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  1. bfrench

    Not happy with the latest update (#20)

    I do have to say that I for one am excited about the pre-assembled minis. Having hit my 30's and having a small minon of my own (18 months old) my time for gaming, much less hobbying, has been substantially reduced. I'm excited about the fact that I can just open the package and start playing! I think this will be a big selling point for new comers to the hobby too as you can literally give them a 15-30 minute demo then they can buy a faction box crack it open and play a full game with you. No assembly required they can slowly work into the hobby aspect, but can immediately enjoy the game. Regarding the quality of PVC vs resin vs metal I do have to say it matters at 12 inches when you're holding the miniature in your hand, but once you put it on the table and at best you're 3 feet away, I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference. Granted I could be wrong, but I'm excited about this on all fronts. I can also tell you that I've been having a blast play testing it, so much so that I'm having trouble picking what allegiances I want
  2. bfrench

    Not happy with the latest update (#20)

    Genuinely curious here, what do you mean by expected something better? Like a better deal, different game, different materials?
  3. bfrench

    Picking your allegiance

    @Cinnamon Bear pick up the dual commander set and demo games for them. I know I was sold on it once I got to play it, where previously I was skeptical, now I must have all the things
  4. bfrench

    Asami experiences

    Hi all, Full battle report will be posted sometime in the next few days. Otherwise I thought I'd jot down some of my experiences for both myself and anyone else who is interested. Please feel free to contribute, but leave theoryfaux to the other thread. Please limit speculation to actual experiences and how to extrapolate that as opposed to "well I read this and think it will work like ...." I'm going to try and run her for my next 6 games to try and get a solid feel. First experience caveats: I was playing against a long time table top gamer, but he has less than a dozen malifaux games under his belt. I'll be interested to see how this works against him in our next meeting now that we both know how it works and to see how it stacks up against the other local guys. One ability that we found which completely changed the game was Bettari's The brid and the snake. This ability is a permanent 6 which shuts down all enemy Df/Wp triggers. No flip, no target number, it just doesn't happen. In our game he had hired Colette and this completely changed the game allowing my crew to completely cut through her built in defense shenanigans. It certainly allowed for Bettari and the rest of the crew to hit like a ton of bricks without worry that Colette would disappear. This may be corner case, but I can think of more than a few times this would come in handy particularly against gremlins. I didn't hire any Yokai, but did summon two. The first one was somewhat lackluster and didn't really do a whole lot. The second however pulled off a nice 1 AP charge after the summon gaining the to attack flips. The built in soul burn trigger ( to damage) definitely made it worth summoning this guy over the obsidian oni in the situation I was in. The bonus +1 flicker when they're summoned helps too. Also loved the place effect when the flicker condition is lowered (which it is with soul burn). Allowed me to jump him out of the way to the backside of Colette to allow for LoS and another charge. The Jorogumo I hired and the one I summoned in both had difficulty hitting. The focus +2 that Asami can hand out helped some in that regard, but also made them priority targets. I've only used one in one other game. For 9SS they are super intimidating, but I'm not sure I've figured out quite how to use them effectively yet. It just makes it hard to justify when I could swap in a henchman that might provide more benefit for a near equivalent cost (toshiro or yu). The 10T brothers shined per always. However, they had some awesome synergy with Asami helping to keep scheme markers down and the enemy from using them for abilities. This gave her the opportunity if need be to consume them to heal. Their card cycle on a ram for their zero action was also a huge a boon. Between that and Asami's draw a card at the end of her activation (nefarious pact) and Bettari's with The Fate of Mortals that allowed you to draw a card each time an Oni killed an enemy model within 10 I was able to pull off some nice hand cycling. I'm a believer that activation control is huge. Having not run a summoner before this becomes a serious bonus for 10T crews which for me have always been fairly elite. With the triggers on most of the oni to drop scrap or corpse markers after damaging this allows for bringing in models with a high flicker value ensuring that they'll stick around for another turn or two. The activation control certainly lends itself to some schemes including public demonstration, exhaust their forces, and catch and release. While I realize the summoned models can't interact the turn they come in, it does give you an activation to burn which allows for other models to take care of the interact actions. The Fate of Mortals upgrade also proved useful to keep flicker up on my summons. We were playing Guard the stash and I only had one summon phase out the entire game. I can see how this upgrade will prove useful in most games for keeping summons in and my next time around I'll be less hesitant to summon in multiple models on turn 2 for activation control if I know they're going to score the strategy point. For Asami upgrades I went with On Wings of Wind, Nefarious Pact, and Heavenly Design. I think my next game I'll likely drop on Wings of Wind. It was semi useful and I had some appreciation for the 3in push at the end of activation, but I think that slot could easily be substituted with something more useful as heavenly design seems to fill that roll. For crew hiring someone had pointed out that none of the Oni drop markers when they die. It was unfortunate that my 10T archer got ganked on turn 1 by a coryphee duet, but it also let me summon a jorogumo on turn 2 with flicker +2 so not a complete waste. The 1AP charges proved useful, although the disguised and constantly in motion certainly slowed down my ability to capitalize on that. That's all for now. More to come over the next few weeks
  5. bfrench

    Smoke and shadows/occupy their turf

    Just to clarify for the shadow stride you need a 6+. On smoke bombs you need an 8+ to get it off and hit the trigger. With the trigger you only need a 4+ of any suit to shadow stride. It can work, but it's very corner case.
  6. bfrench

    W: Nephilim H: LE models

    pm sent
  7. Disclaimer: I am not the henchman or affiliated with the store. Battlefield games just started a Malifaux league this last week. League entry is $5 for prize support. There may be a tournament at the culmination of the league. Will update as I know more. League achievements per the wyrd pdf
  8. bfrench

    Airbrush experience from a newbie

    I think the harbor freight $3 box of 30 dust masks is the issue. They don't fit well and provide zero filtration, although it was commical
  9. Long time painter first time air brusher Thought I'd share my recent airbrush experience. Suggestions are based off my limited experience, and this view is from a complete air brush newbie. Recommendations 1. Pick up the harbor freight air brush compressor, braided cord, air brush cleaner pot, and air brush stand. Also double sided tape and nitrile gloves. 2. Go to hobby lobby and use the 40% off coupon on the iwata neo (my preference is gravity feed. While there get reducer and cleaner. The pre mixed acrylics aren't a bad buy either. 3. At Home Depot pick up a regulator and any adapters needed to attach said regulaor to the compressor, hint compressor is pre fit with a 1/8 adapter. Also get a respirator and don't go cheap and pick up the dust masks. Total buy in ~$200 Bonus extras if you have the cash, spray booth I decided to go as cheap as possible, and while I wanted a Grex xgi their starter kit comes in at $385 and the brush alone is $170. Instead I balked and went to harbor freight and got their kit. The siphon brush it comes with is worthless. Don't waste your time with it. Save the $20 and just get the compressor and the extras you need. The brush is a dual action (press down to control air flow and pull back for paint) but I found the trigger mechanism to be garbage, clunky and unresponsive. I bought the $80 iwata neo gravity feed dual action at hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon. This brush is smooth and responsive. It has a .35mm needle, for fine detail it will be meh, but for base coating and gradients it should be perfect. I picked up dust masks at harbor freight....that was a mistake. I'm still blowing pink paint out of my nose. Nitrile gloves are a must and make for easy clean up. The cleaner pot is nothing short of magical. All in all I'm happy with picking this up, mixing colors on the fly and being able to base coat in any color I want is AMAZING. Pictures with the next update.
  10. bfrench

    How good is the mech rider?

    She's an auto include for me when plant explosives and spring the trap are in the scheme pool. Being able to target something from 8in and drop two scheme markers ignoring normal rules for scheme marker placement is perfect for those schemes. As an added bonus I get to draw a card if I can pull off a second attack
  11. bfrench

    New to TT/Malifaux

    I like Before We Begin. Both shows have a similar format, but BWB has covered more masters and I like the host. Start with Misaki +1 for the snipers
  12. bfrench

    Jumping Back In After A Few Years Break

    I was in the same boat with the Kaerus box and iggy. I'm probably going to convert him into my fire starter
  13. US, TX 76502 Buyer pays shipping, trades each pays for the package they send. Open to international sales, but not trades, if you're willing to pay shipping. If you're interested just shoot me a PM H: Plastic Pandora M2e assembled $25 Miss Pack LE metal nurse $??? Metal Dreamer crew: Nightmare Lord Chompy, 3x day dreams, lelu, lilutu, coppelius, 2x stitched together and Metal doppleganger. All assembled and primed Bare plastic Miss Ery W: Shen Long box (long shot I know) Von Schill M2e box Viktirias M2e box Strong arm suit Lazarus Vanessa Oiran Samurai Katanaka sniper Witchling Handler Bishop m2e
  14. bfrench

    Blasts and Armor

    I just finished reading the battle report in the new wyrd chronicles and the writer made a comment about how the blast damage from Misaki's thunder bypassed the armor on the drowned. Forgive my ignorance here, but I'm failing to see how blast damage bypasses armor. Additionally, I looked and the drowned don't have armor, they have resilient. Not trying to be nit picky, just trying to understand how that works.
  15. bfrench

    Wanting a two master travel set

    +1 to the Ramos/Colette suggestion. Performers are great minions not only for their don't mind me, but also for their ability to pitch enemy scheme markers. Also would highly recommend Cassandra and soul stone miner. Purchase list Ramos box, Colette box, Mech Rider (not necessary, but can single handidly pull off plant explosives), metal gamin, an extra box of spiders. Total retail cost under $175