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  1. I'm going to post three, because the last time I played was a tournament. Misaki Shang Ototo Yamaziko 2x Torakage Thunder Archer Ten Thunders Brother - Trained Ninja - Corrupted Idols Vendetta Breakthrough* Assassinate* Power Ritual Take Prisoner - I was up against Hoffman, and struggled because 1) first time against Hoffman, any edition, and 2) I don't really have a lot of counters to armor. I did get rid of his mechanical attendant, but I didn't take care of it early enough and just didn't have time (real time) to recover. - Youko Chiyo Hinamiatsu Bill 3x Bunraku Ten Thunders Brother - Trained Ninja - Plant Explosives Hold Up Their Forces Search the Ruins* Dig Their Graves Power Ritual* Harness the Ley Line - I was up against Seamus, and his Terrifying, so my bunraku were at a disadvantage. This was a very close game, but I didn't get my explosives out, and ran out of time, again. - Mei Feng Forgeling Kang Metal Golem 3x Rail Worker 2x Metal Gamin - Turf War Detonate Charges Deliver a Message Outflank* Search the Ruins Assassinate* - I was up against a Dreamer crew. Didn't really know how to handle Dreamer, in the slightest, and got crushed. The player got first, so I'm not salty. I did get a Pneumatic Toss off against LCB, so I count that as a moral victory for the game. I think I have a grasp on what masters are good with what pools, but I don't really know how to build against specific masters yet.
  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It is highly unlikely that we are getting a whole bunch of dual faction masters out of the Explorer's Society. The reason the Ten Thunders were like that before, was because their concept was that they were infiltrating the other organizations and groups. That isn't the case for the current part of the story. Dual faction masters are also much less common in general this edition. And that's without including the fact that for balance reasons they would have to add eight new masters if they did, and they wouldn't all be explorers. That said, the ideas presented here wouldn't have to be dual faction to work either. I like the idea of a phantom thief/gentleman thief as well, I think that could provide some really interesting mechanics.
  3. I just tested this myself, it allows me to add Teddies even after the ss pool has been used up too. I'm on Android Build 1.0.5
  4. Beyond the obvious answers of dreams and doppelgangers, answers to these kinds of questions are difficult. As for Misaki and Mei Feng, could always be the result of a misunderstanding, or it could be a way to extinguish suspicion.
  5. Rail Workers are amazing. I was playing this weekend and I was put in a situation where I had the opportunity to throw Lord Chompy Bits. I didn't win that game, but that was very much a moral victory.
  6. Genbu is an alt Izamu, so you have to go under Izamu and select Genbu from the drop box. Pasha is an alt Blessed of December, so follow the same as above, except for the model in question.
  7. There are other things that haunt. But fair enough.
  8. the point of schemes is that they're secret. So if you know how they can do the schemes, when they do it, you have a level of knowledge on what they're trying to do.
  9. It's not subtle, but it's not as extreme as you're claiming, even when I zoom to full size on a pc monitor.
  10. I'm glad you chimed in. This confirmed for me the ethos you have when designing the game, and as I said, I respect the way you've gone about things. Anyone who is being serious on the subject of things that people might be offended by isn't going to tell you never to implement those things. They'll just say, hey, be careful when you do. And Wyrd is a company that doesn't just do these things on a whim, even if Nathan would like to sometimes, as he's said. And that is very respectable.
  11. Since it's clear that the bop has no interest in furthering this conversation, I would like to do it. Does anyone have anything in the models or characters or story in the game that has made them uncomfortable in any way? And if so, what have you done to respond to or resolve them?
  12. By my count you have two pages of people riffing, a page and half of honest discussion on the subject and a half page of non-sequiturs. I didn't see anyone telling you what you should say in response. You also didn't actually respond to anyone's commentary on the subject; and this says to me what I've mentioned to others, that your post was not made in good faith and possibly was intended to stir the pot, which is exactly the response that was received. I'm saddened that if you were honest you wouldn't be willing to at least discuss what you have problems with further and completely leave the game, which I've heard is one of the best miniatures games on the market.
  13. Where did anyone say ro cut anything from the game? This smells of false flag.
  14. You're not wrong. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have the conversation. Ignoring and dismissing what others find make them uncomfortable makes the game something that they can still enjoy. Just because the setting isn't sunshine and daisies doesn't mean that we have to treat the people who play the game like they're unwelcome unless they don't see issues. I find the concept of reanimating corpses detestable onna fundamental level. My solution is to not play characters who do that (with one exception for personal reasons). Does that mean I don't think Resurrectionists shouldn't be in the game? No, just let people express their opinions about the game and its lore without dismissing them because you disagree.
  15. Wyrd releases happen at the end of the month they're released. Meaning releases hit store shelves either the last week of the month or thr first week of the month following.
  16. If someone with a trauma finds something that triggers a response in the game, that is something that should be talked about. You are misusing the term 'Trigger' in this light. it makes light of people who have responses to things related to traumas (fireworks are a trigger for people who have combat related PTSD). One does not choose to be triggered by something. This is absolutely a place to discuss things about the game and its lore that make people uncomfortable on any level, including such subjects as cultural appropriation, and possibly triggers. You aren't the only one who plays the game to escape from reality, and discussing ways that it might make people uncomfortable and thus, unable to do so.
  17. Lets not misuse the term trigger, please. It's a serious thing, and this has been a (mostly) calm discussion, and doesn't need anyone stirring up trouble to make some point.
  18. Let's just slow down and relax for a moment before we accidentally reveal personal issues.
  19. Unless I'm missing something, the only problem with calling him Master is the confusion issue. Please elaborate, because I (and others) are confused on this.
  20. Yew Arcane


    I personally don't like proxying, so I have been patiently waiting for them to be released (besides, I'm not happy with my Yan Lo anyway, so he's been put on the bench).
  21. Big Jake definitely tows that line, I could ask a few of my friends who would be able to chime in more on this. As for Joss, let's just put it that there's a reason his name is Joss and not what it used to be.
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