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  1. I backed because I have a deep connection to Ethiopia. I’m all in on Abyssinia, but am considering my backer kit options. I have $390 into the backer kit and am considering doing a double Abyssinia Commander + Kassa + Steel Legion + Executioners + Shirt/Deck. That way I get two Basotho, two Rail Gunner, two Dreadnoughts, two crow runners, and lots of engineers. I don’t think I’ll ever need 4 units of Mehal Sefari though. Second Issue is I am not sure there is even a community that is going to play this game even though Malifaux was/is super popular in my area. So might make sense to focus on something I can sell off if I don’t see any interest in my LGS and or have a split set that can play against itself (ie Aby/Horde). Thoughts? Should I just get another allegiance instead of doubling Aby?
  2. Would be an awesome model edit: When Wyrd is ready can we get a list of the pursuit names in the book basic/advanced? Made me excited for into the bayou last time.
  3. I am facing the same issue. No doubt my group would like to continue the adventures in the north.
  4. Compared to crow runners at 1 point more? I'd say no without tabletop experience showing me different.
  5. Yeah I was in a similar place that KE benefits from the Abyssinia units far more than the reverse.
  6. I think what I am seeing is that KE units have some low AV on their attacks peaking around 6 with most being 5 and lower. That will make them hard to glory if they're taken in an Abyssinian army since they need to be 6 over their opponents stat + flip.
  7. What should Kassa bring from KE to an Abyssinian army? I am totally sold on the big stompy robot squads (Mechanized Infantry and Steel Legion). I pledged a dual commander and I am debating if there is value in choosing KE for the other half of my dual commander. I see Kassa bringing one of each titan squad, two steel legion, or three mechanized infantry being powerful choices, but if I run her as Abyssinia I can bring in 25 scrip of KE and I'm not seeing what value they bring to Abyssinia. Part of me says get the Cult as the second army and still have all my stompy robots and an Malifaux faction for a totally different feel. Are you planning on bringing KE units to an Aby army?
  8. @Retnab. I'd be interested in that as well.
  9. Ultimately it'll be up to TOs to determine how they want to run a tourney. Personally I hate playing unpainted grey armies. Takes something away from the game for me.
  10. I thought this game was different than malifaux in that you could declare all applicable triggers. E.g. With one tome you could declare both.
  11. $85 just for the main 40k rulebook. Plus codexes, dataslates, and additional rulebooks (e.g. death from the skies). I'd say $140 was being generous.
  12. Do twisted horrors seem a little meh when compared to warped to anyone else? Warped have: better armor (if unactivated), defense, mobility, and melee Twisted have: 25% chance of getting a reinforcement token when a squad dies, a str 2 ranged attack (average), and are 1 scrip cheaper
  13. What would you choose as your one addon to a commander pledge? And why? Abyssinia: Either the Mechanized Infantry or Steel Legion. For the big stompy mech feel. Cult: ECB Black Ops, they are super characterful.
  14. They don't get to out activate you. If I have 8 activations and you have 9 by successfully passing once during the turn I have 9 and you have 9.
  15. I think the ability to pass activations by discarding cards is likely to be a very tactical/playing the player aspect to the game. Since it is likely that Abyssinia is outnumbered as a faction, it is likely they could make better use of this mechanic than anyone. My premise is that Abyssinia would look to get up in VP early and pass activations to diminish the opponent from fully utilizing their numerical advantage. When can you see yourself passing an activation at the expense of a card?
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