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  1. Hey everyone, After a series of unlucky events (obviously the work of Gremlins) and a semester abroad in Finland, a couple of people in our gaming group are going to be doing a small informal Paint and Play sort of thing where we get together once a week to paint and work on terrian, play some games of Malifaux. The end goal is to have a nice terrain board at the end of 8 weeks and a fully painted 50 SS list. I have chosen to play Asami because I love her look and I didn't get a chance to try her out before we stopped playing the first time (right before Wave 4). I'm not really sure what to take with her anymore and what models I need to pick up. So far all I have on the list in Yasunori. Taking suggestions on what to buy and how to use her. Thank you for any help you can give me!
  2. Congrats on your win and on best painted! One the subject of Anna, what would you replace her with and why? I haven't got a chance to play Asami yet, being busy with school, but one of my friends really likes using Anna in some of his lists. Just curious why it didn't work out for you.
  3. I picked up the Wild Ones box and I'm planning on playing him this weekend against a friend. The problem is, I have no clue how to build a list for McCabe. Every time I look at him I feel like I'm either building the list wrong or I feel like I would just be better off playing him as Guild. In a week our small group has a local tournament and I'd like to play him but I'm just not sure how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the help, everyone! I'm scheming to get more games in over the weekend and claim some territory for the Ten Thunders!
  5. Hey all, some friends and I just picked up Malifaux and started playing. I really like what I see so far and was just looking for some help on where I should go. I have Misaki, Mei Feng, and Brewmaster boxes. Any one Master stand out as friendly to new players? Ordered in Oiran, TT Archers, Samurai, and Low River Monks. What should I be looking at besides finishing out my collection of Masters? Resources outside of the forum? I like the M2E wiki, but is there a podcast that I should be listening to for Malifaux in general or specifically TT? Thanks for anything.
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