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  1. If you were the Errata man...

    If I were to do anything with Metal Gamin I would absolutely change protection of metal. As it stands it only works on certain models while also being frustratingly difficult to actually make use of. I wish it were just a flat out "models within 3" gain positives to Df duels until the start of this models next activation". Or giving any model within range a Df trigger that forces a model to attack the gamin (maybe have some form of push involved) . Making a model Df6 never made much sense to me thematically.
  2. Must Haves and never use.....

    Hmmm, yeah after re-reading it, I think your right. They are not technically "immune" to burning, just the damage. It's certainly a rocky area and one could argue immunity to the effect is still immunity but RAW I think they cannot benefit from the heal. Oh well... Well now it's uses went from slim to barely existent. It's a good thing I hardly every used it that way...
  3. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    He's also 13ss and no upgrade slot at that point. From the shadows does very little as you'll probably want him far back in your deployment zone on the first two turns and his speed will get him where he needs to be beyond that. Making him a nightmare is a nice buff though when factoring in dreamer
  4. Must Haves and never use.....

    Well Fire Gamin are actually one of those models as well. If your running purifying fire then the gamin can't actually heal since they cannot suffer damage from burning. This allows them to suffer damage - thus healing them. It's incredibly corner case but it's more likely than having it affect an enemy model. For me the biggest crime the eternal flame commits is being dreadfully boring. It basically just walks and occasionally heals something. It barely works with her mechanic and as others have said, the child offers much more. I would much rather pay more and have this model actually do something interesting. At 2ss you can't expect much, but a totem should be more interesting than this.
  5. Must Haves and never use.....

    Like I said, this is just my personal taste. I don't think SnowStorm is bad, I just found myself taking him less and less and not really feeling his loss. I actually prefer the emissary to SnowStorm for the added utility and run the blessed as my dedicated beater. I've just had too many games where SnowStorm got charged by some melee beater and just evaporated. He's tough against shooting but pretty squishy against everything else. It's just too many points for such a risk. However I totally get it if others get a lot of milage from him/her. Yeah again, I've actually had some pretty good success running the bear. It's a tough minion that can surprise people with it's durability, speed and hitting power from time to time. Certainly there are other models that can do what it does, but not many that are minions. In something like headhunter is where I find the most value. I don't think it's a particularly outstanding model but I do think it's better than most people give it credit for. It's basically a 2ss activation. Judging by how the Rats and Stuffed Piglets have both gotten errata'd for just being cheap activations I can see how being 2ss is basically it's only claim to flame. Now this is only 1 non-spammable model so it doesn't have the same impact but there is at least some merit to having a very cheap activation. Otherwise I just use it as a slight road bump to block charges and occasionally heal. It doesn't really do much else. However it still does more than Mouse who is 2ss more expensive
  6. Must Haves and never use.....

    I'm glad to see that others agree on the overall uselessness of Mouse. He's simply awful. Obviously this is very crew dependant but here are my most common picks between the faction as a whole. Most widely taken Henchmen Joss Firestarter Cassandra Least taken Henchmen The Captain Kudra SnowStorm Most widely taken Enforcers Langston Mech Rider Oxfordian Mages Least taken Enforcers Ice Golem Cojo Rail Golem Most widely taken Minions Arcane Effigy Performer Wind Gamin Least taken Minions Moleman Rattler Scorpius Most taken Totems Wendigo Banasuva Brass Arachnid Least taken totems MOUSE Essence of Power Eternal Flame
  7. How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    Yep, your correct. That sucks, but the range is still pretty decent at 12"
  8. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    I'll give you that. I love the ascetic of every rider and it's why I made this thread because I want to see more of them. I mostly play arcanists so bringing Mech isin't really much of a handicap for me. Even if she was, I still think I'd bring her because I love the model so much. I just hope sometime in the future we will be given a reason to take these guys more. They have a really unique mechanic and they look cool as hell.
  9. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    Hooded is decent enough late game for sure. The only issue is that it takes so long for him to get good while you have Nekima who on turn 1 is a melee expert min 4 damage. Even on turn 4+, the average damage of the Hooded is not to the level of Nekima with melee expert. I feel like the big problem is that he's too focused on damage when he should be taken for his other abilities. He lacks utility that would make him stand out from other beaters and what he does bring comes at an unnecessary gamble versus other models that do the same job. Sure he's fast, but he starts off so weak that speed hardly even matters as you really only want to get stuck on on turn 3+. Even then, his durability compared to other models is a complete gamble. Blasts, burning pulses and other non opposed damage melts the riders who only have a Df trigger to keep them alive. You can put in the effort into getting him to work but at that point you have to ask why you wouldn't instead put that effort into someone more reliable for greater effect.
  10. Expanding Rasputina

    What I like about the emissary is that is cannot get shutdown as a mirror so you can position it centrally and have such a huge threat on Raspy. It makes her Paralyze that much deadlier since it has such a short range and basically relies on mirrors in order to work. It also means she can use her (0) attack through the emissary which is something that couldn't happen before so it can in essence give her an additional attack. What I dislike about SnowStorm is his fragility. Bullet proof is way weaker than armour and so your mainly relying on Df6 and prevention flips to keep him alive. He's got a really great heal trigger but again it's a bit of a gamble and less reliable than I'd like. Against the right crew he will completely wreck, but other times he dies to a stiff breeze. I'd trade in bullet proof +3 for armour +1 any day of the week.
  11. How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    Well I actually find Raspy to be a pretty decent drop against Neverborn personally. She and her entire thematic crew are immune to horror duels which tend to come up with some regularity in Neverborn. Also with her ability to drop ice pillars 22" (10" from a mirror) you can block many of those pesky lure models from seeing your crew. This is especially so when you factor in the wendingo who can also drop pillars. She is also decently effective at shutting down models deemed problematic via her paralyze.
  12. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    Which might be fine for Pale, Dead, and Hooded but might be too much of a swing on Mech Rider. You could just exclude mech from getting it turn 1 but it would break the whole unified mechanic of the riders. If I were to change the riders I would personally love to see this: Changing their "chasing" from a Df trigger to just a passive ability as now they wouldn't be taking full damage from burning, blasts, pulses, etc. Every turn they reduce all incoming damage by the an amount equal to the turn number minus 1. Chasing "Whatever": When this model would suffer damage it may reduce that damage equal to the turn number minus 1 to a minimum of 1. Furthermore this model gains a "suit" to all actions equal to the turn number minus 1. Secondly I would give them another rule that made it so they were unable to be manipulated outside of their own activation. In other words, no pushes, no obeys/prompts, buries. So basically nothing can force extra attacks or alter their positions whether it were friendly or enemy. This is just a balance measure keeping them from being OP when factoring in late game obeys or other forms of AP manipulation. Beyond Comprehension: This model may not be take actions outside of it's activation. Furthermore this model is immune to push, place and bury effects that happen outside of its own activation. Lastly I would rewrite their abilities to lift many of the restrictions so that they can actually compete with other models. They need to compete less other beaters and take a page from Mech and do things differently. They should start weak turn 1-2 (8-10ss range), then become average turn 3-4 (11-12ss range) and then finally get strong turn 4-5 (13-14ss range). I would also change all of their big (0) actions so that they could be achieved turn 4 with a card or turn 5 automatically (if you hit the TN or win the duel of course). I love the mechanics of the riders and would like to see it kept in tack. However they just don't scale properly and have too many limitations and counters. In order to compete with the heavy hitters of their own factions they need better survivability and more of a focus on utility rather than simply beaters.
  13. Expanding Rasputina

    I personally feel like SnowStorm is totally optional. She's not a bad pick but I think the points could be better spent elsewhere. My top picks are the emissary and ice dancers. Beyond that you can't really go wrong with Acolytes or Silent Ones.
  14. Venomancy List Ideas

    Any particular reasons why just one? It seems to me like they're incredibly valuable with their aura and infect trigger. Not to mention that with consistent poison floating around they actually make pretty solid hitters. I'm pretty confident this was a thematic upgrade and not really designed to compete as a main Marcus style. He's already one of, if not, the top master for arcanists so I don't think he really needs any sort of buff with these upgrades. It's fun, it works, and I feel like it's not half bad. More importantly is that it makes otherwise subpar beast models a second chance on life. Overall I feel like the key with this upgrade is trying not to work too hard at it. Taking some of these poison models are great when you can set it up. However it has to make sense over simply hiring something like a Cerberus who already puts out a ton of damage.
  15. Venomancy List Ideas

    Kudra is probably alright but I still don't really see a huge incentive to bring her though. For her cost you could almost buy another Shikome. Her poison is nice but I feel like a list such as this will have no problems getting out poison. I'm curious. Obviously the scorpius is a very important piece so I'm curious if people thought it would be a good idea to have Myranda shapechange into one if it died. Obviously Myranda is also important with her Virulant aura as well. What are our options for ranged poison?