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Vikkies/Von Schill List Help


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Would have edited the above but cant see where the button is to do this

I have just checked this on the Malifaux crew builder & I am suprised you cant use Von Schill as a henchman in a scrap crew & Sue this is a bit annoying as a Victoria's mercenary crew is the next on my list. I have the starter box reserved at Spirit Games & am thinking what to add to it. Von Schill would have been the perfect answer and Sue especially if you get the reference is very cool.

Curses foiled again

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Its not so hard. All the above mentioned models have their uses. I haven't played with Sue yet, but he's not cheap, so fitting him and Von Schill in the same list would be costly.

Don't forget you don't choose your crew until you know opponents faction and strategies. You don't want a fixed 35ss of models, you mix and match dependant on circumstances.

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Von Schill and Sue cannot be in the same crew regardless of how costly it is.

As had been made clear in the posts directly above mine. My point being that regardless of the rules, you would be unlikely to want to run the two together anyway.

The Convict Gunslinger would be a different story...if he/she was allowed.

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I'd say, Viks, Sue, Freikorps Librarian, a Ronin, and 6 SS for 25 points.

Viks, Sue, the Librarian, Taelor, a Ronin, and 8 SS for 35 points.

Sue really cuts down on your options, no gunslingers, trappers, Hans, or anything else resembling ranged combat specialists, really.

Frankly, I bought Sue more for my Sonnia Criid Crew, and for the completion of having all the currently-available mercs, than anything else.

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Sue is a book 3, Twisting Fates, mercenary based on Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" and has abilities representing other Johnny Cash songs (like Ring of Fire) or covers (in the case of Hurt). He can dish out Burning Tokens, which makes him a great addition to Sonnia, as BlueStar86 mentioned.

I picked him and McTavish up for the same completing the mercs reason.

GAH's list is fairly viable. I usually just run the Vikies, two or three Ronin, and one other model, like Taelor or Misaki, or Sue or the Librarian, or I'll run the Viks with VonSchill and the Freikorps.

Sure, we have the option of tailoring our crews, but some times, especially for demos, the K.I.S.S. Method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) works wonders. Having several of the same reliable models that are great in a wide range of circumstances is often better than running a crew made up of several different unique models, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Unless I know specifically which crew you're playing, instead of which faction, it won't help me much to say run models that are great against one threat and not others. You announce Arcanists, I smirk and grab my models that are great against Constructs. You, pull out your Marcus crew and watch my smile fade.

Also, don't forget that the Performer & Mannequin can be hired as a Mercenary (hire one Performer, get one Mannequin free of charge, even if the Performer is expensive), if you really want them. They may not be the best option, but they're certainly one more tool in the Mercenary toolbox.

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