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Super Dungeon Explore - Paladin conversion w.i.p.


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After taking a look at the paladin, I decided I didn't like the pose of the sword that much. There is a lot of armor detail that gets lost underneath the sword on the regular model, and I wanted it to show.

Regular model:


My unpainted conversion:


The green stuff is still a little rough on the sword and shield, but I'll probably try to clean it up after it dries some. My plan for painting is going to be based on my old version of Valdenar from Confrontation:


I may get around to start painting it this weekend. There are just too many projects to get done between now and Christmas. I need to finish my SDE modular dungeon too...

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I've finally started painting the paladin (man, work has been busy lately...)

It's nothing too fancy yet, but moreso a lot of base colors down. Its definitely got a long way to go in my opinion, but this is all that's getting done tonight:


I am still happy with the pose compared to the studio version. I like being able to see the armor a lot more.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to finish it tomorrow. I'm keeping all my paints on the coffee table so I can't ignore it so easily. I'm thinking I'll move on to the Human Mage after I finish this one. I think I'm going to paint her with a Final Fantasy Tactics 'Time Mage' look.

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