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  1. So my advice is always, don't be afraid to shoot your own models with Lynch's gun to get the tomes trigger to place huggy. Why risk the miss? And depleted are perfect at taking a bullet for the team. ( Also applied to Gwen's draw out secrets trigger)
  2. Now I haven't personally used it but just some easily missed rules. With misaki she can only command it once an activation as she doesn't get past the once an activation on charge. Also for the wanyudo to push 5 I believe it needs to hit. If it missed I don't believe it can push as the push is in the same area as damage. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. All that said it's stat 6 and targets move and has the ability to create alot of move duels. So I do believe it's good. But it's also fragile against things that can target it at range, def 5 with 7 wounds and no damage reduction means any good shooter can lay some real hurt on it.
  3. I've found that lotus eaters are great against anyone that makes markers. (Parker, Titania,Mei Feng, etc) the other thing they bring is condition "immunity" for the cost of a chi. Great against condition based crews (Tara, kearis, daw) I usually use 1-2 archers as ranged threats usually not bringing samurai while there good I like that you can give archers fast and other effects since there monks. High river monks I find are good solid beaters. While there damage track seems low, the stat 8* with burning and flurry helps rack it up. They also have ruthless and a good zero action Push 3 and focused for 1 damage ( Which I believe with sensi Yu gives you a chi too)
  4. https://schemesandstones.podbean.com/
  5. Well true but does it mean different scheme markers/corpses? What if I have three corpse next to each other that's three different scheme markers withen 1 of three different corpse markers. So couldn't it he done with 3?
  6. I guess my question is, if they are still both why would you need 6? Are then not withen 1 inch of themselves?
  7. Shcemes and stones has a channel for each faction on there discord server, there is a join link under each episode of there podcast.
  8. I see you say the wretch is a tech piece for armor, ive found she's just amazing the opponent can't cheat in duels with her if they have blight. That makes her like the best source of bleeding disease. And stealth keeps her safe to do it. In my experience she's an auto include for her cost.
  9. What's everyone's experience with survivors? I personally find it hard to fit more then one in the crew usually and while there just as survivable as a rail worker they seem to draw more heat. Since the rest of the crew is melee it also struggles to deal with friendly fire. ( Other then focus of course)
  10. I use them for move tricks with wandering river, or healing with low river. They also can actually do a bit of damage with high river stance and ruthless to boot. Baiscly whatever is needed and depending on what stance shenlong is in.
  11. So the gamin vs shinobi I think comes down to what are you up against. The shinobi have stealth which is great up against a more ranged based crew. The gamin have armor which is usually useful against melee crews. The gamin are quite mobile but if they get shot off the board that's irrelevant. Both can disengage melee if they get tied up.
  12. As a bayou player, going arcanist with her gets you access to soulstone miners which are also used by mah. If your looking to avoid buying too many models only for her.
  13. To add some specifics of my uses I've had luck with him in foundry. Sparks anyalyze weakness gets rid of the armor issue. Then most high armor models don't have the def to compete with a stat 6 with a +. His + also makes him good against anything that relies on giving you a - for attacks as def. Hes defenitly not an auto include but he's still quite viable
  14. So he's kinda swingy to me. Since his masks are based on your opponents hand you want to use him early. He's also tankier earlier in the turn. A good opponent will take note of that. That aside, move 7 and flight is awesome and his damage track is fine. My only issue is for the same cost I'm usually taking the emissary over him and so far the emissary has done more work then him with my asami crew.
  15. The other thing to be aware of with obsidion Oni is dont take them into crews that like obey. You will find that flicker is easily used against you and possibly killing your oni in the process. One thing I've done a few times to help with the metal golems poor charge distance is use the upgrade Masked agent on Mei to use "with me" this also brings it with her for freight train, since a flat 4 damage is hard to ignore. I've also found that Sparks almost requires trained Ninja. His auras are so good and his healing is great that people rightfully target him. Since he's not a construct he's a little hard for her keyword to heal. A metal gamin with silent protector nearby also helps give him some survivability.
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