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Flesh Construct and Slow


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The Flesh Construct has a rule that it is always slow unless you discard a card at the beginning of its activation in which case it works normal. I was just curious if this means you can discards a card after it is summoned to ignore the slow effects of being summoned?

im going to say no but im no one important becuase the discarding a card is to stop dumb from giving it slow. if he had slow printed on his card and it was worded like discard a control card to cancel slow till the end close phase then i would say yea

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If you discard the card then you are not effected by dumb, but that is independent of the summoning so you would still be slow from that. Discarding the card does not get rid of slow, but not discarding it gives the model slow. Since it is already slow then it is usually best to not discard a card on the summoning turn, unless you have a black joker, then if you discard it you can give it fast, which will negate the slow and give him a normal activation.

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Thanks for the info. I was playing him wrong, lol. I was assuming that since slow didn't stack up that the summoning slow would go away as well as the flesh contructs rule that makes it slow, lol.

Yup, Slow and Fast are special and have their own section in the Book 1 to explain this.

Basically they cancel each other until only one type is left, and then they don't stack.

Slow + Slow + Slow + Fast = Slow + Slow = 1 Slow

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