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The bits in the metal Flame Base Insert pack are pretty useful for the eternal flame.  There's a big flame wall and some little fire creature things as well.  Might have to look around a bit for stock, though it hasn't been too difficult to find (In the US at least) yet and the wyrd webstore has them for sale still.


I haven't gotten around to doing it yet and have just been using my metal sculpt purifying flame for the time being.


I'm also interested in hearing what people are using for the firestarter though ;)

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Has there been any fluff indications as to what the Firestarter is / will look like?  With abilities like "Twirling With The Gas Can" I wonder if the Firestarter is not going to be more like Pyro, from Marvel Comics, where her/his (?) power is manipulating fire after iits made/spread by chemical or mechanical means, and if that is the case it woin't be more like a person with a flame thrower and gas can or something, rather tahn a flame elemental or something more "magical."


With that in mind (and the fact I am not sure I want to buy the entire box again) I picked up a  "German Feuersoldat (Fire Soldier) from the AE-WWII line to use:




It is kind of hard to tell from the pic, but he has a back pack of accelerant with a pressure hose distribution system or whatnot, but also seesm to have an ability to magically control the flames.  I like him because he seems to fit "the look" by not looking too modern.



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For the Eternal FlameI use a orange painted essence of power... Boring, I know. But I bought two back when you could field Raspy and Kaeris at the same time, then painted one blue and icy, and one orange and fiery. It was already there, so it was an easy choice. Dunno about the Firestarter yet.


EDIT: Though I don't know- I didn't use it a ton in the beta. I was fielding the captain as her hench. 

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Here is what I have been using for the Eternal Flame still haven't really found or been able to get my hands on a decent Firestarter model though. The Jokers faction from the EDEN range of miniatures could have some interesting options. Vladd is mentioned above but check out the others. I remember there being a Ringmaster with a Flamethrower with a hose on it which he uses like a bullwhip. 

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So what's that link without the gmail redirect? (forbidden for anyone not signed into google as, presumably, you) :)

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