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Malifaux 50ss adepticon Primer in Wixom, Mi March 29th 2014


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Flat Land Games is proud to present an Adepticon Primer Tournament for Malifaux
When Saturday march 29th, 2014 12:30 regestration first game at 1:10
Where: Flat Land Games
28990 S Wixom Rd
Wixom, MI 48393
Phone: (248) 773-7854
What-50ss tournament Fixed Faction

Rounds Based on Number of Players up to 15-3rounds over 15 4rounds


Round time-150minutes of play time 10 minutes of setup total round time 160minutes


Painting-Required, I just need effort although there is a player voted best Appearance. 


Scoring-TP/Differential/Victory Points


Strategies and Deployment-Determined by Gaining Grounds 2014 document

Scheme pool-Will be listed in tournament packet and made available on the day of the event.


Buy in-10 Dollar buy in all going to prize support

Preregestration-Although not required if it is done we can make the event huge


Prizes-First, 2nd Best Sportsmanship and Best Appearance more potentially based on player base


Come out and support us. Get your game on before You head to Adepticon, and if your not able to make adepticon this is a great way to face a lot of the players that are. 

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Any rulings for using models without an official model?

You can use models that don't have an official Model as of yet. All these must be shown to TO prior to playing. TO will approve. Base guideline is as long as I can recongize the model for it is without explanation than it will be legal. I'm fairly loose on this but its mostly don't bring me a space marine and tell me its Shenlong. But if you have a cool asian looking model its probably going to be fine.

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After Action


Participants 10



1.) John F 7/+8/19-------1st Place

2.) Alan D 7/+6/25-------2nd place

3.) Alex R  6/+4/19------3rd place

4.)Rudy     6/+1/19

5.)John M  4/0/9

6.)Don       3/0/11

7.)Mark W  3/-2/16-----Best Apperance

8.)Shawn F 3/-3/19

9.)Drew       3/-5/18

10.)Kyle       1/-9/11----Best Sports


Congratulations to our winners and special thanks to Flat Land Games for providing the space and being generous with the Prize support and the Limited Edition Box set. Our first overall took home the Limited Edition day glow Pandora. And our 2, 3rd, Best appearance and sports all took home Store credit.


Faction Results


1 Resser

4 Guild

1 Gremlin

1-10 Thunder



Result By Faction

1.) Arcanists-Mei, Marcus, Kaeris

2.) resser-Seamus, Seamus, Seamus

3.) 10 Thunder-Shenlong, Lynch, Mei

4.)Guild-Hoffman, Hoffman, Mcmourning

5.)Guild-Lucius, Justice, Lucius

6.)Guild-Perdita, Perdita, Perdita

7.)Gremlin-Brewie, Brewie, Somer

8.)Outcast-Leveticus, Von Schill, Viktorias

9.)Guild-Justice, Justice, Justice

10.) Arcanists-Raspy, Raspy, Ramos

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Had a great time. Looking into swapping to Neverborn for the next event- gotta go for an even spread! (And by that I mean, how the hell do we have no neverborns?!)



I was just wondering that myself! Maybe they're not a real faction...

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Had a great time. Looking into swapping to Neverborn for the next event- gotta go for an even spread! (And by that I mean, how the hell do we have no neverborns?!)




Well round 2 I fought Hoffman who had all Arcanists with Marcus who brought almost all Neverborn, does that count? :P

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@Joel Teach me to play Lilith! I need a mentor! :P


I'm looking into practicing with Lilith and Collodi. I've got some proxies for a dreamer crew- I don't love a lot of the more nightmarish models... Like copelius. :P But I think with Lilith and Collodi I should be able to run the gamet on schemes and strats.



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He's fantastic. I wanted to try one more thing with him- a crew that wasn't all constructs. Like-



   arcanist Assets

   Field mechanic







   Wade in





Probably would've been better off with that for my reckoning crew- the family brings shooting to pound away at range, and Hoff brings the elite unkillable shield to block them out.

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