grootslang may compete heavily against the Silurid. Hinamatsu competes heavily with Bunrakus. Hinamatsu is just a more expensive bunraku so whoever is the most optimized will win the fight, the other one will likely be shelved or used in niche situation. For the other models I do not have much opinion.
  12. Wyrd's job is usually good in terms of balancing, we are speaking of a 1SS tweak and a bit of cuddle. My main concern about this model is that it is a hard counter to suited defensive & offensive triggers as well as any kind of damage reduction. The model is card hungry but I would happily throw away a card to remove all suits from Pandora, Collette, Collodi, Lilith, Titania or any other suit depending master. We are talking about a 6SS minion that can significantly hinder both the offense & the defense of your opponent's most dangerous pieces from 12" away. This is even more potent for strategies requiring to hold zones/markers. Additionally, I would gladly spend one AP from my minion to allow my long range models to potentially one shot some of the more squeashy incorporeal/armoured models (or to allow Francisco to wreck faces even more efficiency than he usually does). At the end of the game, this model can even participate in the melee and dish out a significant amount of damage to finish out any hard target that survived (I do not think that the damage track is especially low, it is very respectable when you see what it ignores and its precision). Always difficult to compare crossfaction. Please also note that the Silent One trigger is on Df only.
  13. Silent ones are Df3/Wp4, 6 Wd. Granted the built in trigger is very good but they still have to take a full hit before triggering it. Their Rg attack is Rg 10 while their (very good) support ability is Rg6. This coupled with a Wk 4, Cg 5. The control element they bring needs a suit (like the Queller), requires a 4+, and needs damage to occur and is removed at the end of the turn. Their Ml3 attack is 1/1/6 (granted there is a Paralyzing trigger but Ml3 is really unimpressive).
  14. The suppression markers are extremely strong, especially on a 6SS minion. There has to be a choice on the Guild player's side to risk this minion and there has to be ways to take him down without dedicating 4 AP to it (I am hoping the next version of the card includes a removal of the markers once the Queller is dead). 7Wd with pseudo armour and 5Df/6Wp is way too good, especially since his debuffing abilities are so far ranged. Unless their whole focus is to hold markers/zones or unless their abilities are short ranged, 6SS minions should go down reasonably fast imho.
  15. You nailed it. This is exactly the Captain's syndrome ! There should be less on the card because for 6SS it seems like a huge bargain.