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Expanding my options

Yew Arcane

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Ok, so I am working on expanding my models within the resurrectionists, I currently herve the seamus box set crew, avatar seamus, bete, the copycat killer, and molly, amd plan to bab some crooligand, a rogue necromancy and the dead doxies, but to complete what I am looking for currently, I ned to fill up trip more spaces in my book after that. Any suggestions?

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Right now I can't afford a lot, but I am looking to expand what options I have, specifically within the ressers, I actually have most of the outcast models given here, and I know they would be helpful, but I am looking specifically within the faction. I could always use ranged support, healing, objective nabbers and beat sticks. But I am looking for suggestions to plug any holes I might have

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I'd say your first out of faction buy should be Convict Gunslinger, as he's nice and straightforward and used all those masks we don't normally take much notice of. Sue works too, especially with a Nurse, but cut your teeth on the 'slinger for your first merc.

Grave Spirit is a great cheap totem.

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If you give me your current collection, a $$$ and whether you want to build up Seamus or Rezzers as a whole I can point you towards what to buy. The good thing about the book 1 rezzers is that it's easy to build them all at the same time.

Assuming Seamus->Faction focused and a $50 spending limit I'd look at a Grave Spirit ($7.00), Von Schill ($9.00), and Canine Remains x2 ($14.00 x2)

At $102 I'd look at adding a Dead Rider ($30.00) and the Undertaker's Lot ($28.00)

At $147 I'd add Night Terrors x2 ($15.00 x2) and Mindless Zombies ($15.00)

At $201 I'd add Douglas McMourning ($9.00), Flesh Construct x2 ($10.00 x2), Zombie Chihuahua ($7.00) and The Drowned ($18.00)

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