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The Breach Bag Is Here!

Battle Foam

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Hi Malifaux fans,

We are happy to announce that at this years GenCon we will be releasing the new Malifuax Breach Bag. Not only does this bag have 3 times the space that our original Malifaux Bag has but it also comes with wheels. With the growing range of minis for Malifaux we had to create something to carry all that metal goodness.

The new Breach Bag gives you room for Malifaux models, Puppet Wars models, books, cards, tape measures, and anything else you could dream up. The easy to carry design is also airplane friendly so you don't have to worry about checking this bag at the gate.

Follow this link to get your pre-order in today. http://us.battlefoam.com/products/Malifaux-Breach-Bag-Standard-Load-Out.html





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Here is the link for the Puppet Wars Tray. Looks like it will hold far more than the original Puppet Wars Battle Foam Bag, and since the tray fits the C4, Malifaux Bag, and the Breach Bag, that is a huge plus and savings if you already have one of those bags.

I am kind of curious on why this is 2 inches thick. Have been using a 1 inch troop tray (models laying down, can fit 44) and a 1.5 inch pluck foam (have it set for 24 puppets standing up and 4 decks of cards) and I have never come into a problem with things being too tall. Ah well, may be picking one of these up to see or asking Battle Foam if they can custom cut one for me at 1.5 inches.

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Can you get it empty? i already have tons of trays. im not sure if i want to lose all the separate pockets on my standard bag. i would only use this on those occasions where i was doing a demo day and had to make sure i had a good selection of crews.

other than that, im not liking the extra pockets. i would have to waste a whole tray for things like tokens, decks and markers.

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