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  1. Hello everyone... again So, I've been bouncing in and out of Malifaux over the years. I only learned about 3E the other day, lol, caught me by surprise. I've been trying read up on available information but i guess i got to ask, what's different coming into this new edition? Just curious for now, Malifaux seems to have dried up completely in my usual LGS. I'll have to check around and see if other stores are still hosting Malifaux. Are there resculpts? One of the things that I didn't really like in the previous version of Malifaux was the weird hard plastic sculpts that I found rather difficult to assemble. Hope things are different this time around.
  2. I like the idea of the Shy Guys, it fits in with what I think little Alp demons ought to look like. Too bad I'm not too confident in my sculpting abilities. I think I may have found ideal Alp proxies - Basically creepy little doll things or creepy little fair folk is what I had in mind.
  3. I may have found another model that may be suitable - the little shredder things from HORDES Or their cousins I'm also thinking the little Nurgle daemons would be a good replacement.
  4. Greetings again Neverborn fiends Whereas once I had more of a passing interest in the Neverborn faction, now I'm looking to acquire 6 of 7 Masters, heh. I'd like to grab Dreamer as one of the six, but there's one thing I'm hung up on. I don't like the Alps. I don't like them. I've considered just not summoning them at all, since I don't have to, but that seems kind of dumb to me. So I'm wondering if any of you Neverborn players use other models as Alp proxies, like a creepy doll and the like. The Puppet Wars Teddy would have been ideal, but that boat is long gone I think. Thanks
  5. These look really nice. I'm debating getting some. The Graveyard bases would be really good for Ressers, and the wooden plank bases would be good for Gremlins.
  6. Just wondering if I should describe the problem as a mispack or if it would be more accurate to describe it as something else.
  7. Hello Would like some help with my recently received order that I want to enter into the support request. I ordered some Wave 1 decks but I received the Wave 2 counterparts instead. Is this a mispack or is it something else? Thanks
  8. Well, I'm a newish guy getting back into the game. Got a fair amount of Marcus stuff and I'll probably be buying the Silurids, Waldgeists and other stuff during Gen Con weekend. I wasn't really interested in Neverborn until recently. Miss Ery looks really cool. If I wanted to, say, play Pandora and start with one Teddy on the field, I could bring in Widow Weaver as well and summon the other Teddy and have two completely different looking Teddies running around eating people. So for me Miss Ery will work out pretty well.
  9. I rather like the one from Wild West Exodus. Haven't looked at that miniature range in a while. I think it fits what i want to go for - a creepy spirit creature. Thanks for all the suggestions. I hope this thread is helpful to anyone else who is... having issues with the Hungering Darkness model.
  10. I've thought about using the Bushido Wraith. It would make sense if I ran Lynch as 10T. Razhem, I can't see whatever it is you're linking.
  11. Greetings Neverborn fiends Newish player here trying to get back into playing Malifaux. At the moment I'm trying to put aside time to put together my Arcanist stuff, but I must admit I've become more interested than I thought I would in the slavering monsters that go bump in the night. Right now I'm liking Lilith, Lucius, possibly Lynch, possibly Dreamer. I say possibly Lynch because I like most of his stuff, save for one model - Hungering Darkness. Now I think enough has been said about him, suffice to say I don't like the model, and I was wondering if anyone uses an alternate model, and if so, what do they use? I was thinking of using this: https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77082 Like a big purple flaming demon/spirit thing, but any suggestions are welcome.
  12. Well the funny thing is, I wasn't planning on starting with Marcus. I was more into Mei Feng, with her jumping around and kicking stuff, so I bought the Mei Feng and Ramos boxes. I feel like I'm going to postpone that for the moment, though, because I want plastic fire gammies and union miners to field with her. The recent announcement of the new stuff that Marcus can use has definitely swung things in his favor for me. Dawn Serpent looks awesome, can fly around and shoot fire everywhere, always a win in my book. Can't wait till all the new goodies drop so I can get it all in one go.
  13. Hello Is anyone thinking of doing some work on the Dawn Serpent? Although he's not Arcanist, he fits in with Marcus, and I would like to see that article of his filled up
  14. Hello I'm a new player as well, and I've decided I would like to jump into Malifaux by joining Team Marcus. I personally prefer to buy my stuff in a bundle, to keep down shipping costs, and I'm going with the new plastic stuff by Wyrd, can't deal with metal. Wyrd just sent out a newsletter that they'll be releasing new stuff soon, including stuff that can be used with Marcus, so I'm delaying my purchases until then. My current purchase plan is: Marcus box set Dawn Serpent December Acolytes New Canine Remains (plastic) New Molemen (plastic) And I might double up on the Rattler and Cerberus so that Myranda can shape change while the other one is still on the table. Molemen, for the reasons already outlined above. Canines, although not Arcanists, and ignoring the fact that they're zombie dogs, will be a good fit for Marcus. Cheap, fast, can take a hit or two, can run schemes. Although they seem to not be good at fighting, they can debuff defense by standing within 1" of an enemy model. And if you get lucky, you can infect enemies with Rabid (Beast + -1 WP) which Marcus can take advantage of. Acolytes, although not Beasts, I will paint them in woodland colors so that they can be woodsmen or hunter types. I'm bringing them because they have a gun, which most Beasts of course do not have. They're not so bad in melee either. They can deploy anywhere on the field that's not within 6" of the enemy deployment zone. And they have a tactical action, Smell Weakness, that can strip away an enemy's armor and hard to wound. It's not a Ca action, it just happens, which is awesome. Suddenly that Peacekeeper doesn't look so tough with his defensive traits stripped away. Dawn Serpent, one of the few Beasts with a gun and can hit hard in melee too. His Counterspell ability will make him a huge pain in the ass for Ca heavy crews, since he can strip away triggers and outright stop some spells from working on him. And he can heal himself with his (0) action.
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