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Recommend me a non-hobby company primer


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So I always here from people that I should stop buying primer at the game store and just go and hit the hardware store.

I need to run to Home Depot today and I need to get some minis primed before the weather gets too wet or cold. So I need advice on what primer to get. I am always worried that I am gonna buy a can of something from the hardware store designed to paint chairs or something and end up coating my minis in 10 pounds of paint.

Any suggestions?

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I swear by Army Painters primer line. I've used the inexpensive stuff, and the other ones from the LGS, but nothing is like the Army Painter stuff...

If you've not seen it, lookie here -->http://www.thearmypainter.com

If you get the ones at the home improvement stores, the duplicolor works just fine...

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I've been using Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer for a while now. No issues. Unlike the 6 cans of GW and Armory sitting on the shelf...

This is what I use. I use grey. Been using it for years. As always though, multiple thin coats are the way to go.

I also use the basic Krylon gloss and flat clears for sealing.

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I asked this same question a few weeks ago. The responses I got were all either Krylon or Dupli Color primers. I picked up a Krylon grey (they only had white and grey at the Michaels I went to) but haven't had a chance to use it yet.

I had some Rustoleum that I picked up a while back but haven't had very good luck with it. It goes on very thick and obscures some details a bit.

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