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Found 6 results

  1. What : This will be a Malifaux Third Edition Rapid Growth League! We will start small and increase crews by 5ss each week (last week we jump by 10ss). Each week will be 2 calendar weeks. Players will have ways to score points for doing things within their games, at home by building and painting models, and also by purchase Malifaux items from the store. Where: The Mighty Meeple 8440 Pit Stop Ct. Concord, NC 28124 When: The league will begin on Monday Oct, 7th and it will run through Sunday, Nov 7th. If you are in the area and interested you can stop by The Mighty Meeple for full details of the League. Thanks!
  2. Hello Wyrdos! We have a very small but growing community of players in Indianapolis and Central Indiana and we are trying to get it to grow even more! If you are in the Indianapolis or Central Indiana area (or just visiting) consider giving us a visit for a Rapid Growth League that is just in its 3rd week! The league meets for a league night every other Thursday. The next meeting will be Thursday November 16 starting at 5:30 PM at Sinclair Games (112 W Carmel Dr, Carmel, IN 46032). Games for the next meeting will be at 40 ss. Come on out and join the fun!
  3. Hello all, My name is Robert, and I’m the local Henchmen for The Hall of Heroes Campbelltown Store (60 Queen Street, Campbelltown, N.S.W, 2560, Australia). Over the last couple of months I have been working with the staff at The Hall of Heroes to set up the events for 2017. So far we have come up with the following schedule for 2017, some of the details are to be fleshed out in the next couple of days, but round times and dates are confirmed. Below is a list of each event and a link to the details of each event: Every Saturday: Regular Games day. 11am – 5pm. http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=562 Shifting loyalties campaign: TBA February 25th : Henchmen Hardcore. 11:15am – 4:00pm. (4 rounds). (See Below For Results) http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=460 March 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th: Rapid Growth League. 11am – 5pm. (Rounds as per Rapid Growth pack). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=454 April 29th: Time to die Practice tournament pt 1. 11:15am – 4pm. (3 rounds). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=565 May 6th: Malifaux Beginners Tournament. 11am – 4:40pm. (3 rounds). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=566 June 17th: Treacherous Ties. 11am – 4pm ( 4 Rounds ). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=567 July 22nd and 23rd : Mid Winter Tournament. Day 1: 11am – 3:35pm Day 2: 11:30am – 3:55pm. (4 rounds in total). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=570 August 12th : Tag Team. 11am – 5pm. (2 rounds). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=571 September 16th: Enforcer Brawl. 11am – 5pm ( 4 rounds ). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=572 October 21st: Decembers Curse Qualifier. 11Am - 4pm (3 rounds). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=609 November 25th: Time to die practice tournament pt 2. 11am – 4:00pm (4 rounds). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=565 December 9th and 10th: Decembers curse tournament,. Day 1: 11am, - 4pm Day 2: 1130am – 4:15pm (4 rounds). http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/event.php?event_code=573
  4. Rapid Growth League Dragon's Lair - Austin Wednesdays 7:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight We're starting Austin's first Casual League and you're invited. Yes, YOU!. Whether your'e a brand new player or a seasoned one this is a great chance to get introduced to the game or an excuse to paint/play a long neglected crew. We'll be starting this upcoming Wednesday (4/27/16) and going for four weeks (through 5/18/16) Pick your Faction and stick with them throughout the league collecting Achievement Points for playing games, painting your crews, and having a good time. To Sign Up send Robert an message on here or Facebook. Or you can just show up. To quicken setup we're going to preselect the Strategy and Deployment, but you'll still randomly generate Schemes as normal. Week One (4/27/16) 26 Soulstones, Master-led Only Extraction and Standard Deployment Week Two (5/4/16) 30 Soulstones, Master-led Only Headhunter and Corner Deployment Week Three (5/11/16) 40 Soulstones, Master-led Only Guard the Stash and Close Deployment Week Four (5/18/16) 50 Soulstones, Master-led Only Interference and Flank Deployment
  5. Hello Everyone, I am very excited to announce that Adventure Games is hosting a Rapid Growth League during the month of April! We will be following the guidelines from Wyrd in their Organized Play Formats document. We will be officially meeting every Wednesday night from 5-9pm (if you are unable to make it during that time you can get a game in any night of the week). If anyone is unfamiliar with how this works here is a brief overview: Each week we will be increasing the point values of our games until we work our way up to 50 points. Each week, players in the league will play one of the other participants in an attempt to gain achievements. Whoever has the most achievement points at the end of all 4 weeks wins! We encourage players to do their best at building and painting their crews and you can earn achievements just by working on your crew. At the beginning of the league each player will declare a single faction which they will play throughout all 4 weeks. Week 1, April 6th: 26 Soulstones Week 2, April 13th: 30 Soulstones Week 3, April 20th, 40 Soulstones Week 4, April 27th, 50 Soulstones If anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me, or you can call Charlene at Adventure Games (920)231-3473. I hope to see you all there!
  6. West Lafayette Rapid Growth achievement league at the Sage's Shoppe, 1009 W. Sagamore. Tuesdays starting at 6:30 PM on Nov. 18, and continuing over 4 consecutive Tuesdays. PM prof_bycid for details.
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