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Buying via the internet in the UK

Guild Monkee

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Having had mixed experiences with various websites, I thought I'd make a list of good and bad sellers. Please bear in mind that these are based on my on experiences and may not resresent their service as a whole. Please feel free to add any others that I've not used or have forgotten.

Web stores

Black Cat Bases – Good base inserts, decent enough service too. Not the cheapest option for basing but they do mix pretty well with the Wyrd inserts so give options for variety.

Firestorm Games – my go to supplier for all things hobby related. Their stock indicators are pretty reliable and they’re completely open about how long it will take to get something in. If you place a big order they’ll also send a part order rather than hold up the whole lot for one or two things. Really recommend them.

Maelstrom Games – take their stock indicators with a pinch of salt, they’re not kept up to date very well. They’re nowhere near as bad as Wayland in that respect but it’s definitely worth looking in their ebay shop first as the service through that is a lot better.

Square Orange Games – sell through Amazon as well as their own site. Only used them a couple of times (mainly to use Amazon gift vouchers up) and they were good. One of the other gamers in my group use them regularly and recommended them so thought they were worth a mention.

Wayland Games – I’d recommend avoiding them like Hamlin’s plague! Almost every order I’ve had has been a disaster. I only ever ordered items marked in stock and on every order there was been at least one item that they’ve ended up doing a refund for because they couldn’t get it. They take their time about giving a refund too, the worst I had was taking nearly 6 weeks to refund over £100 for items that they couldn’t get.


Alternative Universe – great range of Malifaux stuff and really good service. I’ve ordered from them many times and have never had any bother.

Fenris Games – fantastic for bases and really good service. Good range and good price too. I got an email from them for my last order apologising for the delay in despatching my items and it was still within a day of ordering! Insanely quick delivery every time.

Maelstrom Games – miles better than their web store but not the quickest at sending things out. I’ll not shy away from ordering from them but would think twice if I wanted something in a hurry.

Of Dice and Men – really good service and quick delivery, I’ve used them quite a few times and will happily keep going back. Limited Malifaux stock but it’s pot luck depending on what you’re looking for.

The Troll Trader – reliable seller with freakishly quick delivery. Good for bases and supplies and has recently started listing Malifaux stuff and so far it’s been cheaper than anywhere else.

Wayland Games – better than their web store but still poor. Don’t always have items listed in stock so you can be waiting weeks. I tend to avoid them if possible.

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Maelstrom and Wayland have never given me any hassle, but I rarely use Wayland - mostly Maelstrom.

Two new ones I have tried are Square Orange Games and Spirit Games. Both get a solid thumbs up from me (Spirit Games got me Terraclips next day delivery - I will always love them for that ;))

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Ive ordered from maelstrom 6 times and on 4 of these the items have been delayed because, guess what? Out of stock - even when the website is still listing them as being in stock.

Fenris are excellent both quality wise and in the speed which they despatch things - it is phenomenal.

I have also found Arcane Miniatures to be very good. They seem to have better stock control than Maelstrom. Used them regularly for years and I think only one item in one order has been delayed.

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DarK Sphere is a good one, but be careful as they do not offer free shipping and sometimes (with larger orders or heavier items) you can end up losing almost all of your discount.

Wargame Store, this place is excellent and used them many times with nothing ever going wrong.

Total Wargamer is another good one, but delivery is VERY slow on cheaper shipping options.

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Wayland appear to be the best at stocking Malifaux atm, but their "in stock" lable is not a we have the item in stock, it is a we have it, or we should have it in stock very soon. Just send an email to them first if you need it quickly and they have been fine for me though i have only used them three times now i think, last set got sent out today by second class post:)

Marauder games have been good for me as well, with the exception of Malifaux (i know the irony of saying that on these forums) but they have apparently been struggling to get that recently so took the stock down. but the Warhammer items i have ordered have always arrived efficiently, and never had an issue with them myself, with the exception of malifaux but the communication from them was great, and got a free torney invite and £5 voucher for my troubles so they try to compensate you if it is needed:)

And Maelstrom is currently still my go to site, i have never yet had a problem with them, and when i order a mix of out of stock/unreleased/in stock items, they were more than happy to split it, as long as i confirmed to them that i wanted it split, so it requires an email, but they sort things how you ask it to be done:)

These are however all just my experiences :)

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