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Nicodem and Leveticus


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nah you can't Brawl team up the two old fogeys... it's a shame they could spend the entire game grumbling about how things aren't as good as when they were young.


"Remember the good old days nicodem? "

"Yep Levi, now we got those darn kids and their rap music, and hand held phones and whatnot."

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Made a search on it and couldn't find a conclusive answer, but can Nicodem use his Embrace Death ability to count as Undead so he can be in the same crew as Leveticus?

Embrace Death doesn't make him count as Undead. It allows him to take "Undead" characteristic if he is hit by talents or spells that specifically affect "Undead" and only then (so he can't use it against Terrifying for example, but can use it when hit by Decay).

It's a common mistake.

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I think it's because of the Pariah rule. If you take Leveticus, even as the second master in a brawl, all the models you hire must be either Undead, Soulless or Constructs.

Granted, if you skip Mortimer and the Vultures, it's quite possible to build a Nicodem crew with only Undead in it, but if the Pariah rule applies to the main master too, then you cannot get over the fact that Nicodem is not Undead and won't count as one for this purpose.

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