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  1. Miniature collection manager

    I love the app and I am glad to have it but I find it very lacking in terms of miniature collection management. There is no way of taking into account how many models of the same type are owned, base colour painted & fully painted. For example, I own 3 Illuminated, 2 are fully painted and 1 has only the base colours (to be tournament legal). I also own 3 silurids, 2 are fully painted and one is only assembled and primered. Another function that would be useful would be to be able to chose to limit the crew list creation to the models owned and to those that are painted. This would speed up on the fly list creation during tournaments I think (especially for new factions).
  2. Monday Preview - Executioner

    Love the art although I hope they never have to scratch their noses, grab anything, touch anything, eat anything, dress/undress or go to the bathroom...
  3. Malifaux App Launched!

    The update is not proposed by my iPhone. Is there a command to force the update?
  4. Malifaux App Launched!

    I am on iOS and the app started to crash today (freezing just after the Wyrd logo screen while displaying the background of the main menu). Has the update gone live (I did not see any update on the App Store)? Is the crash related ? If yes I’ll wait before issuing a ticket to avoid spamming the mailboxes.
  5. Black Friday Sale

    The prices are really above my budget for plastic toy soldiers unfortunately. I was interested in the Dark Carnival, the Alt Coryphee and the twisted Raspy. 90 USD for DC and 35 USD for the Coryphee are just too pricy imho . The Twisted Raspy is 75 USD which is imho barely OK, even for a LTE. That's 200 USD for 2 crews and 2 additional medium base models. That's the equivalent of 4 normal crew boxes (at Wyrd store price). Additionally, if I remember well the last time I ordered from Wyrd directly, the shipping costs from the US to the EU were very high. 2 vintage masters are not really apealing imho, I'd rather have the shipping costs free of charge than 2 minis I will probably not use. It's a pity, the concepts are really cool. I wish I had money to spare for these. I wish you a happy Black Friday anyway.
  6. I see the matter differently. Cuddling things to make others more appealing should be a last resort for very specific cases. Otherwise, it may drop the competitiveness of the whole faction significantly. The Illuminated are very strong but on the slowish side in terms of Wk in a faction without too much access to Push overall. I think they are very competitive but not auto-include so cuddling them isn't so important imho. Stitched together are OK I think. They have their down sides in game and are easily countered in my experience. Bunraku are in the same price range and I'd take them instead of Young Nephilims any day. I think we will all agree that they are never listed in the "need for cuddle" priorities. Especially since the Young are far from durable, I think what they lack is mobility. Flight is nice but their Wk and Cg are nothing to write home about. As they are, they do not bring much compared to other combat minions in the same price range. As to the the Mature, the issue is its direct competition with Nekima imho. It should be differentiated a bit more (and Df4 is very bad also).
  7. Overall I agree with the statements in the podcast. I would add the young and mature nephilims in the list imho. I have a doubt about the Spawn Mother though. It is stated as OK on the podcast but I still think that whole package with the Will o' Wisp is too much to pay for as the Gupps are not great minions to begin with if you don't have spare masks (NB crews tend to need the higher masks for crucial actions). But this is only based on my own play experience. I would like to see her give the Gupps that activate within 6" of her a built in mask. 2 Scheme markers & a card probably (Ca6). I don't think this would be a problem, she is a henchman after all. As she is, having the projectile item is really a deterrent. I have played her with Titania & Lilith but she is just currently not offensive enough and she lacks the durability to justify taking her above some cheaper choices such as the thorn for example.
  8. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    This is awesome ! I like the twisted alternatives series. I hope we get more in the future ! I am just a bit disappointed this is a limited release only and not something permanent as the Hare & Tortoise box. But hey maybe the success of this box will make you change your mind
  9. Malifaux App Launched!

    Very good App !!! I just spotted a few inconveniences so far: There is no offline access to the cards, it is compulsory to have an internet access. This is very annoying in the subway, overseas, remote countryside, trains... Impossible to check the upgrades in the "Model list" interface, one has to make a crew list to see the upgrades. The app shuts down the sound of my iPhone meaning that I can't listen to Podcasts & make lists. I had some list building bugs with the Oxfordian Mages but it seems to be fixed now.
  10. Carlos moving Kaeris' pyre markers

    Sorry for that. Carlos' ability states: ""The Flames, I Am Their Master": After this model completes a Walk Action, it may target a Pyre Marker within 6" and place it within 6" of its current location. If it is placed in base contact with (or overlapping) any models, they may take a TN 13 Wk duel. If they succeed, they may push up to 3" and do not suffer hazardous terrain damage." Kaeris' Purifying Fire Upgrade gives her the following action: "(0) On the Pyre (Ca 7t / TN: 15t / Rg: 6): Place two 50mm Pyre Markers within range, touching each other, at least 1" from any models or other Markers. These Markers are Ht 5, blocking, hazardous terrain. At the end of every Turn remove all Pyre Markers." Kaeris' Born of Fire upgrade gives her the following trigger: "t Pyre: After killing the target, a 50mm Pyre Marker may be placed in base contact with it before removing it. This Marker is Ht 5, blocking, hazardous terrain. At the end of every Turn remove all Pyre Markers." My interpretation is that Carlos can move Kaeris' Pyre Markers as they have the exact same name "Pyre Marker". However, I just wanted to crosscheck before using this in game. From the answers I see in this post it seems that my interpretation was correct.
  11. Dear All Can Carlos move Kaeris' Pyre markers or is his action "The flames I am their master" limited to his own markers?
  12. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    So I finally got the .pdf version of the book and read the stories. As usual, the Wyrd fluff is well written and very nice to read so congrats to the writers. However, I found some of the plots to be lacking flesh or being really weak. So all in all it is my least favourite book so far in terms of fluff. The only redeeming fact for me is that I found the NB fluff awesome and I can't wait to get a TTB book around the NB, describing the Nephilim tribes. Below spoilers. ------------------------ ----------------------- ------------------------ Guild: The gathering of coworkers at the coffee machine and the bickering over the poker game is not my cup of team. I feel the Guild's head staff looks more and more like the X-Men and less and less like the facist Big Brother that was so interesting in the former fluff. Lucius is too ridiculous. I preferred his old creepy self. I hope his fluff will become more fleshed out with Titania taking the lead of the NB. Arcanists: Many comments have been made and I share them. The way the deal is made does not seem realistic to me. The aftermath is even more difficult to swallow. It is unlikely that Ironsides has an omnipotent leadership in the Union and many Arcanists will be pretty pissed especially if she is called in to be a witness as Sonnia implies. The 10T fluff hints at potential later troubles but in fact they should start at once. Short of producing proof that Ramos killed the former Union president, I don't see the miners just waiting and doing nothing while their hero is in prison. There should be uncontrolled riots all over the place. Let us pass over the Guild so quickly passing revolutionary laws in the States... Additionally, why is Rasputina, host of December, giving anyone access to Witness' prison? Isn't that counterproductive to allow another Tyrant to be potentially set free? Finally, why is Rasputina letting Sonnia have access to the Peaks? There is bad blood between the 2. Ressers: Despite the fact that McMourning suddenly becomes an eavesdropping spy and that it does not fit with his former stories, I like that the fluff of this character is evolving. Neverborn: Awesome I liked every bit of it. Outcasts: I found it quite boring and the gathering is quite ridiculous at times. Same X-Men feeling as the Guild. Gremlins: Same as the Outcast, with the extra bit of Zoraida's character losing some of her mystery and creepiness. 10T: Interesting. The duel though is far too quick and the politics oversimplified.
  13. Monday Preview - Adze

    The art is well executed but I'm not found of the aesthetical choice. Maybe it will grow on me later.
  14. July 2017 Errata

    Awesome job ! The main meta issues that were complained about are addressed. It was clear from the start the summer errata was for emergency issues. I find it interesting to see that Gremlins complain the loudest while the Arcanists are the most cuddled... I really like the idea that Wyrd defends a non-spam version of the game. This keeps the lists diverse and interesting. The only thing that was missing was the Nihilist issue but addressing it in the new GG is probably more elegant. I suppose winter errata may address a bit some of the TT models if there is a feedback regarding imbalance but these are not as blattant as the ones addressed in the present errata. Thanks again for taking care of the game balance.
  15. No Love for TTB Core?

    I can't wait to get the book when it is available in electronic format, if only for the new lore. Unfortunately, space restrictions at home and home invasion by a small chaos gamin make having too many physical books currently impossible.