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  1. Nurses - their ability to shut down/buff models with such ease for a 5ss model is just crazy to me. How many times have you taken a master to its final wound only to have it fully healed by a nurse. Or to have your own full health master helplessly paralyzed. Seriously I hate these models
  2. Yeah he's unfortunately completely outclassed by the emissary in my opinion. The emissary is faster, hits harder, has a bunch of heals, a far superior stat line and brings an absolute ton of utility including a push for Raspy and the ability to Ice Mirror while engaged. There is simply no reason to take the golem while we have access to this model. Blade and Claw is about the only thing that can make this model decent, but it does require the blessed of December and proper positioning. I've also taken the kill switch upgrade and used him as a walking nuke to mixed success
  3. I think Kaeris has plenty of game. She's certainly not top tier but she's probably got the most utility along side Sandeep for the faction. I think it's due to the fact that she's a jack of all but master of none that gets people down on her. She's pretty adaptable so use her to fill in the gap for whatever you need her to do any she can likely get the job done.
  4. So with the new errata change to prompt, i've been looking more into "all together now" It can be a somewhat difficult ability to get the most use out of and is probably something you'd want to tailor a crew around. I was curious if anyone has any experience with this ability and could shed some pointers on a good setup. I feel like the best way in making this work is to go with mostly cheap ranged models to stay within her bubble. Also models who can drop additional markers for little investment such as the union miner and/or practiced production. Another reason to go cheap is typically cheap models don't have any (0) actions and so making use of Colette's aura doesn't affect their own abilities. Maybe something like the oxfordian mages with their new update. They're cheap, ranged and without a (0) and should have an easier time staying within range of Colette. Fire gamin are another really good option as they are super cheap, but have a very effective shooting attack for their cost. Performers are another very obvious inclusion as they can drop while engaged.
  5. So with the recent change to prompt, what are peoples immediate thoughts on the future of Colette? Do you suspect you'll be altering your lists any? Maybe take more solid middle tier models instead of one or two bigger ones? Personally I don't see a massive shift in my own style of play as I typically run her in a more minion heavy crew rather than relying on the single lynchpin models. I suspect there will be an adjustment period and a more calculated style is probably required but overall I still see her as one of the top in her game.
  6. It seems like while it's definitely a boost for Ironsides, it's probably also more of a clarification in a sense. I think people get caught up on trying to play her as a beater and she simply doesn't fit that role very well. This change is not an overhaul or even really all that big in my opinion. In fact I always attach "bring it" as an upgrade so I was generally getting the trigger most of the time anyway. This change really emphasizes her role in my mind as a more control oriented master. Offence through defence and a high ability of disruption. I love the idea of just having Ironsides stand around mouthing off at people and exchanging punches.
  7. I actually think he could work pretty well with Tara actually
  8. I don't know I think he's alright. With his upgrade, your going to have to jump through a few hoops just to hit him as while your in base contact you might need to pass terrifying (at -1), discard a card to target him, and ultimately beat a Df 6. If you do manage all that then he still has H2W to help keep the damage low. All of that paired with 10Wds is probably where a 9ss model should be. He's still more of a card drain on the opponent than an outright damage dealer, but thats okay because outcasts already have that in spades. Also the ease in which he can paralyze should not be undersold and with his whole base contact schtick working better, it's made much more viable. I still don't think he's going to set the world on fire or anything, and he's still going to have bad matchups, but he now at least looks like he should play like a 9ss model. Time will tell if thats true or not.
  9. Also don't forget that the scion got an indirect buff too. His (0) to unbury minions and henchmen now makes him pair well with the NB, who he can now unbury (as he couldn't do that before now) and without any damage penalty. That essentially enables the scion to run as a second beast bomber, freeing up AP on Tara, or at the very least allowing for a second vector to drop the NB.
  10. The one thing about Toni though is that she really likes a very specific set of models to be engaged with. In order to get the most out of her trigger you'll want to be engaged with middle to low threat models that attack with Ml and don't target WP. If the model is too powerful, she'll crumble unbelievably fast, if they use Sh or Ca actions, she cant trigger. So in reality it's a powerful ability but its one you need to use wisely. Just as she was before, you'll really need to know your opponents list before committing Ironsides. Another way to help circumvent her trigger is by focusing. That way you reduce the risk of taking damage and focus more on quality of attacks rather than quantity. Without armour or H2W, she can be quite susceptible to those damage spikes.
  11. I feel like this change will make her more dangerous defensively than offensively. Similar to a brewmaster mechanic in which you'll get stuck in her bubble of bad options. You can try to walk away prompting a Ml7 positive flip, or attack her and get a smack back for your trouble. In the meantime Toni will be luring people into her punch bubble (which also got a slight boost since it also auto triggers her Good shot but with a double negative on damage), mostly spending her AP trapping models as opposed to throwing punches, waiting for that adrenaline meter to spike before you start swinging those uppercuts. I also feel like the boost to union miners will also be an indirect boost to Ironsides as well. So all in all its a good day to be a Toni player
  12. I'm so happy about the Colette change as i'm sick of seeing her tactic's amount to "prompt Howard three times and call it a day". Now it will require more of a balanced list and things operating in tandem as oppose to a single model doing everything. I feel this will have a learning period, but will ultimately lead to a better experience for both players. She's certainly not now somehow under powered.
  13. In case some of you may have missed it, there is a massive errata that just dropped that should shake the meta quite a bit. Arcanist changes: Colette: Prompt is now once per turn per model. Ironsides: Gained a Tome to her Defense. Union Miners: Improvised Weapon gained +1 Range. Modified Welder increased to Burning +2. False Claim only discards a Scheme Marker if both are still in play, instead of one Marker no matter what; restriction on only being able to be used when they can Interact changed to only being able to be used when unengaged. What do you guys think!?
  14. I'm not sure what I'd count as a Kaeris themed crew. She's the only master without a specific synergy built around her characteristic. She has great synergy with models that do fire, but she's also a member of the M&SU. So would an all M&SU list be considered thematic, even if those models do not contain burning. I think ideally her most thematic list are those M&SU models who have both burning and M&SU
  15. Well if your looking to stay in theme then Mei got some awesome new models in the crossroads book with the mechanical pork chop (gremlin foundry minion) and sparks (gremlin foundry henchmen). I'm not sure if you already have them since you play gremlins but both are really solid inclusions to Mei, while also staying in theme. The dark carnival has the nightmare coryphee if you can find them. If not than regular Coryphee also stay somewhat in theme with the nightmare Colette crew. If your really feeling creative, the slate ridge mauler just got a "circus bear" upgrade so you can slap a tutu on a 4 armed bear if your so inclined. Outside of specific themes, you cant really go wrong with mech rider (although you may need some additional models for it to summon). Also the arcane emissary is a great model that is a real swiss army knife in terms of what it brings (and it's Mei Feng specific upgrade is quite good)