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  1. Payment sent (Rob Owens) - went to the first 1st Ed GT, may as well go to the first M3e one
  2. That's good - save me a fortune in Tactics Tokens
  3. Can Kassa flip an Asset to the Disabled side with Emergency Repairs, and then flip it back for a net 4 card draw in combination with Spare Parts? Emergency Repairs (6 v 10 | 3"): Target friendly Titan @ an Asset of your choice. If an Asset is @ in this way, draw a card. Spare Parts: When a friendly Titan within 12" @ s or discards one or more Assets, draw a card. I'm not seeing anything to prevent this, but want to make sure I haven't missed anything Cheers
  4. When modifying the duel total, can I use an Inspired token on my fireteam as well as a Shaken token on the target?
  5. Ah, that clears it up, thank you. For the last point, it was based on whether you could go beyond the limit, but it doesn't matter now - you've resolved that question with your other answers, ta
  6. Does this ignore the maximum three Assets rule? In other words can you attach this Asset and two others to the Goryshche and then subsequently add multiple additonal Snapping Heads? Or is it just considered a bonus to the AV for each subsequent head attached?
  7. Sorry, I meant to ask if I could increase the Armour value of the defending fire team, not the Strength of the Penetration roll
  8. Can you use in Inspired Token to increase the Armour value of a fireteam against an opponent's Penetration flip?
  9. I took Marcus for the Man against Gremlins (Wong) - seemed appropriate Alpha was really useful, pushing a Rattler into the advancing Gremlins on turn 1 (conveniently, it was also the Frame for Murder model ), and just delaying them sufficiently for them not to swamp the wagon. As noted above, Turn 2 initiative was key (after ties and re-flips I'd used a soulstone and flipped 5 cards, my opponent used 2ss and flipped 6 cards!), fortunately I won it and was able to free the prisoner, then push it 3 or 4 times into my deployment zone over the next couple of activations (including Marcus, who slapped a cheeky Stuffed Pig that had moved up to sit on the marker, then pushed it twice). Once that was done, it was almost impossible for my opponent to win (it also didn't help that he made a mistake in blowing up a Stuffed Piglet which missed my crew and killed the Rooster Rider). The game ended 9-3 to Marcus. Have to say, the new Circus Bear upgrade for the Mauler makes him much better; Turn 2 he released the prisoner, and used Bear Hug to pull the Rooster Rider into base contact, and then just ignore Wong's pulses and blasts that were going off everywhere! He just managed to survive on 1 wound, then finished off Wong - +2 damage for Frenzy is brutal (weak damage of 5!), especially at Ml 6. Good old Boris!
  10. Thanks, I think I'm okay with the card draw now: Marcus (or at least, his crew's controller / owner) spends any cards or stones required (I did already know that, so no problems), but it is Myranda (ie the person running her crew) who draws the cards. I'm not overly happy about it, but I do see that that's the way it most likely works (I think it may still be open to interpretation though); in which case, the easiest thing would be to discard the upgrade first to give her fast, then sacrifice her, which is still pretty powerful. On a related note, what if I want to turn Myranda into a Moleman and the Myranda player doesn't have one, does the summon / sacrifice not work? Could I use one of my models for the summon, (I know it would be under the control of ex-Myranda's player for the rest of the game)? For the Prompt, is the consensus that if Marcus Alphas Colette, Marcus controls the push but Colette controls the action? And if that's the case, who decides if the model makes a (1) action (the target may perform a (1) action)?
  11. Thanks. Yeah, it occurred to me that the sacrifice trigger might be a lot of fun, particularly on the Rider or Howard I was wondering about who controls the push / move because it would also be fun / nasty to prompt a model to target a Terrifying model and fail the duel, then prompt another with reactivate / sacrifice, and then prompt Cassandra to prompt Colette to target a Terrifying model, which would also use up Understudy Imbued Energies: When this model is killed or sacrificed, draw four cards
  12. A couple of (sort of) related questions: 1 - If Marcus Alpha's Colette and uses her Prompt, who controls the 3" push and / or (1) action made by the target model? (Prompt - push target other friendly model up to 3" in any direction, then the target may perform a (1) action) 1a - If the answer to 1 above is yes, can Marcus use Colette's Prompt to Prompt Cassandra to use Understudy to stop Cassandra using it in her activation? (Not really Alpha related, but if Cassandra has used Understudy, and then attacks with the Dancer's Sabre, can she use the Magician's Prop to use Understudy again?) (Magician's Prop - After damaging this model takes the (1) Understudy Action vs Understudy - take a (1) Ca action...This Action may only be taken once per turn) 2 - If Marcus Alpha's an enemy Myranda with Imbued Energies and uses her (0) to sacrifice her, who gets the cards? Cheers
  13. Got a grey card through my door this morning saying that the local dispatch office are holding Reva, Titania and Assami hostage and demanding a ransom of £30 to release them
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