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Stern's project log


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Thanks for the feedback guys ... glad you like them!

Love that female desp merc and that FW building, even if it seems a little bit small for Malifaux???

haha is it me or does she look like shakira?

and it is a wee bit on the tiny side but it was cheap :-D

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A tot and young neph


ANd a few random quick bits...

a couple 10 minute stalker jobs



Student of conflict


Some counters

Evidence Markers - some captured prisoner's


and a wanted poster someone shouldn't be seeing


A treasure Counter


Some WIP's

A new scratch built base for a new project... I hope to get some water effect dripping from them pipes



And A current aSeamus Commission WIP - Skin needs a few more Highlights for a start!



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So many rats! Whoever commissioned you must have money to burn! Makes me glad I'm not a tournament player :D I play Hamelin but I've only got the 3 Malifaux rats from the original box and a ton of proxies.

Awesome wok on all your stuff!

Must say I hate painting Malifaux Rats!

The guy got a real nice deal though ;)

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