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  1. I'm quoting this whole thing, because it's a quite good analysis. These reasons are why Tacticas are so valuable too, because they give you a bit of insight into what the various pieces do. That knowledge gives you quite a bit of power, and money has nothing to do with it.
  2. For Arcane Reservoir, would taking Misaki and Shang also be beneficial, or is Asami/Amanjaku better due to the summoning?
  3. Not using something and it not filling potential gaps are not the same thing.
  4. It's not that versatile and ook models fit better, more that they cover some weaknesses of the keyword, which is true for pretty much every keyword.
  5. I've got a few (don't have exact numbers), but for at least some of them (definitely the Eternal Servitude box) I'll just get the whole box and deal with having multiples.
  6. I know that Wyrd want to do more with Wyrdscapes. I think it's just a cost and supply/demand issue.
  7. Yup. Definitely misrepresenting what was said. Also quite insistent upon it.
  8. You have the packing slip, yes? That is documentation.
  9. This and part of their supply chain has been..... less than honest and forthcoming with them recently.
  10. You know, buckaroo, you might want to provide examples to back that up. I don't know the inner workings of Wyrd specifically, but I do work for a store that has an order fulfillment team. Backorders are put into a list to be picked when available. I can't imagine that they wouldn't have backorders documented somewhere.
  11. As they've said. They will be sending the books separately. Your order was separated, they marked what they didn't have as back ordered, and you will be getting it as soon as they get it to be able to send. And yes, I ordered 3 books. So slow your roll there, hamtaro.
  12. She did have rules in the Beta, but she's new, so she wasn't in the M2E Hoffman box, she will (likely) be in the M3E box. Since she is new for M3E, she wouldn't have a card in the faction pack, and because neither the books nor her model have been released they aren't in the digital files.
  13. Malifaux isn't really a game about killing your opponent. It's about completing objectives and preventing your opponent from doing the same. Qi and Gong are great at prventing the opponent from completing their objectives.
  14. There are a lot of problems with customs right now. Trade wars and whatnot. Newark is a hub for international shipping, so it's fair to say it's on the way and tracking might be.... sticky.
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