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  1. If all else fails, Wyrd is getting a second run in, and will be selling the m3e stuff starting at the end of the month. Being aggressively pessimistic isn't going to get you any sympathy.
  2. Wyrd waits a month to put new product in the store so that retailers can get in on the product.
  3. In case you haven't seen it, Yan Lo has new art as well, so we're likely to get a box with three new sculpts and the Gokudo.
  4. I'm going to assume that includes Minako Rei not being versatile in the tool, even though it shows on the card.
  5. I think a consensus has been (largely) reached, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in anyway. Let's looks at triggers, they all have a 'cost' as presented in a required suit, sometimes that's built into the stat, but not always. Now, some triggers have an additional cost that must be paid to declare them. I hope this helps to understand what is going on with this particular action.
  6. Keeping the costs down is about more than the willingness of current players to pay specific prices. Just fyi.
  7. The midwest is largely (if not exclusively) serviced by the distributor Alliance. Alliance dropped the ball and is desperately trying to blame Wyrd. I get that it's frustrating, but Wyrd isn't responsible in this case.
  8. I don't know if this would affect it, but the cards are all separate pdf files.
  9. September was only added to the upcoming releases page when the books were delayed. Unless you have seen something about a delay to everything in the september release schedule from the retail newsletter that I've missed, they're still slated for a September release (It's likely Wyrd is planning on Gen Con to release more information).
  10. I managed to get them all together. I saved the Geisha for last, and started with Bill, Bill was by far the most obtuse to get together, but the geisha have parts that might make it difficult if you don't get certain parts put together before other parts. Otherwise, it was fairly simple. As for when instructions will get pu up, it will take them some time to sort the order of assembly.
  11. Considering that many players in my area already have their hands on them, you are correct. However, I know that's not what you mean, and your anger is not particularly constructive to this thread.
  12. Wyrd gets orders from the distributors. The distributors are dealt with store side, not production side. You're getting angry at the wrong side, that's what people are telling you.
  13. Getting back to the purpose of this thread; I caught a reference to Ten Peaks in the Core Rule Book. Ten Peaks will definitely be a December Keyword box.
  14. Even if they don't plan to stock it, you might be able to get them to order some special for you. I would expect they would like to get your money, and any store that would refuse seems unreliable to me, anyway.
  15. You're in no different a position than if they didn't give us these resources at all, actually, you are in a much better situation, since the books with stat cards won't be releasing until August for the first group, and September for the second. Just use the beta rules, and any abilities that are shared should just be adjusted to match.
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