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Sword Mistress Viktoria (my firl Malifaux mini)

not dice

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The main thing that drew me to this game was the quality of the figures. Since the game came out I had been saying to myself, "If I play this, the first thing purchased and painted will be the Viktorias." True to my personal promise, here's my first Malifaux mini, Sword Mistress Viktoria.

Sadly all I have at my disposal is a somewhat lacking cell phone camera with a macro setting, so I'm afraid the photos don't quite do the model justice. Plus, I noticed a few stray strokes on the model that I've since cleaned up, so don't mind those. ;) Basing's not done yet, to the forceps holding her up are cropped out.

Special thanks to Ghool for his recent hair & eye tutorials. I stopped doing them a long while ago out of sheer laziness, but I felt I'd be doing this figure's detail a disservice by perpetuating that habit. His articles inspired me to get back to respecting the detail.

Comments, suggestions and hate mail welcome.





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