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  1. So big changes up ahead... it is no longer Monday meetups... we changed rooms too. So it is Malifaux Demo at Wargames Thursday in the new spot Werkstadthaus Tübingen beginning at 18:00. Next meetup is this Thursday the 20.09.2018. See you all there!
  2. sorry Deaniel, had a bit of a RL hassle up of late, send you a PM. So tonight is again Clubtime! Same place same time, hope to see you all!
  3. and another go since i forgot to psot the last one ;-) next one ist 28th of May same time same Space!
  4. I'll be there too and might come over for a talk if my schedule allows for it!
  5. Still alive and kicking, we have a stable group well mixed (vets and beginners alike) and still same time same spot! Next meetup is 26th of March!
  6. well not exactly. There are several such entitys subsummed under the Baba Yaga Archetype, spread as far as eastern Syberia.
  7. And nearly forgot to update: 26th at 18.30 local time same adress and stuff as usual except we're gonna go for "divergent paths"
  8. SO this month we're one week early due to REASONS! that means next date will be: 15th August @ 18.30 same space as usual!
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