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Hey guys, been a Malifaux player for a while now. Haven't played for a long time though and decided to get back into the game. A friend has everything for Malifaux and should have been a henchmen but just didnt have the time to dedicate to the program. Anyway....

I realized that I didn't have anything I needed to play anymore as the V2 stat cards came out and I have all V1... I also dont have RIsing powers so just now I bought everything to update my game including Stat cards, the little rule book that I was told has all the new rules in it as well and enough stuff to completely fill out my Rasputina crew. I also have Lady J and Perdita's crews but Rasputina was the one that really appealed to me right out the gate.

See you around,


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Yes, welcome back!

The new rules and cards are basically the errata and FAQs all rolled into a nice easy to use bundle. The Rules Manual really helps, especially when you have trouble with a rule, as its easy to get through and the diagrams are way helpful(and beautiful).

If one of my group hadn't laid claim to Rasputina, she would definitely be mine, awesome model and abilities.

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