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  1. Hello all, I'll be running a 50ss tournament at Pandemonium Games here in Michigan on April 23. We'll be using the following rules: Gaining Grounds 2017 Fixed Faction 3 Rounds No Painting Required $10 Entry Doors open at Noon and games start at 1pm. Here's a link to our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/237323290007661/ Store address is: Pandemonium Games & Hobbies, 6033 Middlebelt Rd. Garden City, MI 48135 If you have any questions you can post them here or in the event linked above.
  2. My current favourite model combo with Misaki is taking Disguised and using Deadly Dance, then Anna Lovelace walks around with Misaki so now you can't charge, push, place, or walk (if she has enough cards) to her. So Misaki charges in, does her thing then pushes out and is like, "Come at me!" but you can't. I give Anna Smoke Grenades and keep her near cover to deter shooting and Misaki just counters what comes near her. I also like throwing in Misdirect if I fear gunlines to send attacks to Anna or a Wokou since all 3 of these models reduce Sh damage. Anna just rocks in general giving extra card kinda (which everyone loves) and being able to shoot into melee if Misaki gets stuck or needs something finished off since that gun hurts. She can also Vortex things away from Misaki to add to the annoying.
  3. Hello, I will be hosting a tournament full of Malifun next month up here at Pandemonium Games in Michigan! Event info: 50ss Fixed Faction 3 Rounds No painting required (so you can rock new Black Friday fun if you were too busy from holiday season to paint :P) Using the current Gaining Grounds rules. $10 entry Starting at 12:30pm (doors open at Noon) I also have a few extra Special Edition models to throw in as bonus prizes. Address is: Pandemonium Games & Hobbies, 6033 Middlebelt Rd, Garden City MI 48135 Link to Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/371878866537262/
  4. Its that time again for another 50ss event at Pandemonium Games in Garden City! It will be fixed faction, 3 rounds, no painting required for this one, and use all the other rules from the 2016 Gaining Grounds. There's a $10 entry and registration starts at noon, round 1 will start at 1pm. Pandemonium Games is located at: 6033 Middlebelt Rd. Garden City, MI 48135 Link to the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/324867307854227/
  5. Still rocking demos every week up at Pandemonium Games if anyone is ever in the area looking to learn more about Malifaux.
  6. Hello. I will be hosting the next big tournament at Pandemonium Games in Garden City Michigan on Sunday June 26. We will be using the 2016 Gaining Ground rules. Start Time: 1:00pm Fixed Faction 50ss Entry: $10 3 Rounds Location: 6033 Middlebelt Road, Garden City, Michigan Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1357140484300020/ We've had solid turnouts for the last 2 events (14+ people) so should be good fun for this one as well.
  7. UPDATE: Got a handful of new folks trickling in. Still doing demos same time and same place.
  8. Gonna try to wrangle up folks to come down for this I hope! I'll let you know for sure when we get closer to the date. :)
  9. UPDATE: Still doing demos at same times and place up here at Pandemonium. Had a number of new folks this last month so if you're ever in the area and interested in learning. I'm here!
  10. Alrighty! Its time for Pandemonium's first tournament of the year using the 2016 Gaining Grounds rules. There will be a $10 entry for prizes and if we get enough people we can do prizes for best painted as well as random door prizes. The event will be fixed faction and 50ss. We will have 3 rounds. Doors open at 12pm on Sunday April 10. We plan to start by 1. Hope to see more new folks there! Pandemonium is located at 6033 Middlebelt Rd, Garden City, MI 48135 Here's a link to our event on Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/events/1715232662096367/
  11. Hello all. Throwing out a notice that I am available to demo games of Malifaux for anyone looking to get into or try out Malifaux in southeast Michigan. Our normal night to play is Thursdays starting around 5pm til whenever. I am also free all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays if you want to set something up. Just message me here or on our facebook group linked below. We always have new people trickling into the game so you'll never be alone in learning with new folks. Our store is Pandemonium Games, 6033 Middlebelt Rd. Garden City, Michigan. Phone for store (if you really want) (734) 427-2451. https://www.facebook.com/groups/915270501824748/
  12. Hello all! Pandemonium Games of Garden City Michigan will be having a Shifting Loyalties campaign that starts 1/21/16 and runs for 8 weeks. Totally free to enter with a few prizes throughout and at the end for folks. Everyone is busting out their new Xmas gifts for the new year ready to watch them be merciless murdered by other Malifolks. In this campaign, we will be using the following special rules: Extra Scrip (for faster wackiness) Stay Dead (so watch it!) The Good Doctor (so you can evade death) Cut 'em Up for Parts (for the ruthless) We meet up every Thursday around 5pm but games can be played anytime during the week, just lemme know who all played and how it went. Weekly events will occur from Thursday through the following Wednesday. Hope to see some new folks there!
  13. Here are the schemes and strats for next Saturday's event!!! Rd1: Deploy: Standard Strat: Guard the Stash Schemes: LiTS (Line in the sand), Breakthrough, Distract, Make Them Suffer, Murder Protege Rd2: Deploy: Flank Strat: Interference Schemes: LiTS, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Plant Evidence, Vendetta Rd3: Deploy: Close Strat: Extraction Schemes: LiTS, Bodyguard, Assassinate, Entourage, Take Prisoner Rd4: (if we need) Deploy: Standard Strat: Stake A Claim Schemes: LiTS, Protect Territory, Bodyguard, Distract, Power Ritual
  14. I never leave the bayou without Lenny, Old Cranky, and a Slop Hauler. Rest is scheme/strat/faction dependent. But those 3 are always going to make her pretty absurd at shooting and surviving and shooting.
  15. Hello, I will be hosting Pandemonium's first official Malifaux tournament on December 12, 2015 using the Gaining Grounds rules provided by Wyrd. Basic Info: Entry: $10Registration Start: 10:00amRound 1 Start: 11:00amFixed Faction (you pick one and play them the whole time and you may change masters between games, just not factions)50ss and painting is NOT required 2 hour round times, 15min for setup and 1hr 45min for gameplay. Prizes based on entries I may be able to provide food for everyone. Here's a link to our Facebook page where we communicate other info. https://www.facebook.com/events/1533692920256328/ Location: 6033 Middlebelt Rd Garden City, MI 48135 Hope to see many folks there and that it isn't too cold by then.
  16. Glowing Sabre does at least 2/4/5 and ignores Armor as well as some other things. Any minion can use this but Rail Workers can get to attack and damage when using it making it especially scary. Warden can also increase that damage even more. And being near Toshiro can make it even better!!!
  17. This is a starter league for Malifaux! Everyone starts with 1 Master who they will play through the entire league. Each week we play at a set point level and as the league goes on, the points increase. Starting at 30ss weeks 1 and 2, then 35ss weeks 3 and 4, and finally 40ss for the final week. This league is to help newer people get better acquainted with the game and learn more about Malifaux. There will be a $5 entry fee for the league to go toward Prize support at the end. The league will also contain a number of achievements to earn you extra points. All the rules can be found here (http://www.wyrd-games.net/resources) and scrolling down to organized play (they have them in a folder you have to download for some reason). We will meet every Thursday from Sept 26 through Oct 29 but you can also play games other days of the week if you cannot make Thursdays. Here is a link to our Facebook group where we can schedule times to meet up for games if you can't make the regular time. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/915270501824748/)
  18. Sensei Yu can kick it off for me. I'm torn between Shenlong, Lucas, or Misaki as all their Avatars seem too damn fun. Thankfully Sensei Yu goes with everything ever!
  19. So this is has confused a bit for a while now. Hoffman's Power Loop and having conditions that modify stats. I dug around and couldn't find anything so I came here. So say a model is in the Loop and then gets Cracked from Von Schill which gives him -1 Df. Would this mean that with Power Loop, the model can take another's Df and then get -1 to the stat or take the model's Df and ignore the -1 Df. We've been playing as they get -1 Df to whatever they pick because they replace the stat and still get -1 Df because they always have the condition. Similarly, how does it interact with Appetizing from Slop Haulers? Is their Df 4, then they pick a number to replace it with Power Loop or do they have Df 4, pick a new number with Power Loop, but then it changes back to 4 because the condition is still there even after they use Power Loop at the start of the duel? We've been playing this as Appetizing takes precedent because its always changing their Df to 4 as long as they have it. Kinda awkward, so any help would be great. Thank you in advance.
  20. I have played TONS of Ulix. He's great with all the models that are available right now. Pigs, pigs, pigs. The Sow are terrifying with Ulix and Old Major. If you can make your own, do it. If not, you can still get by just fine. I really love the sow.
  21. I love them as anti-Arcanist models since they tend to have lots of armor targets. For 5ss, these guys can dish out nice damage against Howard, Meta Gamin, Joss, Arachnids, and all that. Really amazing model. Very different role than Slop Haulers, but Slops tend to bring a lot more options. Though the (0) that can heal or drop free schemes is awesome.
  22. Burt, Gracie, Francois, and Whiskey Golem are all fine targets for Glowy. Lazarus isn't a necessity, just my favorite Glowy guy so far. I also like the idea of Gremlins adding more lights onto him to make him more "glowy."
  23. Ya, Lazarus has been out a few years now in plastic so he's very accessible. I'd suggest getting Lenny asap, he's just amazing all around. I forgot Merris hasn't been officially released, I got her from the black friday thing and assumed she came out soon after. But this is Wyrd and you know... Brewmaster...
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