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Start of my Ressers


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Well I have finally finished up my Seamus and Copycat Killer, with the rest of the crew just having the finishing touches applied. I have to say I really enjoyed painting these.

The good doctor and his crew are coming soon after I have finished up Seamus' crew



Copycat Killer


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The eyes on the Copycat Killer look a little odd I think, but at the same time it almost adds to the model.

I know what you mean they are something that I'm not quite happy with but I'm going to wait until the crew is all done and see if I want to redo them or not

Cheers for all the positive feedback so far, Bete Noir is done but I didnt have good enough light to take pics. plus I think Jack and the Hanged are getting bumped up on priority

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I manged to sneak home from work today and now have pics of ...

Bete Noir!


The photo isn't the best because she is so dark and the room was so light. She was really fun to paint and only took 20-30min in total and is the first mini that I have tried to do in a very limited colour palette and I'm pretty happy with how she came out.

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Well I have almost finished this crew after a bit of a long hiatus from painting them, there's still a couple of WIPs and I have gone back and made some modifications to a couple of the models

Seamus & Copycat


Bete Noir


Sybelle & Rotten Belles


WIP Jack Daw & Hanged


Jack and the Hanged will be finished over the weekend along with my Grave Spirit who is about 60% done at the moment, after that I have my half done Lady J crew McMourning and Levi to finish off too

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for the blue skin on Jack and the Hanged i first blocked everything in a vallejo colour called light grey. Then gave a heavy wash of asurmen blue (gw wash) after that just kept on highlighting with a blend of light grey white and asurmen blue wash until i got the desired colour.

For Bete I did things a little differently, it was all using a P3 colour coal black that I just kept adding white to and blended up. This gave a a lot of depth to the skin while the hanged are a bit more iridescent.

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