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Killjoy AND Bette in Nico crew???

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So I'm tempted to try it anyway, but the list would look like this:






That's 30 SS cost, and in a 30ss game leaves nico with a 3 cache, in a 35ss game I could bring a necropunk to assure delivery.

Basically it's simple. Use the Vulture to companion Nicodem move vulture into position, sacrifice and drop both Killjoy and Bette from the result. Then move nicodem UP and bolster undead (granting both killjoy AND bette +2 defense and +2 cb). The equivalent of a ressurectionist nuke. The purpose for Mortimer is to create counters as you're moving up and assist in the counter shortage....


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Yeah, I totally missed Necropunks 'slow to die' being vital for triggering Killjoy's sacrifice ability. I didn't think about it. I don't think I'd try this unless it was a 35ss+ game then. The vulture moving 10" and needing 1 activation is nice n all, but torn.

Also, I think Mortimer would be big since it's the only way Nico can get corpse counters early on (if anyone starts shooting him, he'd have a problem...zombie fodder and summoning 'other' models would be vital). I mean, if I was an opponent you could almost IGNORE bette and KJ once they're tied up and go for Nicodem. Having corpse counters seems vital...maybe even dog's.

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In my experience, I have never seen Bette and Killjoy get "tied up" in combat. And that's without Bolster Undead. Also bear in mind that the enemy can't ignore the Necropunks as the little buggers make you slow when they mob you. They also Flurry.

The point being you wouldn't have any corpse counters nearby to take advantage of if they went straight for Nicodem. You dropping Mortimer earns you 2 necropunks, not exactly the 'horde' i hoped for. At 35 ss though I agree 1 or 2 if I drop the vulture would work nicely, and still give me mortimer. I agree more necros would be fun, just really concerned about corpse counters, as he NEEDS them badly.

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Ressurectionists Crew - 30 - Scrap

Nicodem, The Undertaker -- 3 Cache

Bete Noire [9ss]

Canine Remains [2ss]

Canine Remains [2ss]

Killjoy [11ss]

Necropunk [3ss]

Necropunk [3ss]

Keep the doggies near Nico and intercept anyone who gets too close, even pop Bette (keeping a ten in your hand) to slice up whatever is closing in. Or else drop the dogs and take another necropunk.

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Mortimer is so good these days I can't imagine a Nico crew without him. He's the speed and the fury and a fried blood sausage in the morning!

Yeah I agree. I can see the above being strong, just lacking corpse counter. Bringing mortimer means fewer models/counters to start (until you can bring them in). Both lists are kind of a one trick pony with a very serious weakness. I believe Mortimer is more useful too, but to each his own. I do like the idea of being able to bring a Necropunk at 30ss instead of 35 though...interesting ideas.

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I'm not sure, but isn't Drawn to Death triggered off of a killed model, so a no-no when sacking one for Killjoy?

Actually it is kill or sacrifice, so it will work.

The fact that Bête can deploy of sacrifice works absolutely amazing for Nicodem.

Typically you'd want her to deploy when one of your minions gets killed, so that she can go next.

Nicodem has more options though:

He can deploy her when he sacrifices one of the Mindless Zombies to Reanimate something. (A Mindless Zombie serves both as a counter for the Reanimate purpose and as a model for Drawn to Death purpose).

That gives opponent a chance to go before her, but it also gives Nicodem great control as to when and where to deploy her.

He can deploy her when he sacrifices one of the Mindless Zombies for the Zombie Fodder too! (so it is enough to attempt to hit Nicodem to see her appear, not even kill).

In this combination she can go right away after the opponent ends his assault (unless it's some sort of alpha strike) and it makes her a great "body guard" to provide great melee counter attack from a weak master (in melee).

As far as Nic+Killjoy+Bête combination goes, it's been discovered early on and dismissed pretty quickly too. If you feel like checking threads from a year ago or so, you'll find a lot of in-depth arguments.

The problem is, roughly this:

You Deploy with Nicodem, Mortimer and one mini you have to sacrifice.

You are Very vulnerable to any early Alpha Strike, because you have to get counters to make Mindless Zombies for protection and you need your minions too.

Mortimer can provide one counter in the turn 1, but it is not guaranteed. Your crew is hinging on your initial Control Hand. That is really bad - you can affect your Control Hand later in the game by hoarding cards you need for some special combo and getting rid of unwanted. You can't do it as early as turn 1 or 2.

Killjoy is a bit of a lone wolf, while Nicodem needs his Undead close by.

Last but not least, Killjoy and Bête Noire overlap a bit and she is far more controllable and works better with Ressurectionist masters. It is a bit like with Convict Gunslinger - Killjoy is great for these master, who could use some heavy duty undead pile of meat, but just like Guild has enough of their own Gunslingers, so Ressurectionists don't need out of faction undead that much. :D

IMHO it's better to bring more minis and stay with Bête alone (or Killjoy alone, if you must).

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I have used your exact list of Mortimer, Nec-punk, Bette, Killjoy, but added a Grave spirit, to DEVASTATING effect in a 35ss game. Sadly, it was Vs. Collette and my strategy was Contain Power, which can be damn near impossible when your opponent begins sandbagging the cards to keep her alive, but nothing(and I mean nothing) is more satisfying than watching Cassandra die after activating only once and not making any contribution to the game whatsoever.

I agree that Mortie is invaluable to a Nicodem crew because he solves too many problems. Without him making counters(can you say, perfect low-Crow dump) and moving the dusty-ass troops toward their goal not much besides moving would get done.

Ive been playing for 6 months and still consider myself on the inexperienced end, but I dont like Vultures, they haven't proven very effective for me unless I was using them to drop KJ, but Nec-punks work way better for that. I always take the Grave Spirit for one reason, its cast has the crow, but I just find it works better all around from effect to ss cost.

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