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Found 21 results

  1. What : This will be a Malifaux Third Edition Rapid Growth League! We will start small and increase crews by 5ss each week (last week we jump by 10ss). Each week will be 2 calendar weeks. Players will have ways to score points for doing things within their games, at home by building and painting models, and also by purchase Malifaux items from the store. Where: The Mighty Meeple 8440 Pit Stop Ct. Concord, NC 28124 When: The league will begin on Monday Oct, 7th and it will run through Sunday, Nov 7th. If you are in the area and interested you c
  2. In conjunction with the staff at my lgs, Isle of Games, we will be hosting a series of demos and an impromptu rapid growth league event for the month of November. Every Monday in November between 5 and 9 p.m. I'll be available at the store hosting the event. Newcomers and veterans alike are welcome to come in and participate, hope to see you there! If anyone wishes to contact me about specifics for the league, I'm open to messages via the forum. You can also find information via the isle of games Facebook page found here: https://m.facebook.com/isleofgames/ Edit: to facilitate
  3. Dreamers Vault - Burnsville will be hosting a Rapid Growth league throughout the month of November every Wednesday from 6-11. There will be an entry of $15 of $30 in Wyrd product with all entries going towards a store credit pool for prizes. Mystery boxes and foil cards will be raffled off and guilders going to the top 16 participants. Store credit will be given out to the top 3, Best sportsmanship, and Best painted. Dreamers Vault - Burnsville 14332 Burnhaven Drive Burnsville MN, 55306 (952) 895-1989 Feel free to contact me for more info at julian@dreamersvault
  4. We are developing critical mass at the Dragon's Roost! To help this along and foster our new group of players we are organizing a rapid growth league to help everyone get some games in and accelerate the hobby aspect of the game. We will be meeting on August 28th (our usual Malifaux night at the store) to hand out the materials to participants with a league start date of September 5th and ending September 26th for a total of 4 weeks. There will be awards for all participants as well as prize support from Wyrd for 1st-3rd place for point total at the end of the league. This league is not depend
  5. I'm starting to finish painting a bunch of my nephilim and would like to try them out. I have a couple of lists that I'm thinking of running in an advantageous pool like headhunter with dig their graves or mark for death. List one is a lot more aggressive, the second one has more activations but less credible threats. When the strat and schemes want you to kill anyway growing shouldn't feel like a third scheme but aomething that just happens. List two kind of lacks teeth but can single out enemy models and trigger pounces en masse. If they get to your tots you can grow their buddies
  6. Come join the rapid growth league in Stockholm. We'll be playing at Dragon's Lair on Kungsholms torg in central Stockholm. The league runs from the 4th of september to the 25th (found successive mondays). We usually start at 17:00 but stragglers may set up later games as long as they finish before 22:00. Maximum 16 slots, enter the event through this form: https://goo.gl/forms/kTMi6VoGw8OIMncE2 Admittance: 20kr for the whole league to cover shipping costs for prizes. You also need to join the Dragon's lair club to play at the venue (can be done at the first visit). We have sligh
  7. Malifaux Rapid Growth league entry will only be $5 Games night will be Thursdays at Harlequin Halls running for 4 weeks. Starter no the 7 of September. Location: Harlequin Halls Blackwood Chapter Blackwood Uniting Churc 266 Main Road Blackwood parking around back the entrance is right in front of the car park
  8. Hi everyone, I'm starting a rapid growth league on Tuesday evenings from 6pm at Wargames Southport starting on the 21st Feb (http://www.wargamesuk.co.uk/). It will use the standard rapid growth rules which can be found here (https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-dlxl.zip) except it will run for 8 weeks rather than the standard 4 (each "game week" running over a fortnight) as some people can only make every other week. The scenario's for each week use the gaining grounds 2017 strats and schemes and can be found here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3zVFpO3eRUlRnk4a1Y1YUYtbk0
  9. It's time for a slow-grow Achievement League! Dates: 3/3 - 3/30 Entry fee: $10 or a Malifaux purchase Prizes: Guilders for everone, prizes for top three. I'm going to change the standard rules a bit. Instead of having a set league day, games can be played at any time during the week. Kickoff for the event will be on 3/3 at 7:00pm. I'll go over the rules and hand out guilders. War Room Games 2560 e. Sunset Rd suite 117 Las Vegas, Nevada
  10. Starting with the first Thursday in March and running through the month we will be running an Rapid Growth Achievement League in Rochester at Just Games. Achievement document attached. Crew size broken down by week: Week 1 (3/2): 25 soulstones Week 2 (3/9): 31 soulstones Week 3 (3/16): 38 soulstones Week 4 (3/23): 44 soulstones Week 5 (3/30): 50 soulstones Prize Categories: 1) Over Achiever: Most Achievement Points at the end of the League. 2) Participation Trophy: Second most achievement points at the end of the League. 3) Best Appearance: Self-Explanatory, wil
  11. Help us kick off the new year with the only way us wyrdos know how, Malifaux! We will be hosting a Rapid Growth Achievement League from January 4th through the 25th spanning 4 weeks here at Legion Games. Our scheduled League days will be every Wednesday, however people are welcome to play their league games on a different day of the week as long as they report it as such. We want to make the environment feel welcome to any new players wanting to participate, so we will not require models to be painted, and players are welcome to determine their own encounter size and depl
  12. Bristol's Excelsior Games is proud to introduce its premier Wyrd event. Event Type: Rapid Growth Achievement League Where: Excelsior Games, 32 Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LX When: Thursday 24th November continuing on consecutive Thursdays (1st, 8th and 15th December) Faction: Declared and fixed for entire event. Crew: Master-lead only Encounter: Week 1: 26 SS Turf War. Week 2: 30 SS Reckoning. Week 3: 40 SS Reconnoiter. Week 4: 50 SS Squatter's Rights Schemes will be drawn each week and will be a common pool. Proxies: Are not allowed, with so man
  13. We'll be running a 4 round Rapid Growth Ligue. Round dates: 1st - 09.11.16 - 26SS - Master as a leader 2nd - 23.11.16 - 30SS - Master as a leader 3rd - 07.12.16 - 40SS - Master as a leader 4th - 21.12.16 - 50SS - Master as a leader For more information, please check our FB group https://www.facebook.com/events/1246387842095676/
  14. Hi, I am organizing Rapid Growth league in Black Oil club in Brno. It is beginner friendly and you can start just with a starter box. No need for it to be painted, yet. If you are interested, contact me directly or just write here. It starts on Monday of 17th October but you can hop in any time.
  15. Once upon a time... in a city called Malifaux... bad things happened! "Twisted Tales" is a Rapid Growth League wherein players can come together to enjoy the hobby and game that is Malifaux. The League will focus on exposing new players to the game and, for veteran players, adds a fun twist to a conventional escalation league by utilizing Malifaux's Story Encounter system. Winning the League will be less about defeating your opponents and more about exploring all Malifaux has to offer through an achievement point system. The League will begin on October 17, 2016 and run for 6 weeks, cul
  16. I am pleased to announce Alaska's first ever Rapid Growth League! Lovingly dubbed the "Bushwhacker's League", this event will commence May 9th and run through June 6th. Players will begin with a modest Master-led crew of 26SS which will progressively increase each week, wrapping up week 4 with a full 50SS crew. The league will be fixed faction, which players must declare at registration. This will be an achievement based league, where overall winners will be determined by achievement points earned throughout the 4 full weeks. Plenty of prizes to be given away for those who make it to the end!
  17. Come one! Come all! to the first of many organised play events to be held at: 4th Planet Games, Bank St , Wrexhax To kick of my successful henchman application i will be running a short (4 week) league, based on Wyrd's Rapid Growth format. This is an achievement league so the aim is to have fun! The following dates are League Days: Wednesday 25th May (12 noon - 10pm)(26 Soulstones, Henchman only) Sunday 5th June (11am - 4pm)(35 Soulstones, Master or Henchman) Wednesday 8th June (12 noon - 10pm)(40 Soulstones, Master Only) Wednesday 15th June (12 noon - 10p
  18. Come on in for the first League of the new year in Columbia Missouri with a rapid growth league at Valhalla's Gate (2525 Bernadette Dr, Columbia, MO 65203). There are some extra achievements that come from the hard core gaming group. This league will run from February 4 through March 2 and there will be some prize support for Top 1 or 2 players (depending on participation) and best painted. Follow link to related documents. Start of each week will be Thursdays, and we will gather around 5:30 https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_HiFwZaZC2AT3UwX08zeXp2aTg&usp=sharing
  19. I'll be organizing a 4-week Rapid Growth League at Empire Games in Mesa, Arizona throughout February. 2015 Rapid Growth League Rules Relaxed painting and proxy rules 4-weeks following standard Soulstone progression League night is Friday nights at 5:00pm This is a great way to jump into Malifaux or into a new master! Empire Games is at 1766 S Greenfield Rd, Mesa, AZ 85206 More details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/111911128949945/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/1655324054686962/
  20. League Information: The League will use the Wyrd Rapid Growth League rules (Link) with the following additions. Soul stone limit for the construction of crews, Deployment and Strategy for each week will be pre-determined. Schemes will be determined randomly each week by the organizer and used in all games. Week 1 (May 25-31) – 35ss, Interference, Flank Deployment Week 2 (June 1 -7) – 40ss, Stake a Claim, Standard Deployment Week 3(June 8-14) – 45ss, Guard the Stash, Close Deployment Week 4 (June 15-21) – 50ss, Squatter’s Rights, Corner Deployment Week 1 & 3 use the new Strat
  21. Georgia Malifaux will be running a Rapid Growth League starting January 4th. The rules and score sheets for this League can be found at: (http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/156-rapid-growth/) We are lucky to have two stores hosting regular Malifaux nights in the Atlanta area: Wasteland Games in Duluth ( http://www.thewastelandgaming.com/) on Wednesdays, and Giga-Bites at their new location in Marietta (http://www.giga-bitescafe.com/index.php) on Fridays. League games will be played at the following point costs on the dates listed: Week of January 4th: 26 Soulstones, Master-Lead
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