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Pandora - Incite/Pacify chain


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How does incite/pacify with pandora work vs Sue's Tread the line spell? The models protected by sue would be immune to the effect but pandora would win the duel so she gets to push and cast again vs the same model? Sue keeps them from being affected by pacify so they are legal targets for the next one and pandora just has to win the duel to recast incite/pacify so thats infinite casts as long as pandora wins the wp duel right?

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Nope, as they still lose a wp duel and so would die instead eventually (if all are won) and also assuming your understanding is correct so better solution is to not do that vs pandora:)

Sorry it appears what i wrote above is wrong, after a long debate a while back with 13th Warrior

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Just had my first game with Pandora and v2 of her card looks like you can no longer use both pacify or incite


"If this model wins the Wp Duel, it may choose to take the Incite Action again this activation"


"If this model wins the Wp Duel, it may choose to take the Pacify Action again this activation."

Has there been change that lets you chain the 2 effects together or am I missing something (wouldn't surprise me if this was the case) ?


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No, you'd choose one or the other and keep going with that one (see Ratty's post above)

The wording does beg the question though, can you interrupt the chain? Let's say Pandora successfully Pacifies 3 models, can she then do something else (Cast, move, whatever) and then pick up the chain again (obviously on different models)?

I've always played that once she stops, that's it, end of chain, but if she stops after a successful Pacify / Incite, the ability reads as though she can carry on afterwards.

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I have found that using pacify/incite like mentioned above to get into position then use your three action (with casting master) to get into position then use self loathing on something like teddy or other high priority targets 3 times, the you continue your chain to get into cover or away from dangerpus models works really well. I used this, with candy for some self loathing help to take out 2 teddys in one turn.

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I am pretty sure that you can't try this action if Sue makes you immune to it, though. Sue is very good against Pandora that way.

Sue makes you immune to the effect not the spell. So as I understand it if I were the pandora player I could cast it against a model sue has given "tread the line". Then if I win the duel I can push 4 inches if I win the wp->wp duel. Then I can cast incite/pacify again against the same model because it is not affected by incite/pacify and push again, dealing 1 wound for each wp duel I win. Being immune to the effects of incite/pacify does not mean you cannot be targeted by the spell afaik. It sorta makes Sue less then ideal vs pandora/candy/kade.

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