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  1. So a pretty significant change this week allowing the steamfitter to drop scrap markers. It's a nice little bonus that he still retained the ability to drop a scheme marker as well but not both during the same turn. I feel like internal balance wise I'm loving the change. He can now reliably give armour out which feels like a reason worth taking him for. It does require two cards and an additional crow suit in order to pull it off which is no small cost but I feel he has opened up to a lot more lists now which feels better. I guess my only concern is with Ramos. Turn 1 scrap has always been a dream of his and up until now it usually cost 3-4ss worth of models in order to get. I'm not saying that this is OP with Ramos but it certainly changed this model from a curiosity for Ramos to a very very high consideration. Definitely worth testing
  2. This to me would solve pretty much my biggest gripe with this model. However I have no idea how powerful it would be with Ramos. It seems like we've always been dead set on not giving Ramos a way to generate scrap markers in the same way other factions generate corpse markers. Mei Feng already has the mech pigs to supply her with easy scrap so I don't suspect it's an issue with her so much. I mean I guess the only balancing factor with Ramos is that your having to take a non construct which doesn't synergies with any of his abilities so there's that. However even with that, I still don't know if this guy wouldn't be an auto include if he could generate his own scrap.
  3. I think that is one of his biggest problems with regards to armour. You want to take him in lists where scrap will be somewhat readily available. However those lists are typically construct lists in which those models already have armour thus limiting the number of models who can benefit. So he's in this awkward spot of wanting constructs, but not too many as he won't be able to apply armour, but enough so that he's not starved for scrap. Also your having to wait for models to die before being able to use said scrap so realistically with proper positioning, and having to wait for scrap your not likely to get anything from this until late game, by which point armour might be less effective.
  4. I really like this. To me this is way more interesting while also feeling more manageable than it's current state. It also still gives purpose to both of her upgrades.
  5. My experience thus far is that no she basically performs the same regardless of the master. Being able to grab gamin specific upgrades I find are pretty situational and I usually find their drawbacks worst than their advantages. Her strength for me has been in her ability to be a nuisance. Getting engaged and being difficult to hit while she takes shots of opportunity to take off the last few wounds from damage models. Now I've also played her almost exclusively with Human Guise since I find her to be a bit squishy otherwise. It's important to remember that going for the high damage means becoming vulnerable herself, especially if she becomes more dangerous as a result. Going with Mantle paints a huge target on her since she's both more threatening and more vulnerable. Personally I don't actually see damage as this models strength and as an Arcanist we have models that do this much better for much cheaper investment. Divine strike has the potential of doing decent damage but it's the "potential" part that is the problem. If it were consistent then it would be easier to balance but since it's based on lucky flips and/or face card cheats, I don't really rate her damage output overly high - even with mantle. If this goes off once per game, or i'm having to exhaust my hand just to get 5-6 damage then I don't really see her as "high damage". I'd honestly prefer something less swingy and a little more reliable. Damage is not something this faction needs more of so perhaps exploring some other avenue that would be cool and interesting. Again I'll go back to my post last week about having her being able to "obey" gamin models. To me that sounds and plays a lot more interesting than a strait damage buff that might see use via Mantle and most likely wont work at all with Guise
  6. I feel like if divine strike were a built in trigger then I would agree that Mantle would push this over the top. However since it needs the tome and a severe and you cannot cheat the extra damage I feel like this is mainly a harder to pull off but potentially better version of critical strike. And only if your using Mantle. Without it I doubt your getting this trigger to go off at all
  7. It's pretty rare that I'd ever want to burn a face card on such a low damage track. I'm more inclined if it had a separate damage track as it does currently. However with this suggestion I'm having to cheat or flip (presumably) a high-ish tome AND a face card to reliably use this ability. It just doesn't seem like a good use of high cards when were only talking about 3 damage. If your targeting a model with armour/H2K then your probably banking on this ability but it's just not worth the resource investment when we have other models that do this much better for much cheaper investment (Joss).
  8. Yeah it's tough. To me, "weld metal plate" is a pretty situational ability. So is stacking multiple situational abilities better? Yeah probably, but I'm still not sure it make the model still a super valued pick. So what does this exactly mean? Typically it's going to mean you prevent 1 damage if someone happens to flip severe (because they wont cheat it obviously). But that means you have to have it on the exact model that got hit and they have to have gotten lucky enough to get a severe. Is one damage worth an AP on a 6ss model? Probably not. Is it worth it against a joker? Yes definitely. The problem is that your now banking on some pretty improbable odds. What it more likely means is that I wont bother with cheating since I know it's only going to be as bad as a moderate. So if I don't need to cheat in a high card to put someone on a negative then I wont as long as I have this ability. So while I can see some value in this ability. It's just a pretty big gamble if it's going to make much of a difference throughout the course of a game. Instead of stacking this situational condition by using up AP on my 6ss model. Would it not be more worthwhile to just bring a beater that I know I can get value from?
  9. So the removal of the tome is nice but I kind of wish there was an option to keep the ability after it's used (for a cost) and that way you could get multiple uses out of it. I was thinking about his weld ability and I like the idea of having a bunch of triggers. I think the scrap thing is neat but it would need another ability to compliment it. I'm just spitballing here but this is what I had in mind. Weld Together Ca4 / Tn8 / Rg3 - Target Friendly model gains the following condition until the end of the game. Patchwork Shielding: When this model would suffer severe damage it instead suffers moderate damage then remove this condition. Once removed, this model may discard 2 cards to keep the condition Reinforced Plating - Discard a scrap marker within 3" to give a model without armour +1 or higher the following ability until the end of the game. Armour +1 Crude Ornaments - Discard a scrap marker within 3" to give target friendly model the following ability Terrifying Living 10 Good As New - Discard a scrap marker within 3" to heal target friendly construct 2/3/3 (0) Repurposed Ca 4 TN 11 Rg3 - Discard a scrap marker within range to gain the following condition Salvage +1: This model counts as having a scrap marker within 3" of itself for the purposes of it's own abilities. After resolving any ability that utilized this condition. Lower it by 1. The idea is to keep it with an ability that doesn't require scrap but give it three triggers that do require scrap. One trigger targets non-armoured (mainly non-construct), one targets only constructs and the other can target either. This would keep his triggers pretty relevant no matter the list. The other bit would be to give him a (0) that allows him to collect scrap to fuel his triggers - otherwise he's way to dependant on positioning in order to use them
  10. Completely agree. I've played him a few times now and I've very much enjoyed it. Even in a Marcus list where you'd think the beast is the way to go, I've found his ability to switch to Vogel can take opponents by surprise. Nothing on each individual card feels like it's overly amazing but having access to so many abilities is where the real strength of this model is. I love the visual and mechanical difference between each model and it's a lot of fun to play and figure out what version is most needed on a given turn.
  11. Well she does automatically cause burning +1 on her attacks and a positive to damage (with her upgrade) but thats only once per model. Even still, a 1/2/3 with burning +1 is still not as good as a strait up 2/3/4 (but there is the argument of synergy bonuses with say Kaeris). Either way, I don't feel like the 2/3/4 on her Ml was causing issues. I suppose she can get positives to damage which is why it changed but I think I liked it when you had the different damage tracks as it gave more of a pro/con to each attack. Heck I'd even settle for a 2/3/3 on her Ml attack if Unnering Precision was deemed a problem with a 2/3/4 damage track. At the end of the day though, she is a 7ss Henchmen so I do have to remember to judge her accordingly and I do feel like she's pretty close currently
  12. Yep, it's always been that way. The trade off used to be that you get higher damage with her Ml but a better chance to hit with her Sh. With the change, she's now technically better as a ranged model. In fact, since she can use her Sh while engaged, there isn't really a whole lot of reasons to even use her Ml attack now. I guess the only benefits is the Formless Servants trigger. Otherwise unless your charging or happen to be attacking a model in cover. If your engaged your better off using her Sh attack since it's more accurate.
  13. So I'm liking most of these changes but like other's I find divine strike to be pretty intensive for a 0/1/2 damage track. Personally with the change's she's received I actually feel like she doesn't even need the extra damage. I would actually recommend trying to add back a bit more of some gamin synergy as I feel like it's something that could really fit into her theme more than a typical beater model. My recommendation would be to change Divine Strike to Divine Authority: After dealing moderate or severe damage. Target friendly Gamin model within 6" may immediately perform a (1) action. This would give her a bit more play with gamin models and feels like it fits her whole divine motif and is just all round a more unique interaction instead of simple doing more damage. We have enough of that already
  14. I like this, but in fairness this model would probably need to become a peon/insignificant with such a potential for mobility. I'm okay with that though
  15. Half buried trigger is my only real gripe with this model. I feel like this should be a better version of "pinned" that the rail workers have - especially given who this model is based on. Currently it works as a harder to pull off version of pinned since it requires the moderate/severe damage versus the "after damaging" of the Rail workers "pinned" trigger. They both essentially do the same thing since they are both on 2" ranged models. If Neil were 3" then I could see how it would require the extra limitation. However since it's on the same range as a Rail worker, it just feels like the inferior version. I just wish it did some extra thing to separate it from the rail workers. Perhaps if it allowed friendly models to target the "half buried" model without having to randomize - or reduced the range of the "half buried" model to 1". Just a little bit of that extra something to help it out and make it worthy of it's namesake