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  1. Hell, not even all Japanese dresses are kimono.
  2. I couldn't find anything answering this recently, or closely, but if there's anything already answering this, feel free to link me and leave it. So I played some during first edition and a little bit of 1.5, but I took a break and I am just getting back into the game. I have a (small) bunch of the old models and the rules only discuss a few of the old models, and only one of them is one that I have, and I have a few already painted. What is the rule on using the old models with updated cards?
  3. I too, would like to get a name change. I would like Dread Loche if at all possible.
  4. I have very little experience with miniatures, and even less with plastics. I want to get spray on primer a out saved a lot of time. I got some fairy cheap bases from secret weapon, and I want to know if they would fiddler with aerosol as I have heard some plastics do.
  5. The symbol for japan in Japanese is as follows: If I could do it I would try myself (once I got them) I am not sure what symbol you are thinking of Mako, so I can't help you there. I am going to just go with a color scheme and leave it there.
  6. I don't know what it is in Chinese, but I know that in Japanese, that is not true, it is actually two symbols, though still not complicated (though I would not even consider to try to paint them on a miniature due to the size and my own shakiness).
  7. Forgive me if I am wrong, but if he activates an aura during his activation and dampening field isn't active during his activation, wouldn't that mean that it didn't originate within the area described by dampening field since it wasn't active at the moment the aura started?
  8. They need an 8 to cast compelled, the have melee master (2), and serpent strike is a one ap charge, exactly like the razorspine rattler.
  9. Now that people are getting the rail crew in, maybe more details on the crew could be delivered.
  10. Ideas are quite neatly coming along, thanks! Also, should I paint the parts on the sprues or should I assemble before painting?
  11. Ok, I dont even have them in hand yet, I am choosing to be patient and wait so I can get misaki. This is for ideas of the color scheme of the models. I am thinking of incorporating orange as out is the faction color. The rail crew will probably be orange and blue (blue is the color I chose to represent m&su members), but I am at a bit of a loss on how to paint the thunders and how I should handle the bases. I have ben painting the outer eing of my model bases in the color of their faction, but with dual faction I am at a loss, should I just paint them one color our both?
  12. Mr. Tannen Is a Woe, so I would assume he would have at least some synergy with Pandora.
  13. When I asked a little before gen-con, ratty said ' it might have been looked at.' I take this to mean one of two things, 1) they are daunted by the task and haven't finished, or 2) they already gave it done and will update it after they get gen con orders out of the way. I hope it is the latter, but the former is certainly possible. Only those involved can really say for sure.
  14. Anyone have the rail crew yet? I want to knits what options kang has for his weapon as far as the model goes, I heard that he would have both the hammer and shovel as options, but I think a pickaxe roils be awesome liking.
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