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  1. yames


    Curious as to what models people have been using as scheme runners with Lynch. His crew has ways to make them but there not great for things like power ritual and the like. I've been tending to run asami in scheme heavy missions. But hypothetically if you had to try and do scheming with Lynch what would you bring? My thoughts: tengu are 5 with the out of faction choice and seem "ok" but not amazing Wandering river monks seem like the one of the factions better scheme runners Anything else I have missed?
  2. The two I play the most. Lynch and Asami I'm pretty happy with how they ended. Would I make minor tweaks of I could? Probably, but I have no major complaints. I also think they both have a good theme that I can get behind .
  3. yames


    In the newest update Lynch saw some nice utility buffs. That should help him do a bit more without shaking up things too much. His ability to give out brilliance overall increased quite a bit I think with the pre game and the on an ace vs joker flip( and no Los). Tannen got two changes that also both increase his usefulness as well. Overall I'm quite happy with honey pot as a keyword and crew build. It's the faction I've trialed the most in closed beta.
  4. yames


    I've got ok use from it. But honestly I use the brilliance for other things usually. Like illumanted triggers, huggys attack. And so on. But I have used it to summon a depleted twice and to do five damage to Tara once. ( For noteable uses) It's a nice threat piece and if you set up for it, it's great. Personally have no complaints with it.
  5. So my experience with her is she's good at pulling things out of position and chewing up scheme runners. And can be repositioned with drawn to essence so she is fairly mobile. Diving charge makes her more mobile and able to get to models that are hiding behind walls and the like. And unnerving presence is good to help make sure any special defense the models do have can't be triggered. She's more a scalpel then a beater. Shove aside is nice because as I see it. If she's in melee she can charge out due to ignoring models hit something then shove aside and push back to the first target. I agree amo no zako us the better straight beat stick but betari adds alot of mobility.
  6. yames


    I also read it as it's possible to summon am illuminated. Just damage is capped at five. I've played mostly lynch so far in the beta and I do tend to agree that he is slow. I've always found targets for him to shoot. I've on occasion used beconners to pull him forward because his position matters alot with his pulse and aura. But that could be scheme pool related and how far forward the opponent needs to be. That said I would love if he had an action to give huggy fast. Make it a non bonus action so ur trading one for one and would require Lynch to go first. So there's some opportunity cost involved. The trigger on his bonus action is the change I am most happy with. Now he can do some light aoe healing.
  7. If u need heals that badly there are a bunch of ten thunders minons that heal as bonus actions and I think only sun quain is expensive.
  8. Yea I like Kitty's new attack the treating postive as negative. And a trigger to get a card back is nice. And you can still sharpend brilliance I'd you just want raw damage it gives her some good options without being just flat damage. And yea the inner glow trigger is nice, gives depleted an upgrade as now you can possibly heal a couple out of hard to kill at once and without wasting an action.
  9. So the thing to remember with Lynch that took me a bit to get use to is ur master is really Lynch+huggy. Lynch himself does some shooting and postioning with huggy but huggy is the main useful peace of the two. Kitty is just solid she's a tool for any job. The rest mostly fill the same role they filled previously. I have never used Gwyneth so I can't give any real feed back on her one way or the other. ( Just got her model thow so that will change) The auto includes for me are kitty and at least one beckoner for rember last night. Then usually 1-2 illumanted and tannan. The upgrade I find the most useful is trained ninja. We have alot of 6 inch auras so being unable to Target a model out of the aura seems beneficial. Depleted are good speed bumps and good targets for lynch to shoot to move huggy if needed. Since they have hard to kill you can't accdently kill one. But best made from lynchs summon. Rig the deck is an ability that the more I mess around with it the more I like it. It is potentially really powerful if you know what your wanting to do. So as you play the crew and get use to what they do it keeps getting better. I will also say samurai seem like a decent versitile minon for the crew as both having good melee/tanky/ranged options and you can move them around with your push effects to make up for there lack of speed. Overall his crew seems good for turf war and reckoning and scheme's that don't require alot of moving and scheme's ( like he can do harness the ley line but it's not something I'd recommend taking)
  10. While I agree she's not quite as tanky as huggy or quite as killy as Graves she's decent at everything. And that's kinda the thing. There's no situation where kitty is a bad call. Like if u want to go killy u bring kitty and Graves u want to go tanky your probly bringing kitty. You want to do a little scheme placement u bring kitty. It's turf war and u want a way to move models between quads hey kitty does that to. She a model for all occasions. Like I agree if the strat is idols your probably not bringing lynch but if I did id probably bring kitty. The only scheme where she might be a liability is hold up there forces since she cost 9. Like I agree she's not like the best model in the game but she's super versitile and can do it all in a pinch. Does she need to be able to do everything? I personally in most ocassions don't see myself taking Graves over kitty I see myself taking one less illuminated and one less stone and bringing Graves. But to each his own. If a model is 8 inches from Graves he has to walk charge and swings once if a model is withen 8-12 of kitty and has a brilliance she bonus action pushes then charges and attacks. She does take a little more for thought to use. But lynchs crew with right the deck is all about knowing what u want to accomplish I think and is one of the reasons I love it. Here's something to ask and is how I look at it. If she cost 10 would you still bring her in lynches crew? If so how often? If she was still 9 but didn't have a bonus action push five toward a model would you still bring her?
  11. So I can only speak on lynch from experience. Brilliance is mostly yea just used by his models for various effects. The is no innate effect. His surviabiy is variable. If they really want him dead they can kill him. But bite the hand is nice. Trained ninja upgrade is another good option. I use him at arm's reach so hes out of melee where he crumbles. The other part of his surviability is he's not a priority target. He himself just isn't that big of a deal to ur opponent. Also stones for prevention. Rig the deck can be amazing it can also be meh. One thing I do with it is use it to better my hand. If I know I'm going to do a TN or an attack if I draw a high card I put it I. My hand in exchange for a mid range since if the opponent flips low that mid card is good and if I need the high card I can cheat. Or if I know I'll be at a negative flip I can put in two ok cards to essentially cheat a negative flip. With Kitty I like to put a high card and a moderate damage card so I'm probably hitting and them I increased my odds at moderate damage. General thoughts personally for one is bring Kitty she just seems amazing
  12. So fluff wise I see it as the brilliance seems to empower people temporary so it's like a feel no pain effect. It's also why I like the idea of him giving focus.
  13. So I played a game with Lynch today and tried to make myself use inner glow or have a reason to do so. I took claim jump as a scheme and picked huggy as the model I needed to keep alive. Then I did things to give huggy brilliance turn one so that it was there as a cusion. That said I used it exactly once to heal three when he was enganging Tara, nothing beast, void wretch and barbaros. ( He also only had three damage on him) . But could of also just shot one of my own models and placed huggy out of combat. And huggy could of healed himself. Like Its an action, can it be used? sure but it's just alot of effort for little. I like the idea of Lynch supporting with healing I just whish he could actually do it.
  14. You know my thoughts but I'll put them here for others. I personally tend to agree with you. As a Lynch player I just don't know why I wouldn't take her over let's say Graves. If you compared the two. Kitty is one stone more but a henchman. They have similar damage tracks once you add in the sharpend brilliance it's even better ( thow it's not built in). She also has one more move then him and Incorpral. So more mobile. And while hard to kill and black blood is nice Incorpral i feel is more consistent. Then Graves has an ability to push a model and move with them as a movement trick. But once again Kitty has reaching tendrils which I think is just better. Now I don't know if she's overpowered. Or maybe lynches other options are over priced. But she also seems to bring way more versitility then Gwyneth for the same stones. Kitty just seems like the best lynch crew choice for all ocassions. ( Which I don't like auto includes). The other thing I'll add is personally if she was the exact same stats and costed ten stones I'd still bring her probably 9/10 times.
  15. As I've starting looking over more ten thunders models in prep for a game with asami. I come back to how inefficient inner glow is. We have a range of models that basically do it better then a master two of which are versitile and another is cost 5 for lynch. Brothers: bonus action for a 1/2/3. Tenuki: bonus action for a 1/2/3 and focused. Low river monk: a 1/2/3 with the option for more healing on token discard. Tengu even have an AOE heal 1. What would make it worth it to you to use?
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