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  1. Monday Preview - Mage Killer

    I can't wait to grab this book !
  2. Monday Preview - Bayou Bash Pig Rider

    Sorry for not being clear. Of course it is perfectly fine in terms of gameplay. However, if the Bayou Bash model is supposed to go on a 30mm, it means that its size is defined in order to be smaller than if it was to be on 50mm. So the war pig proxy will be much smaller than the official one and not on scale compared to the other models in your Malifaux crew. I was merely pointing out that, although the Bayou Bash models seem gorgeous and fun, they may not be that good looking as Malfaux proxies. Did I misunderstand anything?
  3. Monday Preview - Bayou Bash Pig Rider

    Yes sure they stack but the proprotions of wa rpig fitting on a 30mm are not the same the ones needed for 50mm base war pig.
  4. Hello everybody, I have noticed that the 30mm morgue base inserts (metal) were no longer sold in many webstores. They are however written as temporarily out of stock on Wyrd's webstore. Has there been any annoucement as to what the metal inserts will become with the arrival of the new plastic bases from Wyrdscape? Is there any plan to complete the plastic collection with other themes such as those presented by the metal inserts? I have a side project with a Ressers' "Arkham Asylum" and I need would morgue/hospital bases to complete it. Thx for the replies & BR
  5. Underdogs & Overcosted stuff

    Probably no, as BBS can give only Black Blood only 2 times in the first turn, and turn two Illuminated like to be already on the frontline, not in the range of Shaman's range I meant instead of spending 7SS on a BBS, wouldn't it be more effective to just hire a 3rd Illuminated instead?
  6. Underdogs & Overcosted stuff

    Sorry for the late reply. On the Nephilim side. I did not say that Barbaros was bad, I just said he was 0.5-1SS overcosted. I make good use of him and I like him (especially because of his challenge aura and his alt scupt) but his very low damage output is detrimental in many circumstances for a piece of this cost. As to the BBS & Young - Mature Neph. I guess it is is a question of choice. For Candy, I need to try her again in the rightly themed crew I guess. On Tannen, I am still unconvinced. I'll give it a go another time when I have the opportunity (and vendetta is not in the pool). I always take one BBS with Lynch and it never disappoints me. Throw black blood on 2 illuminated turn 1 and later just support to make them even more survivable, and even more hard-hitting, and inflict a bit of irresistible damage if someone gets within 1" I'm curious, wouldn't you be better off with a 3rd Illuminated? I tried her a few times and she is useful as she provides a nice range support but she is vastly overcosted (1-2SS overcosted I think). She is competing with Hans and the Trapper and she is not winning this competition. For 2SS more you can have Lazarus for another kind of range support (but I am biased, I love Lazarus). But the whole starter box on the NB side is really bad honestly.
  7. Monday Preview - Bayou Bash Pig Rider

    Sure they do—the bases stack perfectly atop 30mm lipped bases. Just have to remember, when picking them up, that they aren’t attached. Ask me how I know... Aren't Warpigs on 50mm bases ?
  8. Underdogs & Overcosted stuff

    Hum it seems Tannen is good with Pandora who provides extra survavability. I played him with Lilith, Lynch & Titania so far (in conjunction with Barbaros actually). Every time the player read the card he killed the model (wasting valuable AP from masters to set it done as I put Tannen a bit behind obviously). In Ply for Info, I don't see how he can make himself useful without instantly dying from sharp shooters (he loses manipulative if he activates early and has thus no defense). Is Barbaros worth 10SS to you though? I have played Barbaros with Lilith, Titania and Pandora so far. I like the model rules and how he combines with Fears Given Form for max annoyance, I like the fluff and I love the alt mini but he does not feel like a 10SS henchman to me. As an opponent, once you realize his damage track is crappy and he is not that survivable, either you use him to burn your opponent's cards & SS and/or you use him for your own schemes & strats (ply for information, public demo, set-up...). I always feel like I'm paying some extra cost for him as I have to bring a beater to complement his control job. Hum This would mean having a 1SS upgrade (which you may take anyway of course) and spending high cards, one of your Master's AP, the Emissary's 0 action (so no hungry land marker this turn) to make the Mature survivable despite his Df4. Changelings would need to be very near him to copy his attack, so this will require set up (but is far from impossible to manage). This seems very resource & placement intensive, doesn't it?
  9. Underdogs & Overcosted stuff

    Dear All, Please find below stuff from Wave 1 & 2 I never got working. Please kindly share your experience if you have tried these models (successfully or not) in a competitive environment. Tannen - So I tried Tannen on Saturday night, again... Every time I make a list with him I am sure I have found a way to make him work. Every time I fail, he dies turn 2. His defensive mechanisms are just really crappy, especially if you want to use his Chatty bubble. And he is 6SS... Black blood shaman - I may be wrong but I have the feeling they are overcosted by 2SS imho. Wicked doll - Never felt the need nor the use for them. Other stuff that works but does not seem worth its points: Candy - She and her upgrade are very pricey. With the Captain treatment, I feel she would be a very strong choice but as of now, I find her lackluster (but I don't play Pandora much). Young Nephilims - They work OKish but they are too slow and they tend to not be worth their points, especially when competiting vs other minions in the 5-7SS range. Mature Nephilims - Every time I favour Nekima for pure damage or I go down to Grave for additional utility. Now that the Rider is at the same price, I fear for the Mature. Barbaros. He works, I like him and challenge is great but his damage track is too poor for a 10SS model. Nimble & Critical strike (or straight +1 damage on the Min damage) would help or Swift & the same damage track would maybe make him fully worth his points.
  10. January 2018 Errata

    Strangely it did not work for me.
  11. January 2018 Errata

    Arg Ok I'll search for one of these... Or maybe Wyrd will be kind enough to provide ready to print pdf
  12. Wyrdscapes

    This is awesome and gorgeous. I'm just waiting for the price tag to see if I'm excited or frustrated As to the tiles however I'm not so sure. In terms of aesthetics they are very good but in terms of game play comfort I think I prefer battle mats with marked deployment zones & scoring areas. The buildings are really nive though so I'll try and pick some up, although I may wait for a storing tutorial (living in a flat makes space a precious thing).
  13. January 2018 Errata

    Has anyone found a way to conveniently print them out? My printer refuses to cooperate and give them the proper size so I have to annoyingly redimension each of them manually before printing.
  14. Thoughts on hooded rider at 10?

    The problem with the Nekima vs Mature comparison is mostly due to the fact that Nekima's defensive abilitives are a lot higher than the Mature's in many circumstances. Melee expert is also much better than Flurry. They fill exactly the same role. It is normal that Nekima is better than the Mature, she costs 3SS more. However, now that the Rider is also 10SS with a lot of survibility, a superior mobility in many situations and an ability to deal damage that is lower but still nothing to sneeze at. He thus can do something similar to the Mature but with additional movement tricks.
  15. Zoraida, new and improved?

    That's what I thought on paper but it never goes like this on the table for me. As for competing models: Silurids do drop 2 markers very consistently (which they should as they are nearly twice as expensive). They won't be tied in a fight because you do not have the proper Mask in hand. They also can deal a decent amount of damage which is always interesting. Hoarcats can actually run for scheme and reliably kill other scheme runners. However, I lack practice with this model so maybe I am wrong. For Tots I don't know how to rigorously argue my point though. On paper they are mostly similar. It's just that on the table they always did what I wanted them to do while Gupps have never satisfied me.