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Victoria's or Mcmourning convince me on Viktoria's.


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Title self explainitory. I am trying to consider on which crew to pick up next and I'm hoping for input as to why Vik's should get the nod.

I would like to thank any and all who provide input here. By the way I currently own colette, sonnia, lady j, perdita, and lucius in case your wondering what I have played.

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Well the Vics are much prettier than McMorning.

And the crew of mercenaries does provide overlap with your current crews, allowing you to make more use out of the new purchases.

McMornign will probably need a larger investment into the ressurectionist due to his summoning abilities.

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I was in the same boat last week and had narrowed it down to Vicks or Rasputina, I went for Vicks because I like the models more, I would be able to use them with all my guild as well.

A few years ago I was given one of the best bits of advice I have ever had in this hobby, pick the models you like the most as you will have more drive and enjoyment putting them together, painting them, and models I love even if they don't win much spend more time out of the cupboard because want to use them.

Vicks will need less to work well but I just spent on outcasts twice what I would on Rasputina because I just went and bought the models I liked. I plan to use my outcast models as rewards for painting my guild, as they dont have a uniform look.

Either way go with what will make you happy, if all else fails imagine you when into your local store set on buying either set of models, which set of models would be more disapointed if they were not there?

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Honestly bigasb it doesn't matter either way to me. I already have my "power crews" so basically will come down to probably the crew that most people think is less viable as a challenge to me to see if I can play them well.

I'm interested in both crews so no matter what I'll probably end up eventually getting both at some point in time.

Vik's in theory would probably easiest due to me already owning convict, johan, and jack daw(more than likely not use him due to not really fitting in with viks). I'd probably only have to pick up a ronin box, student, vik's, taelor, a librarian, von schill, and bishop which would be more economical compared to like 5-6 dogs, a hanged, crooked man, sebastion, the doc, and a shikome or two, a couple night terrors, necromancy, and 2 flesh constructs plus the cool bases that are due out soon.

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Ahh yes, ressers are expensive, lol.

If you're going for the challenge then play the Viks. Here are some problems you will run into with them though.

1) Mercs are too damn straightforward for their own good. They (as a group) lack the tricks to overcome some more finesse crews. Yes you can take specific Mercs to fit your needs, but many of the specialized Mercs cost big points (Taelor-8, Hans-8, LIbrarian-7, Hamelin-9 (10?), Von Schill-9, etc). So you will be consistently outactivated.

2) Your big, bad, expensive Mercs generally don't have the best defensive stats (barring the occasional anomaly) and thus you have to think much more than other straightforward crews (Lilith or Perdita for example) to avoid your crew being blown apart or charged to death before they do what they need to do.

-Sidenote: Sure other straightforward crews (like many Guild Crews) are very one dimensional and have low resisting stats, but they are focused, and primarily on shooting. Their cheap models can hit damn near as hard as some of your expensive models. Hell, if your enemy is dead before they get to you, who needs Df?

3) The Viks (and even more so if you take Schill) NEEEEED ss. Their Df/Wp 6 isn't bad, but it's not stellar, and they only have 7 Wd each. I would say 5 is a minimum number of ss needed to keep them kicking but this is a problem. As mentioned above, lots of the most "useful" mercs are also the most expensive. Therefore, the most ss dependent masters in the game (who don't have a cache b/c they're outcasts) have to cut back even more on their resources just to make sure they stay in the game...can make choosing balanced lists kinda tricky sometimes. Personally I only try to use the Viks in larger games and use Von Schill as the Master most of the time so I can take more units.

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I agree that the Viks need to run with plenty of SS, but this just makes them cheaper to build a competitive crew; and they can be competitive.

The only time I can remember my Viks having lost really heavily (8:0) was against a Collodi crew; and that was largely down to never having seen how they work and a few mistakes in the rules.

If you add the Viks and a blister of Ronin, to your Convict Gunslinger you have a crew that you can play up to about 28 SS.

I wouldn't bother with Bishop or Johan, though Taelor has some utility. Add Von Schill boxset and you can either play them stand alone, or add to the Viks for larger games (Von Schill and the Librarian especially).

The Student isn't usually very helpful with the Viks, as she can't keep up with the Masters, but could be useful to give Fast to the Trapper.

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...the Viks need to run with plenty of SS, but this just makes them cheaper to build a competitive crew; and they can be competitive.

You're looking to be convinced on playing the Viks. Here it is in a nutshell!

You already own the convict and Johan. Both of which I use. The convict gunslinger is just awesome! Plain and simple. As for Johan, I use him as a mini Taelor. Those two together can anchor a line. Then my other guys can go where I need them most. (However, I have to admit, I haven't been using Johan nearly as much now that I got my Von Shill crew painted.)

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The Viks will play a lot more like the guild and will bring much of the same power like you're used to. The stuff that plays well with them is typically pretty mobile but not nearly as mobile as the Viks. The Viks by themselves basically act like an alpha strike leaving your minions to play cleanup. Von Schill plays incredibly well with them so you basically have two crews in one when they play together. I have never played a game with them that wasn't a lot of fun.

As for McMourning, he is a quick melee model that plays like a fast version of the executioner that can summon bigger stuff at the sametime. The stuff you bring with him is typically weak and pretty slow that you want to use for fodder to bring bigger stuff up (like rogue necromancies and flesh constructs). I have only played with him once and got beat very badly in turn two by someone who knew him much better than I do but he seems to have a lot of potential. The only downside to him vs the Viks is that, like most Ressers, if you remove him from the game quickly his crew is useless as where the Viks can still be competitive once removed (which is much harder to do). Also, if you're not used to the war of attrition style then he might not be as good.

Overall I would suggest the Viks from your first post unless you want something different than what you already have.

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