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  1. When it comes to the katanaka sniper I don't think I'd spend 2 stones to give it stealth. It already has from the shadows and can extend it's range to be quite a bit further then a samurai so it's A bit safer from counter attack.
  2. When it comes to schemes that require markers don't forget Gwen's ability to shoot models and drop markers. While shooting enemy models has a chance to fail shooting your own is all but a sure thing with her rig the deck. Depleted have hard to kill, huggy and kitty have incorpral so Gwen's min damage goes to 1 on them. Makes detonate the charges really easy. Kittys attack while not as high damaging is fairly unique in the crew as it targets WP and the ability to treat negatives a positive also can make difference. But reaching tendrils is definitely where it's at. She also makes detonate a sure thing with a walk interact + bonus action. While I agree with the above about graves. One key ability he has is ruthless which can make a big difference vs crews like the dreamer.
  3. I actually use both alot depending on scheme pool. If the strategy/schemes are more kill focused I usually only bring one and replace the other with graves. Turf war: kitty, graves Reckoning: gwen, graves.
  4. Speaking of from the shadows sniper katanaka sniper should probably be on the list.
  5. He's saying the remove a condition is not optional. Once you cast it if they have a condition you remove it. Focus is a condition so you would remove focus then give them focus 1. If you don't have a condition you skip it and just add focus.
  6. I agree on four winds push needing a TN it felt very odd that it did not have one in my game. But we will see where it ends up. Idk if it's OP not having one as much as it's awkward and feels inconsistent with other pushes.
  7. The upgrade that gives hard to kill is quite good on models like huggy and Gwen. Trained ninja I've used alot on tannen and Lynch if assassinate is in the pool. Our other general upgrade I personally have never used but it great against crews that use defensive triggers.
  8. So i played my first game with shenlong ( didn't get to bring the obsidian statue as i didn't think he fit the scheme pool well). My first thought looking at the models was that i would have to cherry pick when to use Chi. My experience from this game was so far from that.... i had so much of it that i almost always had some to spare. between the free one each activation, rivers conflux and sensi yus shouting orders. Looking forward to see if this hold true of if it was more of a oddity. Aspiring students seem like a really good totem. the ability to copy shenlongs upgrade action was just gravy. i was against Tara so high rivers ruthless was useful and a totem hitting on stat 5 ( 7 with Chi) for 3/4/5 burning 2 seemed solid. and the ability to push models 6 inches was just as useful when he was in wandering river style. as was healing in low river style. Sensi Yu. OK other then his Auras what do you tend to do with this guy? i felt like i just wasn't getting 9 stones of value out of him. granted he may of helped why i had so much chi and im just not giving him the credit he deserves.
  9. So i was at muse con and played lynch and did fairly well with him. i will say he is strong but i think part of it is people not knowing the tricks against him yet and what tricks he can do. My two main opponents have found how to hurt his crew pretty consistently. so ill put some thoughts on how to face him in case anyone is having issues against him. Anything that makes him discards is very strong. if you can lower the lynch players hand rig the deck looses value. in my experience i use rig the deck to filter the deck which is super powerful i will not disagree. early on i use it to move good cards from my hand onto the top and trade lower cards into my hand which then you use various zero actions you don't care about to ditch them later while moving high cards back into your hand. the other thing against lynch i find is hit what every you really want to hit early in the round. don't let them build a hand up to deny it later on. this does 2 things either lynch has to burn cards from his hand to prevent it early on which reduces the effectiveness of rig the deck later in the turn or they just don't have the cards to stop you either way it seems to work out against him more times then not. Never leave huggy half dead. if you cant kill huggy outright don't bother he will heal it back and its wasted AP. that said anything that prevents healing is great against him and lynchs crew in general. kill tannen. i can not stress this enuf he needs to die ASAP if left alone he will be a massive drain on your resources. Also ruthless is your friend not only does it bypass Tannen defensive tech it is good against huggy which is also guaranteed to be in the crew. illuminated also have terrifying and while 10 doesn't seem like much its still a resource drain and if your in the crew auras it becomes an even bigger drain. something about flipping a low card being forced to cheat which cost 2 cards, gives you a brilliance and pings you for some damage seems rough. the crew has quite a few auras that are ranged 6. ranged models bypass these (if your an outcast bring Hans he checks like every box.) Now that aside i love lynch he is a great master that once you get use to can do great things. rig the deck is super powerful if your left alone to utilize it. It also takes knowledge of what you want to do and what you think your opponent is going to do. Kitty and gwen are great for a lot of scheme pools and graves is a solid beater. illuminated while able to hit hard are surprisingly fragile i find. Since focus is used a lot 7 wounds gets chewed threw pretty quickly and if they hit you after you activate your unable to heal it back up which is what your opponent should be aiming to do every time. one of the most valuable cards to keep in your hand is low tomes cards. you can use these to shoot your own models in melee since your at a negative flip to get the trigger like lynches: the looming dark and gwens: draw out the secrets. ever better if you can make the other card flipped just slightly higher to get it out of the way as well. relenting gives you double negative on damage and both are min damage 2 so huggy and kitty will only take 1 and depleted have hard to kill. I haven't played enough games with the other masters to really say where they stand. but overall the faction looks solid. one advantage i think we have is a lot of the crews play vastly different so its not o its ten thunders i need to bring x tech.
  10. I've been debating if the obsidion statue helps fill the gap of a large tankyish model for the crew but haven't tried it out yet. It has mild burning synergy and can heal itself with good armor. And you could build up burning on one of your models and use Shen long to transfer it to the opponent I believe. Will hopefully be testing it soon
  11. With the closing of the open beta forums i guess here is the next best place. All threw open beta i played Jacob lynch (and have his crew down well). but new edition means new master for me. So looking for thoughts on Shenlong. His crew seems slightly squishy with No armor, hard to wound or the like but i suspect as i dive into him ill discover that Chi are a solid defense trick. They do look to have decent damage output (high rivers), Mobility ( wandering rivers) and healing ( low rivers). Charm waders seem awesome if you know your going up against a summoner (especially San Deep). Any strat/schemes you find that his crew does well or any that you should avoid with him?
  12. So I'm curious which of our versitile models people have been finding uses for throughout the faction. I've been playing mostly Lynch and find that the shadow effigy is great and easily worth his stones. The emmissary on the other hand I've not had much luck with. Not that he's been bad just never feels quite 10 stones worth. I've gotten some use out of samurai. There a decent ranged option that also does decent melee but you pay a premium for sure. Ten thunders brothers look like they could come in use but I've yet to try them, and tanuki look like a solid support model. Anyone else find any interesting uses for our always available models?
  13. yames


    I had not even looked at them yet but definitely will now. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. yames


    Curious as to what models people have been using as scheme runners with Lynch. His crew has ways to make them but there not great for things like power ritual and the like. I've been tending to run asami in scheme heavy missions. But hypothetically if you had to try and do scheming with Lynch what would you bring? My thoughts: tengu are 5 with the out of faction choice and seem "ok" but not amazing Wandering river monks seem like the one of the factions better scheme runners Anything else I have missed?
  15. The two I play the most. Lynch and Asami I'm pretty happy with how they ended. Would I make minor tweaks of I could? Probably, but I have no major complaints. I also think they both have a good theme that I can get behind .
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