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Just a quick background; I've been shopping around for a while trying to find a miniature wargame that I will enjoy and not crush my wallet at the same time, and I think I've finally found it in Malifaux.

Viks and crew are due to arrive Friday and I'm quite excited to get them ready for Dead Heat over this summer. I find myself going back over old painting dvd's and searching up channels on Youtube to prepare myself. See, the thing is, I've been interested in wargames for a very long time but because of cost, on and off interest etc I haven't ever been able to finish or paint up a model to my satisfaction.

I'm looking to start up a list of sites and channels that can be shared and expanded upon by the community as a centralized resource. Maybe get it stickied. It's hard for new gamers to really break in and get started so let's try and get free, quality information gathered in one place.

Please list sites, channels, blogs, etc. Maybe include a sentence or two on content. I'm going to go look over the list of channels/sites I already have.


http://www.paintingclinic.com/index.htm Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic

A lot of good information. Basic tips, tutorials, project logs (mostly 40k I think, but shouldn't be much of a stretch to transfer the lessons to Malifaux minis), some product reviews. I don't think he's actually updated in a while, but he's continued with updates to his channel.

http://www.terrainthralls.com/ Terrain Thralls

Tutorials for building terrain, mainly centered around Privateer Press, but again, shouldn't be hard to transfer the lessons learned to Malifaux. The site is divided into a couple of sections, but the meat of it is the tutorial section, divided into sections (beginner, advanced, etc.)


Really, really, really good site. Hundreds of articles detailing how to make pretty much everything terrain based.

Youtube Channels

http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePaintingClinic The Painting Clinic

Doctor Faust does a lot of good videos. Some of it is project logs, but a lot is basics, tips/tricks (painting white (warm/cold), painting gold, bases etc.) and he paints a lot of Wyrd minis too.



Privateer Press Modeling and Painting Vol 1: Core Techniques

This is a product from Privateer Press, that I bought way back when I was really into Privateer Press (not so much at the moment). I think it was intended to be the first part of a series but I haven't seen Privateer Press follow through on another DVD.

It's basically a beginner's DVD and goes through all the basics. Assembly, priming, basic techniques (drybrush, washing, layering) and painting walkthroughs for three models (Ironclad warjack, Sorscha, and Raek). I think it's pretty good for beginners, advanced painters should steer clear because there's nothing for them.

I will add that I didn't really like the way Sorscha was done, I thought it didn't look good and could have been done better.

Laszlo Jakusovszky: Hot Lead

Very good DVD by a good painter, I'm rewatching this at the moment. 3 DVD's, 8 hrs of instruction. The DVD's are divided into sections; Each section covers a specific aspect, (preparation, basing, painting techniques, metallics) and is divided into smaller subsections lasting from about a minute to 10+ minutes. So basically you can look for exactly what you want within a specific section.

Mr. Laszlo is not particularly charismatic or compelling in my opinion, but he knows his stuff and has a lot of good information.

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