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  1. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    So I finally got the .pdf version of the book and read the stories. As usual, the Wyrd fluff is well written and very nice to read so congrats to the writers. However, I found some of the plots to be lacking flesh or being really weak. So all in all it is my least favourite book so far in terms of fluff. The only redeeming fact for me is that I found the NB fluff awesome and I can't wait to get a TTB book around the NB, describing the Nephilim tribes. Below spoilers. ------------------------ ----------------------- ------------------------ Guild: The gathering of coworkers at the coffee machine and the bickering over the poker game is not my cup of team. I feel the Guild's head staff looks more and more like the X-Men and less and less like the facist Big Brother that was so interesting in the former fluff. Lucius is too ridiculous. I preferred his old creepy self. I hope his fluff will become more fleshed out with Titania taking the lead of the NB. Arcanists: Many comments have been made and I share them. The way the deal is made does not seem realistic to me. The aftermath is even more difficult to swallow. It is unlikely that Ironsides has an omnipotent leadership in the Union and many Arcanists will be pretty pissed especially if she is called in to be a witness as Sonnia implies. The 10T fluff hints at potential later troubles but in fact they should start at once. Short of producing proof that Ramos killed the former Union president, I don't see the miners just waiting and doing nothing while their hero is in prison. There should be uncontrolled riots all over the place. Let us pass over the Guild so quickly passing revolutionary laws in the States... Additionally, why is Rasputina, host of December, giving anyone access to Witness' prison? Isn't that counterproductive to allow another Tyrant to be potentially set free? Finally, why is Rasputina letting Sonnia have access to the Peaks? There is bad blood between the 2. Ressers: Despite the fact that McMourning suddenly becomes an eavesdropping spy and that it does not fit with his former stories, I like that the fluff of this character is evolving. Neverborn: Awesome I liked every bit of it. Outcasts: I found it quite boring and the gathering is quite ridiculous at times. Same X-Men feeling as the Guild. Gremlins: Same as the Outcast, with the extra bit of Zoraida's character losing some of her mystery and creepiness. 10T: Interesting. The duel though is far too quick and the politics oversimplified.
  2. Monday Preview - Adze

    The art is well executed but I'm not found of the aesthetical choice. Maybe it will grow on me later.
  3. Terrains into GG2018

    I understand your point. We disagree on canon terrain rules but I think it is more related to game philosophy and gaming environment/meta. If this is a localised issue then we'll solve them locally .
  4. Terrains into GG2018

    This is exactly my feeling. I was playing terrain this way until I met other players and went to the forums to see how others played the terrains. I was quite surprised that many people did not use the examples of the rulebook. Unfortunately, the way the rulebook is formulated (hints, not cannon) lets some discussions open. Maybe the following sentence could at least be added to the GG document: "TOs are obviously free to handle terrain the way they want and are encouraged to provide innovative terrain pieces. In case there is no specific requirement from the TO, please note that the most typical terrain pieces should be handled as per the p.75 of the small rules manual. Although walls can see some variation in the cover they provide (hard/soft), the rules manual way of treating these pieces is the one used by Wyrd to balance and test the game." I mostly agree, with a small remark though. Last games of a tournament are usually handled with a high dose of muscle memory. Changing the way terrain acts will have an impact on placement habits. For example, in Guard the Stash, I will always position my minis to stop pushes using walls. It is automatic, not fully conscious.
  5. Terrains into GG2018

    Players do not always agree between them. I am in the same group of tournament players as Pallas, although our casual gaming groups are diverse, and we have at least 3-4 different philosophies competing. This is extremely annoying as a TO as you cannot satisfy everybody. This is annoying as a player as you always feel like you play the game "wrong" when the terrain rules are not the ones you are used to. Althought letting the TO decide is important, I feel some guidelines are needed. Malifaux's ruleset feels solid and rigourous, except for terrain which is an essential part of the game. This is especially true when all your players come from the Warmachine world where the terrain rules are defined by non-contentious archetypes. The combination of traits is fine to handle & create specific terrain pieces (we all like to do so) but predefined terrain archetypes are needed for the "basic" table elements imho. Rules are defined and GG docs are created with a certain type of terrain handling in mind I guess. Wouldn't it be better to have it written as guidelines somewhere?
  6. Summoners into GG2018

    Has there been any place where Wyrd has given its intent behind this new test of summoning rules? What exactly is the problem they see (in this topic there were many reasons stated by many players)? What are they trying to solve? Are they opening up design space or solving existing issues? Which ones? If the problem is only due to a few models, wouldn't that be more appropriate to deal with the said models? If this is a broad issue, a broad solution makes a lot of sense. Imho, tracking another condition is cumbersome and inelegant as a solution. We already have tons of markers everywhere on the table. This is too much and really not friendly to beginners, especially since this is a small addendum inside the GG document and not the core rules. Half the beginners forget their summoned models are slow and can't interact the turn they are summoned...
  7. July 2017 Errata

    Awesome job ! The main meta issues that were complained about are addressed. It was clear from the start the summer errata was for emergency issues. I find it interesting to see that Gremlins complain the loudest while the Arcanists are the most cuddled... I really like the idea that Wyrd defends a non-spam version of the game. This keeps the lists diverse and interesting. The only thing that was missing was the Nihilist issue but addressing it in the new GG is probably more elegant. I suppose winter errata may address a bit some of the TT models if there is a feedback regarding imbalance but these are not as blattant as the ones addressed in the present errata. Thanks again for taking care of the game balance.
  8. No Love for TTB Core?

    I can't wait to get the book when it is available in electronic format, if only for the new lore. Unfortunately, space restrictions at home and home invasion by a small chaos gamin make having too many physical books currently impossible.
  9. Broken Promises teaser

    I can't wait to read the new fluff ! The upgrades for the former masters is very good news ! Personally, I am very eager to see the upgrades for Titania, Kaeris & Rasputina. This sends a very good signal regarding Wyrd's way of seeing the development of the game. Some other companies just forget about old releases and do not bother too much about keeping them up to date with the game evolution, considering that the sales have already been made. Not Wyrd. I am really glad the whole games is taken care of, not only the new shinies. And then there are the new models. I have no doubt they will be nice. Regarding that, there are comments regarding the overlapping issues inside the Chronicles: "The easiest way to bypass this bias is to make sure that every models has a distinct role in the game. Unfortunately, as a miniatures game expands, there are only so many roles to fill. A Faction can only have so many 5 point scheme runners before any more start to feel redundant. Complicated and unique mechanics can often create new niches for models, but then the game gets pushed further into complexity creep rather than power creep." @AaronHow do you plan to keep on avoiding the overlapping? Isn't there a point where this is not possible? Honestly I thought Malifaux would have reached that point a lot earlier but there keeps on being interesting releases. I am really envious of the design team's imagination. However isn't there a point where you just have to release overlapping minis and balance them so that players choose based on aesthetic, theme and fluff perspective? Or is there a time when you plan to open design space by introducing a 5th dimension to the game's winning condition besides putting markers, positionning, immobilzing and killing?
  10. Monday Preview - July 3rd

    Not what expected. In fact it is much better than what I expected ! Awesome design, it is a good thing you went a bit away from the traditional greek style cyclops. I look forward to get these minis !
  11. Malifaux Rules Translations

    This has already been done by others unless I am wrong. As I said I don't want to sound ungrateful, free rules are really nice from Wyrd. Any work given for free is extremely generous, even if unperfect.
  12. Malifaux Rules Translations

    These are great news indeed. And the rules are free ! Just as an aside, and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but there seems to be some French terms inconsistencies between models having the same English abilities/actions and plain rules mistakes for some models. For those that want to develop communities, it may be good to have the English rules available also, especially when playing with older players. But anyhow, there's a saying in French: "A cheval donné, on ne regarde pas les dents." (If someone gives you a horse for free, you do not check its teeth).
  13. June 26th - Lampad

    Very nice !
  14. June 19th - Kandara art preview

    Awesome art. I'll buy this mini right away.
  15. June 12th - Bultungin

    Nice art but nothing to write home about.