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  1. I would also put forth the arcane emissary as a tier 1 buy for Raspy. She got the best version of the emissary compared to the other arcanist masters in my opinion. It's super fast with Cg10, gives Raspy a critical means to escape combat. More importantly though it gives her the best possible ice mirror. Typically she cannot use her (0) through mirrors since the 2" range means most models are engaged and thus no longer legal mirrors. The emissary solves that by not counting as engaged. It also makes Freeze over a lot easier to use as well
  2. So what if instead of giving out H2K to a single model it had a passive aura that gave H2K to living, non leader models within 3. The trade off is that models need to stay within range of the model, but you don't have worry so much about activation order. Another potentially cool ability would be to allow it to push towards a friendly living model with less wounds than it's starting value at the start of it's activation. This would make it's limited range less of an issue and you'd spend less AP on walking and more on supporting models
  3. The only problem is that he has practically no defensive tech outside of shifting. It's not a stretch to take him out in a single turn from full health. It's one of those things that looks better than it actually is. Sometimes it only takes a hit or two in order to "force" someone into shifting which might not always be the ideal model you want either. I'm not opposed to it sharing wounds but if it did then it would have to get something else to compensate the fragility of both models. Something like impassioned defence for Fardinard and maybe a heal trigger or eat your fill on the beast. Then I could get behind wound sharing.
  4. I dont get why people are calling for M&SU? Just because it's a construct? It adds very little and if anything would probably do something much worst for Hoffman. I'm fine with the lack of M&SU. You can make him 4ss with a bunch of clauses on him, but why not instead just make him worth his 5ss cost. Seems a lot cleaner So im trying to figure out why people don't like him? Is it that it doesn't have enough utility for 5ss? Or is that it's abilities are too too situational/difficult to use?
  5. Well I wouldn't say it's bad when targeting cheap models. At 6ss I'd say its average. The positives mean your ignoring cover which is pretty handy and will usually hit more accurately than a Sh6 model on average. As for the two cards, I think it's a bit more than a 1 card draw because your most likely chucking out a garbage card so in essence your cycling out a bad card for a potentially good card AND you get another card. Ultimately I feel like eat your fill on a ranged attack is already better than eat your fill on melee. Against a stalked model, your getting +1 Armour, potentially +1 damage and the ability to heal all your wounds. I feel like the +2 cards is probably a touch too far considering the bonuses to stalked models
  6. Wow 2 cards and heal all wounds?! Does that not seem bonkers to anyone else? Especially considering stalked is a non resistible (0) action. It's like eat your fill.... and have some desert too
  7. I actually really like this model. It's kind of a Swiss army knife of abilities. I don't think it replaces or competes with Silent Ones as it's really bringing something completely different. Bedside Manner is excellent and can really screw with opponents. Also with how it's stated, you can use this via friendly models to give them a pretty significant jump forward. Condition removal is also always handy to have as a secondary effect to it's melee attack. The heal is nice and we don't really have much of it outside of the silent one. Plus this guy is cheaper Lastly we have H2K which can be awesome. Putting this on someone like Howard before you toss him up the board can make the difference in having him and extra turn. It's a pretty excellent ability
  8. Turn 1 you get regen 1 but 2 damage for a total of 1 damage Turn 2 you get regen 2 but 4 damage (cumulative) for a total of 1 damage Turn 3 you get regen 3 but 6 damage (cumulative) for a total of 0 damage So if you can get more blessed its not bad but up front your paying for it
  9. His ability to use triggers is much more situational now. Before you could basically guarantee his Df trigger as long as you had a card of any suit. Now you need the suit on the deck or to cheat it. Same goes for his heat up trigger, although admittedly it's already pretty situational. So while he can do more with his AP now, he still lost out on his reliable triggers so I don't really see it as a positive across the board. Giving a model armour +1 is worth 1AP and at least before it was slightly easier to pull off. Making a model prevent severe's seems highly situational and cannot work on masters so it's a total gamble if it'll ever go off. Doesn't really seem worth 1AP and a suit. Maybe if is dropped moderates to weak as well - then it'd get a lot more use. He has no way of generating scrap and so your only going to get use out of his plating if your running both constructs and non-constructs. Then you need to make sure that scrap marker is within a reasonable range of the steam fitter and then still within 3" of a non-construct and said marker. If you get that far then you also need to make sure you have either a or on the deck in order to pull the ability off. That's a ton of work and in a list that must contain both groups of models.
  10. So in my mind this change is actually a pretty big cuddle. He lost the ability to ditch a card for triggers so it's now alot harder to pull off his Df trigger as well as heat up trigger Armour +1 is waaaaay better than changing severe's into moderates as you can go the whole game and have that do nothing. You can still give armour, but it now costs a ++ scrap within 3" which is pretty excessive Also with the way tools of the job is worded, you gain the suit of the top card of the discard pile. So once you flip to see if you are successful, you are getting that suit anyway so I don't think this actually works. Which means reinforced plate is actually impossible to pull off. Unless I'm misreading it. This is actually a pretty significant hit
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Henry_(folklore) Yeah it's manly his cost that is what makes him the most appealing. He has the vibe of a slightly better version of the rail worker and I think his cost basically reflects that. The cool thing is that he is an enforcer and thus makes him a cheap platform for the generic foundry upgrade. My only gripe is that I feel like his "driven into the ground" trigger is just a worst version of "pinned" on the rail workers. It has the restriction of having to do moderate/severe damage which is just strait up worst that the "after damaging" of the rail workers, for what is essentially the same effect. Personally I would like it if the trigger did something different. Maybe if it were an actual burry on severe damage. Arcanists don't really have much in the way of burry so it could be pretty unique. Otherwise, maybe reducing a models range and changing them to Ht1 (for thematic reasons). Pinned is already highly situational and this is just a harder to pull off version of that.
  12. I find that he has a bunch of situational abilities but your really aren't doing much outside of his musket. Once engaged, he's got a real problem as getting that trigger is going to take some effort. Now luckily he can make models beasts and have them tag team, but that is reliant on a lot of things such as model proximity and disposable cards. If you can get yourself a nice piece of hazardous terrain to camp out on then your probably going to do alright.
  13. I feel like your never going to see divine strike actually come into play. Given her frail frame, it feels like human guise is what she's going to be equipped with most of the time. Without the to damage from mantle of flames, it feels like divine strike will virtually never go off. Again, I could see it if it were some crazy powerful trigger but blessed +1 just isn't all that great on a model that can die so easily. All that being said, she is only 7ss, so it all depends on how much you expect from a 7ss model. Compare her to the fire starter and judge whether she is going to pull her weight. Maybe in a Sandeep crew, she earns the spot, but elsewhere I think fire starter is the better option I do wish divine strike was a little easier to did something more. Personally I would love to see a little more general gamin synergy as I think it would help her looks a little more enticing outside of Sandeep as most masters tend to run gamin of some variety.
  14. I would think making the book more valid increases the models overall utility, which directly increases it's power. Being forced to spend AP is something every model has to do. Giving Lady J a gun that is on equal footing as her sword would be a direct power increase since it gives her more options. I still think this model has an above average Ml attack and bringing it's book to be on par with it (or within the vicinity) would be just giving it way too much. Personally I do wish this model would be more book focused since Guild already has plenty of beaters - and really good ones at that. By making this models primary focus be melee, than your forcing it to compete with already top of the class beaters so it HAS to bring something damn special in order to earn the spot. If the focus of this model was it's book, well now it's doing something completely different than other Guild henchmen and thus not competing for a very contested spot. This model does not need to be Ml6, min damage 3 and slow/card draw. That's a really really powerful attack. It's similar but better than an Ice Golem for some perspective. I could see it getting dropped to Ml5 2/3/5 with the built in slow/card draw and then increases the range of the book and giving it Sh6. To me that's a much more interesting model
  15. I could see a reduction in the flail and an increase on the book but not both. For 8ss you are getting Really good stats at df6 wp6 9wd and cg8. Free mask triggers aura Very respectable damage with a 10" threat with a 3/4/5 auto slow/card draw A (0) condition removal/heal combo (that's very easy to get given that it's a mask trigger) A pseudo built in trigger to give out fees that happens regardless of success/failure/ranged/melee It has other abilities too but they are somewhat situational - but still adds to it's overall utility. I still see this model as having one of the best condition removal effects in the game, which by itself is pretty huge. It's melee is also what I would consider above average. I do agree that the book is overshadowed by the flail but that is only because the flail is so damn good. I think if this model would get an increase in the book then it would need a decrease somewhere else, otherwise a increase in cost.