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  1. Hello, Malifaux Lovers! One of the most exciting things about the new Shifting Loyalties book is the campaign system, a new mode of play that promises to change the way you play the game in your local LGS. After reading through the book several times, I can safely say that yes, the campaign mode is a way to pretty much turn the game on it's head. Without spoiling it from front to back, one of the coolest things about it is how the starting 'arsenal' of models you get change over time, either acquiring injuries after 'dying' in a game to weaken them or new upgrades that buff them. These upgrades can cause characters to get abilities that....well, they probably shouldn't have. Imagine giving a Rotting Belle the ability to have Black Blood, or a flame thrower attack to a young nephilim. We've written a write up on our first impressions of the campaign mode out of GenCon, at our website Sprites and Dice. If you're interested, feel free to take a look, and say what's on your mind. Is there something you're really looking forward to? Is it the Henchman led battles, the random weekly events, or the reintroduction of Avatars? Let us know! http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/08/gencon-reports-new-malifaux-campaign.html
  2. Hello all! I'm happy to say that after a full month of hobby nights, the Dragon's Den group for Malifaux is going strong again. We've consistently had 7-10 people this summer, and we hope to keep it going! Dragon's Den 2600 South Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 We often arrive around 5-5:30 PM, with games starting between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. The store closes at 9, which is plenty of time for a quick game and hanging out, or duking out a full fifty point game. Thursdays: 8/6 8/13 8/20 8/27 We hope to see you there! As always, feel free to check out our Facebook group, "Hudson Valley Malifaux" to help coordinate with other players of the game!
  3. There's so little to go on, and yet so many reasons to be hyped! Our writer had a chance to talk with Aaron directly about it, and while it's not much, it's enough to know it's going to be a larger experience than Malifaux, and that they are actively working on this to get to us relatively quickly. It was related to Warmahordes in terms of scale, but again, Wyrd always has an ace up the sleeve. Something I find interesting about the interview that was had with Aaron: cards are going to be a factor, but it wasn't pinned down that it would be a poker deck. That could open some interesting doors. http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/08/gencon-reports-other-side.html
  4. One of our writer's here at Sprites and Dice actually had a chance to talk with Aaron about the game, and wrote up a small article on it. It's not a LOT to go over yet, but it's definitely a good place to start. I'm excited to see where Wyrd goes with this: as a Henchman, the switch from 1st edition to 2nd edition caused a lot of unsurity, and I know around me, several players quit the game because of it. However, I know that they do think things through, and one benefit of Wyrd being Wyrd is they've seen companies like GW and Privateer Press work in this field before, and can find their own path after others have walked down the path of a army-sized game. http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/08/gencon-reports-other-side.html
  5. Hello all! Again, us at Sprites and Dice have put together a Tactica, this time, going in-depth about Pandora and her skill set. Dana, our Neverborn player, loves using the 'bubble-bomb' method to destroy teams, but do you play her differently? Is there another trick to using her besides a massive dose of Misery? Feel free to check out our article, and tell us what you think! http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/07/malifaux-tactics-in-that-place-there.html
  6. Hello again! As we prepare for Shifting Loyalties to come out later this year, the gaming group based in the Hudson Valley is hosting League play! It's casual by design, as we have a lot of new players, and meant to encourage people to try out a new crew or experiment how they like. The July Luck League Entry: a $5 or $10 donation, all of which will be going towards purchasing new terrain for Dragon's Den, Poughkeepsie Prizes: Determined by amount of entrants to the league! Will either be a set amount of credit towards a purchase from the Wyrd webstore, or selecting a box from my list of limited edition models! When: All of July Size of Games: 35 points How to Win: Entering the league gets you one raffle ticket....play up to four games throughout the month of July, each against a different opponent. For each win, you will earn another ticket into the raffle. There will be two drawings, for 'First' and 'Second' place. Want a reason to play some games, brush up on your skills? This league is the right way for you to get back into the swing of things before the next rulebook comes out! As always, feel free to check out our Facebook page, "Hudson Valley Malifaux" to find opponents and get involved locally with our community. See you soon! Address: Poughkeepsie Plaza, 2600 South Road, Poughkeepsie NY 12601 845-471-1401
  7. Hello all! I'm happy to say that after a full month of hobby nights, the Dragon's Den group for Malifaux is going strong again. We've consistently had 7-10 people all of June, and we hope to keep it that way! Dragon's Den 2600 South Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 We often arrive around 5-5:30 PM, with games starting between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. The store closes at 9, which is plenty of time for a quick game and hanging out, or duking out a full fifty point game. Thursdays: 7/2 7/9 7/16 7/23 7/30 We hope to see you there! As always, feel free to check out our Facebook group, "Hudson Valley Malifaux" to help coordinate with other players of the game!
  8. Greetings, Ninjas! At our website, Sprites and Dice, we've been slowly going through all the factions, talking about what makes them special. What makes the 10 Thunders a group that you want to collect? It's a strange question, since the 10 Thunders are a faction made up of all the others...but that's the fun, right? Who is your favorite Duel-Faction master? Do you think the 10-Thunders hit that sweet spot of blending faction identities? http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/06/malifaux-factions-ten-thunders-to.html
  9. Hello, fellow rebels! Recently, myself and other writers on my gaming news site have jumped in to talk about our favorite faction in a bit of detail. As someone that's been playing Malifaux for three years, I find myself still an Arcanist fan through and through. Not wanting to miss a chance to talk about how awesome they are, here is the article about it! It's split up into talking about their story, and then generalized information about the crews. Now, posting here, I know a generalize overview of the Masters in the game probably isn't needed, but I'm curious about why other people play Arcanists, and how they view them. Are they a criminal organization, or are they the underdog heroes? In the article, I make a claim reaching for the idea that the Arcanists are probably the closest that we get to a good guy faction in the game. Agree, Disagree? http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/06/malifaux-factions-embrace-freedom-with.html
  10. The feminism thing is something that's a really interesting angle, and I wanted to touch upon... but didn't know how to work into the main article without really taking away from it as a cohesive whole. Maybe I was just gun-shy. But you are right. Yes, there are some 'sexy' models, but the reason why it works is because there are simply SO many depictions of women. One of the problems you have is when a group is only represented in one fashion, and the fact that there are so many strong female characters in Malifaux is what makes it viable. Here's a great example: let's take the core three Guild Masters, all women. In the fluff, Lady Justice is never even referenced in relations with another man, Perdita comes across as a little more flirtatious but still super focused on the job, and Sonnia Criid is Sonnia. In terms of models, Perdita has some cleavage (or is very flirtatious in the alternate model), Lady Justice has some skin, and Sonnia barely has an inch of skin showing. Seamus might have Belles, but Molly is such an enigma that is never sexualized in any way right next to them. Kirai, like so many female masters, is too damn busy dealing with their own problems of magic and survival to come across as a single-sided character. At the same time, let's look at Colette, my first crew: one reason why I love them is that while they are a burlesque troop, the stories about them portray them as so very human, just trying to make a living and survive in this bizarre other-world. Of course, we can always talk about Zoraida.... My point is, there's a whole range, from sexy characters (both genders) to people that come across as entirely asexual, and because there is so much representation, it helps negate any sort of focus on one particular model or backstory from standing out in a bad way. Again, one of the biggest strengths of Malifaux is how there's so many varied influences and themes that somehow blend into a character all on it's own.
  11. So, I'll be honest, there is a little bit of self promotion here, but I'm also curious what everyone thinks. As a henchman of Malifaux, and as someone that's been playing for three years, it's a definite that the game still holds staying power for me as a solid, good game. In fact, it's a game that even if I have to walk away from it for a while, I find myself coming back to with open arms, excited to start back up again. My 'review' (let's be honest, there's some real fanboy love going on here) explores why the game matters, what makes it different and last rather than just have a first flash of excitement before fading. What is it for you guys? Is it the fluff of a particular faction, the use of cards instead of dice? What makes you love the game? http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/05/why-i-love-malifaux.html
  12. Hello again! After a long break from Henching thanks to rough work schedule and other circumstances, I'm proud to say Thursday Night Malifaux at Dragons Den in Poughkeepsie NY is back! We usually start showing up around 5, with hopes to have games going from 6-9PM. This is in Poughkeepsie NY in the Hudson Valley, at the Dragon's Den. Look for myself, Wyatt, if you are looking for a demo, as this Thursday we'll be introducing several people already to the game. Live in the Hudson Valley? You should check out our Facebook group Hudson Valley Malifaux to find more people to play with as we prepare for leagues and events to come up in 2015! https://www.facebook.com/groups/115384418604618/ See you there!
  13. Hey all, Halflingspy here, another henchman in the area - Happy to say that the Thursday night Malifaux scene in the Hudson Valley is going strong! I hope you'll be able to join us for the last two Thursdays in September - a lot of us have finished prepping Gencon boxes, and want to give them a try...
  14. Hello Everyone! Would like to just leave an open invitation to come to open Demos for the upcoming weekend at Dragon's Den in Poughkeepsie, NY. It will be this Saturday, June 7th, from noon to four. I'll be bringing paints, so if you want to come and share your paint jobs as well, trade tips, we certainly wouldn't mind! And, as always, we will have several tables set up, waiting for people to fight over scheme markers. June 7th at Dragons Den, from 12-4 PM. Plaza 2600 South Road (Route 9), Poughkeepsie NY.
  15. Hello all! Its been a while, but here in Mid-state New York we are starting to gear up for more events again as the Wyrd Weekend approaches. People are buying new crews, getting their 2.0 crews painted and touched up... So for that, from Noon to 3PM, (and probably a bit longer!), we will be hosting a Hobby day at Dragon's Den in Poughkeepsie, New York. Saturday, May 10th. It will be slightly different than just playing though - I will be bringing all of my paints, as well as added brushes and supplies to help people put together their crews, paint them, and share tips when people ask. There are already quite a few from our local LGS already slotted to appear, so if anyone else would like to come, we always love new faces! See you there.
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