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  1. I find Colette is one of those models with reputation for being un-killable (for good reason) and in most of my games people won't even bother trying to attack her even if it's not actually a bad play. If you know how to deal with her she can be extremely fragile. A simple push is all it takes to make her vulnerable and I find a lot of people just don't put in the effort in taking her out. Most just write her off as un-killable and just try to ignore her to their detriment. I like using that to my advantage and now I tend to play Colette extremely aggressive, often putting her in the heart of the opponents crew (with some doves/mannequins for support of course). Once stuck in, I'll swing around her cane to drop additional scheme markers which creates a nice "nest" of markers to keep her safe. This also quickly brings her up to Ml8, which makes disengaging her quite difficult. She can be a nasty distraction piece but you do need to be mindful of pushes and other hard counters. It's not going to be a great tactic every game but it's nice to see she has other styles of play other than strictly support.
  2. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    Not sure if you've ever had the chance to play with Raethford from the story scenario but you really should. I've used him several times and I've even used him in regular play from time to time (in a casual game with my opponents permission of course). I would LOVE to see him become a legal master as I feel like he connects december with the rest of the faction and he's so much damn fun to play. He plays totally different than Raspy and plays more like a utility version of Ironsides. The armour that ticks down after every hit, the increased conditions with each successive hit, the summoning and destruction of ice gamin and of course flurry. He's incredibly unique even among our own melee masters Since he's M&SU, he can take the M&SU upgrades which makes for a really interesting list as now ice gamin are healing and giving out burning on their attacks. Running him with spiders helps his melee so there are fluffy and mechanical reasons to actually run frozen heart and M&SU. I do think he still needs a bit of balancing tweaks but he's otherwise very solid. I would love to see Wyrd bring him in as a fully fledged master in the future
  3. Warding Runes with no mages.

    I feel like if you know what your opponent is bringing, then yeah you can definitely get use from it or at least dictate the opponents choices enough to call it beneficial. However Malifaux doesn't often play out that way (which is an awesome thing about this game) and you may invest in warding runes only to face Lady J, Perdita, Vics, or any support master/summoner in which case counter spell will do nothing. Having it only work against offensive Ca actions is so limiting and even among those select few, stripping suits doesn't always have any impact on their abilities. At least for Raspy you aren't paying for counter spell and Ramos gets other abilities in addition to counter spell so you can justify it. However having to pay 1ss and an upgrade slot for an ability that will have any sort of impact on such a small percentage of models just doesn't seem like a smart investment. Especially when you have imbued energies which will basically guarantee some benefit.
  4. Warding Runes with no mages.

    Yeah this ability could just be reworded to "this model is immune to lure" as it seems like that is the biggest benefit. Outside of that it's uses swing wildly Overall I actually really dislike counter spell. I really wish it disallowed triggers, put Ca on or reduced the overall duel total for Ca actions instead of stripping built in suits. The majority of offensive Ca actions simply don't care and those that do often find different targets. Using Raspy and Ramos for as long as I have I can count on 1 hand the amount of times counterspell has actually made any sort of difference. I wouldn't bother taking warding runes (without mages) unless there is a high chance of seeing belles. Otherwise imbued energies is almost guaranteed to be the better pick.
  5. Rasputina

    I would also put forth the arcane emissary as a tier 1 buy for Raspy. She got the best version of the emissary compared to the other arcanist masters in my opinion. It's super fast with Cg10, gives Raspy a critical means to escape combat. More importantly though it gives her the best possible ice mirror. Typically she cannot use her (0) through mirrors since the 2" range means most models are engaged and thus no longer legal mirrors. The emissary solves that by not counting as engaged. It also makes Freeze over a lot easier to use as well
  6. M2E Ironsides

    I do feel like message from the union is a highly underrated upgrade for Ironsides. I think it's mainly due to the fact that she has too many good options that this one often gets left behind unfortunately. In terms of Ironsides vs Kaeris for burning synergy. Well I think Kaeris is still the better option mainly because she can use it while engaged and Ironsides cannot. Kaeris also has the better stat (Ca7 vs Sh6) and it plays into virtually everything else she does. Ironsides sort of wants to be in combat, especially since her update and so focusing on bottles too much is kind of a waste of her talents IMO. It's still a great option and is one of the best answers for amour (a real bane for Ironsides) since stacking burning will melt armour versus chipping away at it via punches. For example three bottles on an armour +2 target will do 7 damage whereas three punches will only do 3-4 damage on average.
  7. Ever get those games where you take a model you've take a dozen times and you use an ability you've never used before? It got me thinking of abilities that I know about but have never actually used for one reason or another. Of coarse I'm only talking about models that you use regularly as newer models take time to experience their full effect. Skinwalker (Myranda) - It's been out since wave 1 but I've never once taken it. She's just too valuable on the table to be cooped up underground. I've never really seen a reason to ever take this over imbued energies. Vent Boiler (Rail Golem) - This model has a (0) other than locomotion? Go figure Smell Weakness (Acolyte) - This model does something other than shoot? Go figure Stalk (Sabertooth) - I just always try to leap even if I don't really have a reason too Devour (Hoarcat) - Too many stipulations for a Ml4 attack. Its way easier to use their other attack Frozen touch (Silent One) - Yeah there is no practical reason to ever use this Arrest Him (Mouse) - Once something gets roped, it's usually pointless arresting them Buzz Saw (Brass Arachnid) It's almost always better trying to stoke in my experience Philosophers Stone (upgrade) - Has anyone from any faction ever taken one of these upgrades? Anyone else have similar experiences with models you've use a bunch of times?
  8. Arcanists vs Armor

    I typically run Mei/foundry for busting armour. More specifically the hard worker upgrade that can be taken and used by foundry models. It lets any foundry model for a (0) and a card to ignore armour and H2W. Not that every model will use it, but it's really handy when basically everything in your list has the means to ignore armour
  9. Our top outsiders

    My top 5 1) Mouse - Basically nothing works on this model. His heal is impossible to get off and is mediocre even if you do. His rope toss is nice, but once you rope in a model he can no longer do anything since he has no melee attack and rope toss is a . Arrest him rarely works the way you want it too. He's the most expensive totem yet is a insignificant peon and doesn't play into Toni's theme at all. Other than the fact that he has a decent number of wounds, he's all but useless. I reeealy want to love him and god knows I've tried to make him work, but honestly he's just the worst. 2) Electrical Creation - I just don't ever see the point in hiring this model when it's guaranteed going to die in a couple activations. The explosion is meh when you consider an ice gamin can do the same thing but is WAY more useful for the points. I understand he's mainly there as a summon option for Ramos, but honestly he's rarely ever worth spending that tome/upgrade slot on. 3) Ice Golem - The emissary basically sealed this guys fate. Df2 is just abysmal, even with armour+2. He's way too slow and just ends up dying way quicker than a 10ss model should. Joss does it so much better at the same cost, as does the emissary if your looking to stay in theme. 4) Captain - I've run him a bunch now and he's just really one dimensional. He's got a whole bunch of abilities that never get used. He's mainly there to airburst something 3 times. Also, you really want to be running him with his upgrade, but damn that makes him a really expensive model. I've mainly learned to just hire Johan now who does more for much less. Cool model though 5) Poison Gamin - They just don't really offer anything exceptional that the cheaper gamin don't already do. Unlike the other gamin, these guys require poison models in order to accomplish anything worth talking about. They just lack the focus that other gamin have and don't really fill any particular role that I can't get elsewhere for cheaper. Dis-honerable mention - Essence of Power: The only reason he's not on the list is because he's still better than mouse and sometimes worth taking over the eternal flame
  10. Salt thread

    Nurses - their ability to shut down/buff models with such ease for a 5ss model is just crazy to me. How many times have you taken a master to its final wound only to have it fully healed by a nurse. Or to have your own full health master helplessly paralyzed. Seriously I hate these models
  11. The Ice Golem

    Yeah he's unfortunately completely outclassed by the emissary in my opinion. The emissary is faster, hits harder, has a bunch of heals, a far superior stat line and brings an absolute ton of utility including a push for Raspy and the ability to Ice Mirror while engaged. There is simply no reason to take the golem while we have access to this model. Blade and Claw is about the only thing that can make this model decent, but it does require the blessed of December and proper positioning. I've also taken the kill switch upgrade and used him as a walking nuke to mixed success
  12. Master Makeover: Kaeris edition

    I think Kaeris has plenty of game. She's certainly not top tier but she's probably got the most utility along side Sandeep for the faction. I think it's due to the fact that she's a jack of all but master of none that gets people down on her. She's pretty adaptable so use her to fill in the gap for whatever you need her to do any she can likely get the job done.
  13. M2e Colette

    So with the new errata change to prompt, i've been looking more into "all together now" It can be a somewhat difficult ability to get the most use out of and is probably something you'd want to tailor a crew around. I was curious if anyone has any experience with this ability and could shed some pointers on a good setup. I feel like the best way in making this work is to go with mostly cheap ranged models to stay within her bubble. Also models who can drop additional markers for little investment such as the union miner and/or practiced production. Another reason to go cheap is typically cheap models don't have any (0) actions and so making use of Colette's aura doesn't affect their own abilities. Maybe something like the oxfordian mages with their new update. They're cheap, ranged and without a (0) and should have an easier time staying within range of Colette. Fire gamin are another really good option as they are super cheap, but have a very effective shooting attack for their cost. Performers are another very obvious inclusion as they can drop while engaged.
  14. M2e Colette

    So with the recent change to prompt, what are peoples immediate thoughts on the future of Colette? Do you suspect you'll be altering your lists any? Maybe take more solid middle tier models instead of one or two bigger ones? Personally I don't see a massive shift in my own style of play as I typically run her in a more minion heavy crew rather than relying on the single lynchpin models. I suspect there will be an adjustment period and a more calculated style is probably required but overall I still see her as one of the top in her game.
  15. January Errata - Arcanist Edition

    It seems like while it's definitely a boost for Ironsides, it's probably also more of a clarification in a sense. I think people get caught up on trying to play her as a beater and she simply doesn't fit that role very well. This change is not an overhaul or even really all that big in my opinion. In fact I always attach "bring it" as an upgrade so I was generally getting the trigger most of the time anyway. This change really emphasizes her role in my mind as a more control oriented master. Offence through defence and a high ability of disruption. I love the idea of just having Ironsides stand around mouthing off at people and exchanging punches.