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  1. bluepanther

    Resurrectionist Henchman Hardcore

    Yea, not sure about the Marshall. One of his big things is making a model if he dies and that goes away in HH. Anna is a good Henchmen to go with though.
  2. bluepanther

    Resurrectionist Henchman Hardcore

    Toshiro 2x punk zombie rotten belle *I’ve played this with a little success but Toshiro seems to die easier than you’d think. HtW 2 draws out the Red Joker. There is 1ss for an upgrade. Valedictorian w/ Decaying Aura 2x Shikome Little Gasser *This list seems fun. The Henchmen could be swapped out. I think Decaying Aura could be useful Incase your oponent has heals. I’m interested to see what others come up with.
  3. When: June 9, 2018 (Saturday) What: Enforcer Brawl - Bring your favorite Enforcer and battle it out with others in this fun mini game! If you are new to Malifaux and don't have an Enforcer to play with; we can provide one for you. Where: The Mighty Meeple 8440 Pit Stop Ct. Concord, NC 28027 Time: 5PM - 9PM There will be a $5 Entry Fee for the event. Store credit as well as Wyrd products will be available for prizes.
  4. bluepanther

    Malifaux Demos @ Mighty Meeple Concord, NC

  5. bluepanther

    Dark protection (mlh) vs shooting into melee

    You do flip for models that can not be the target. When you randomize you flip for all models within 2” regardless of range and LoS.
  6. On Thursday May, 17th I will be hosting Malifaux @ Meeple demo night. 7pm-10pm Location: The Mighty Meeple 8440 Pit Stop Ct. Concord, NC 28027
  7. bluepanther

    M2e Kaeris

    I want to point out one thing that was mentioned. If she triggers, "spreading inferno" in the scenario you laid out, Kaeris would gain burning as well unless I am missing something. She would be within 2" of the target and it pulses out 3" from the target. That is if the Swoop is done first. You'd have to immolate and trigger 1st, then swoop in.
  8. bluepanther

    M2e Kaeris

    Correct you could put her at the base of a building and the other model on top.
  9. bluepanther

    M2e Kaeris

    You can’t place a model somewhere it will fall. That’s literally the same a placing a model in the air as mentioned above. If it is climbable terrain you could in theory place them halfway up the terrain but that still doesn’t mean they fall. The FAQ mentions that a model can be halfway up a building at the end of a movement. You don’t flip damage for G&D. It’s based off the initial duel. You can’t add height to the “fall” cause it’s a place effect. You place them and then they suffer damage as if they had fallen. You could place them one top of a building so that when they activate they’d have to take falling damage to get off the building.
  10. bluepanther

    Myranda, Skinwalker, and Symbols

    She will always be engaged with an enemy after using G&D unless she has terrain between them blocking LOS. Kaeris has a 2 inch engagement.
  11. bluepanther

    M2e Kaeris

    So she just gives friendly models burning all game? I used the child to give burning which helped. Just wondering about her activation in general. Does she pick off small models? The game was ply and afterwards I realized I should used grab and drop to get model back in my crew that I could just sit there and ply.
  12. bluepanther

    M2e Kaeris

    I'm curious what Kaeris typically does for you in a game? Does she attack, just pass out burning to teammates in order to draw cards, scheme? I played my first game with her and I am a bit disappointed in how it went. I felt I got nothing out of her. To be fair it was in part the way I played and I get that but I just don't see what she does in a typical game. As much as people rate Grab and drop I don't see how it is that great of an ability. She is typically only 1 above them stat wise for the duel. Am I missing something, is its main use for moving a model out of position? Also, flying Howard/Mauler seems cool but what are they doing? I mean the Mauler just moves up to start getting attacked? Howard nimble walks, and attacks something after popping imbued energies? I guess set up is a good scheme for her but I feel like it becomes obvious once you end the activation with the first model and then the opponent can potentially read it easily and get their model out of there.
  13. bluepanther

    Marcus: Do you setup to Alpha?

    I typically use Feral first with a high card in hand to ensure that it is going to succeed. Then you Domesticate once the enemy is a beast in order to make sure Alpha goes off. Make use of the terrain in this instance. For example I did this on Nekima and Charged behind a building to break LoS to Marcus so that I wouldn't have the [-] flips when attacking the charged model. I've been debating trying The Gods Path on Marcus and a couple of Rattlers in the list. I thought about using Alpha on a model that Marcus and the Rattler are both engaged with. Just walk with the model, then Marcus and the Rattler both get disengaging strikes that deal damage against it. Could be hard to set up, but maybe not with Slither on the Rattler. You could do it to their beater. The Rattler has [++] on their disengaging strikes which will help with their Ml5.
  14. bluepanther

    Myranda, Skinwalker, and Symbols

    You actually don't need to fly the bird up. Skinwalker says you may unbury, not that you have to. So in theory you could just bury the Raptor as normal turn 1. Then bring it up wherever you want at the end of the turn (probably behind a symbols marker to be out of LoS). Next turn rebury the Raptor and out pops Myranda.
  15. bluepanther

    Myranda, Skinwalker, and Symbols

    Yea this is a neat trick. I've been playing Marcus and wondering what sort of tricks to use in Symbols.. This looks like it could be a go to. I guess this could work with anything that needs models on the other side of the board.