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New resident of Malifaux


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I just bought the Malifaux books online to look through some of the pics and get some inspiration for conversions for other games I play. (I like doing alot of freaky/disturbing conversions on GW minis etc.)

Shortly after opening the books.. I realized that I had stumbled on one of the coolest games I have seen in recent memory. Wow! Not one to gush over things much, but this game has really got me hooked. The atmosphere is outstanding and the minis are just great. As a whole, the game seems to just go above and beyond the "cool factor".

I haven't played yet, as I am now ordering some box sets, Neverborn for me and Colette for my wife. My friend is waiting on Ramos and we have now talked about a hlf dozen others into buying boxed sets so we can try it out.

I plan on being around awhile. I can't wait to get the minis and start painting them... finally minis cool enough that I don't feel the need to convert them beyond recognition. :)

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Ain't it funny how many ex GW enthusiasts with a predilection for "freaky conversions" step straight through The Breach and in to the loving embrace of the Neverborn.

(I never wrote my intro on crossing over. You've basically made it possible for me to do so in one word: ditto.)

Welcome to the Dreamtime, brother.


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Welcome to Malifaux!

Our henchman is actually in the same boat (with the Neverborn thing...Lillith), he used to play more "expensive" skirmish games and now he's selling of his older stuff and getting into Malifaux.

This is my first miniature game and I have been at this for a few months but I love it too.

We have a saying to all the new people we try to get playing this awesome game...although in retrospect, maybe it might be bad for some.

"The first hit is free."

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Thanks for the welcome, everyone.

As far as which Neverborn master I will start with, It will either be Pandora or Zoraida. I have them both on the way. I like Baby Kade and Candy, but Zoraida is just ugly enough that I want to use that model too.

I will also buy all of the Neverborn minis eventually, so that I can change what master I use and still be in the same faction.

Of course, with my current state of excitement about the game I may eventually buy all of the minis :)

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Welcome! Always happy to hear that the game managed to get it's hooks into you, that's really our goal after all around here :D. But really, happy to hear that it struck you in a good way, we always have room for new players around here, and of course always room for new faces on the boards as well. So welcome! :)

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